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“Welcome to Mai Le Village” went to Africa for filming and officially set off for foreign aid medical scroll to show the friendship between China and Africa

“Welcome to Mai Le Village” went to Africa for filming and officially set off for foreign aid medical scroll to show the friendship between China and Africa

It is co-produced by Perfect World Film and Television, Chunyu Film and Television, China Mobile Migu Company, Youku, Youth Hello Media, Huaer Film and Television, Xianjun Film and Television, and Pineapple Vision. Zheng Xiaolong is the art director, and Liang Zhenhua is the chief screenwriter and chief producer. Directed by Jin Ye, written by Hu Yating and Zhang Xian, starring Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Zhang Yuqi, Liu Guanlin, and starring Liu Mintao, the cross-border realism light comedy “Welcome to Mai Le Village” took more than 130 days to complete the domestic drama. Filming, the film crew recently set off for Africa to continue filming.

On the occasion of the filming in Africa, the Hainan filming location “Mai Le Village” has welcomed the Tanzanian ambassador to China to visit, the State Administration of Radio and Television organized a research symposium, and a special departure ceremony for filming in Africa.


  The Tanzanian ambassador to China visited Maile Village and praised the real scene for restoring the beauty of Africa

During the ambassador visit on July 24, Mbelwa Kairuki, the Tanzanian ambassador to China, Zhou Jihong, first-level inspector of the International Department of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Cao Zhixin, deputy director of the Program Cooperation Division, chief screenwriter and chief producer Liang Zhenhua exchanged and shared the shooting and production of the work at the shooting site.

Liang Zhenhua first shared his creative process, bluntly saying that this is the most honorable and challenging work since his career, especially the transcontinental shooting task from domestic to Africa is relatively difficult. He expressed his gratitude to all the members who worked together to overcome the difficulties, and hoped that he could live up to expectations and successfully complete this work.

After visiting the base of Mai Le Village, Zhou Jihong felt that the outdoor landscape of the real building in Mai Le Village is very exotic, which affirmed the carefulness and dedication of the main creative team. At the same time, she also affirmed that the main creative team overcame the heat and other filming difficulties, and especially mentioned that the play truly expressed the precious qualities of optimism, tenacity, and empathy in the African people.

Tanzanian Ambassador to China Mbelwa Kailuki lamented after watching the shooting materials that the scene and service of “Welcome to Mai Le Village” truly restored the local scene in Africa. , Zhang Yuqi, Liu Guanlin, Liu Mintao, Angel and other powerful actors expressed affirmation and expectation. He even said on the spot that as soon as he set foot on the road of filming, he felt that the whole environment was very similar to his hometown. After seeing the Mai Le Village built in real scene, I feel more real and amiable, with a very African humanistic style. At the same time, he expressed that if this film is translated into Swahili, it will be a gift to the African people.

  Make touching stories with heart and witness the boundless love together

On July 25, the TV Drama Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television organized a research seminar at the shooting location. Zhu Yonglei, member of the party group and deputy director of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, Liu Wenfeng, deputy director of the TV drama department, Xu Jinghu, former special representative of the Chinese government on African affairs of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs, Gu Zhiqiang, director of the African Division of the International Department of the National Health Commission, member of the party group of the Beijing Municipal Radio and Television Bureau, and the discipline inspection station stationed in the bureau Qu Meilin, leader of the monitoring team, Wang Zhongyun, member of the party group and deputy director of the Hainan Provincial Department of Tourism, Culture, Radio, Film and Sports, and other leaders attended the symposium; Li Deshun, deputy editor-in-chief of Youku Video, Pang Jian, senior content production director of China Mobile Migu, and representatives of producers , director of Perfect World Film and Television Zeng Yingxue, chief screenwriter and chief producer Liang Zhenhua, director Jin Ye, actor representative Jin Dong and other main creative representatives talked about their creative experience.

Liang Zhenhua shared the challenges in the shooting process at the meeting, and said that he was very honored to have the strong support of the leaders, and all missions will be implemented in the work.

Jin Ye shared the shooting process, hoping to show the most beautiful scenery and warm humanities in Africa to the audience.

Jin Dong reviewed his more than 130-day filming life in China, and hoped that he could do his best to live up to everyone’s expectations, and jointly present a work with the main creative team that can truly show the life of foreign aid doctors, so that joy and emotion coexist .

Zeng Yingxue expressed her heartfelt thanks to the leaders of various departments, the main creative team, and the expert team for providing technical support, and once again stated that Perfect World will fully escort the subsequent filming and post-production, and pay tribute to China’s foreign aid medical cause with this film.

Xu Jinghu praised that the group portraits of foreign aid doctors in the play are very vivid, and each character is very vivid, respectable and lovely.

Gu Zhiqiang also expressed that he hopes to portray the stories of young people well through film and television works, and at the same time let more audiences understand, understand, support, and even participate in the cause of foreign aid medical treatment.

Qu Meilin commented that the play uses life-like expressions to convey the dedication of the foreign aid medical team and interprets the value orientation of a community with a shared future for mankind.

In addition, platform representatives Li Deshun and Pang Jian expressed their gratitude and expectations to the main creative team, indicating that the platform will also do its best to spread the touching stories of the Chinese foreign aid medical team’s boundless love, witnessing and remembering the moving and beautiful stories.

Zhu Yonglei put forward three hopes for the next step of the filming work. First, we must uphold the concept of a community of shared future for mankind, tell the story of China’s foreign aid medical treatment, and vividly demonstrate the spirit of the Chinese medical team that “defies hardships, is willing to dedicate, saves lives and heals the wounded, and loves boundless”. . Second, we must adhere to realistic creative techniques, and promote the formation of a virtuous circle between high-quality creations and international dissemination. The third is to be brave and responsible, and be a good teller of Chinese stories, a disseminator of Chinese culture, and a defender of China-Africa friendship.


  The official start of filming in Africa is looking forward to the blooming of China-Africa friendship

At the departure ceremony for filming in Africa, Zhu Yonglei announced the official departure of the filming team in Africa.

With the successful conclusion of the departure ceremony for filming in Africa, the visit and research activity also came to a successful conclusion. It is reported that the filming team in Africa went to Africa on July 25. We expect that this work will present a joyful, witty and touching story with a unique perspective of Chinese foreign aid medical treatment and profound realism.

As a special work commemorating the 60th anniversary of China’s foreign medical aid, the drama was filmed in multiple locations and transcontinental, presenting more realistic and vivid scenes of China-Africa cooperation and interaction for the Chinese people, deepening mutual understanding between the Chinese and African people, and promoting China-Africa cooperation. Cultural mutual learning helps build a community with a shared future for mankind. Let us look forward to it together.

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