“Welcome to Mai Le Village” official announcement presents China’s “foreign aid medical care” for 60 years

“Welcome to Mai Le Village” official announcement presents China’s “foreign aid medical care” for 60 years

It is co-produced by Perfect World Film and Television, Chunyu Film and Television, China Mobile Migu Company, Youku, Youth Hello Media, Huaer Film and Television, Xianjun Film and Television, and Pineapple Vision. Zheng Xiaolong is the art director, and Liang Zhenhua is the chief producer and chief screenwriter. Directed by Jin Ye and written by Hu Yating and Zhang Xian, the cross-border realistic light comedy “Welcome to Mai Le Village” was officially launched in Hangzhou on April 27, and the concept poster and single poster were released simultaneously. The official announcement of the first batch of lineup: Jin Dong , Zu Feng, Zhang Yuqi, Liu Guanlin starred, Zhao Ziqi, Wang Ziquan, Wang Shengdi, Angel (African actor), Ning Xin, Bloomberg, Wang Yanyan starred, and Huang Chengcheng made a special appearance, which aroused high expectations from netizens.

This year marks the 60th anniversary of China’s “foreign aid medical care” and the 10th anniversary of the concept of “truthfulness, affinity and sincerity” in its Africa policy. In order to commemorate the perseverance and dedication of the Chinese medical team, and to pay tribute to the China-Africa friendship that is advancing hand in hand on the road of a community of shared future, “Welcome to Mai Le Village” will innovatively use a light comedy to tell the story of the Chinese medical team’s foreign aid s story.

“Welcome to Mai Le Village” concept poster

As a key TV drama project of the “14th Five-Year Plan”, a key project of the State Administration of Radio, Film and Television, and a project guided by the National Health Commission, “Welcome to Mai Le Village” has received much care and support from many parties. On the opening day, in addition to the main creators and actors, Le Yucheng, member of the party group and deputy director of the State Administration of Radio and Television, Nasor Ahmed Mazroui, Minister of Health and Social Welfare of Zanzibar, Minister of the Tanzanian Embassy in China Milaji Ukuti Us, Deputy Director of the International Cooperation Department of the National Health Commission and first-level inspector He Huahua, the Film and Television Division of the International Promotion Bureau of the Propaganda Department of the Central Committee of the Communist Party of China, and the TV Drama Department and International Cooperation Department of the State Administration of Radio and Television , Beijing Municipal Bureau of Radio and Television, Zhejiang Provincial Health Commission, Radio and Television Bureau, relevant comrades in charge of Zhejiang Radio and Television Group, Zhang Lina, vice president and editor-in-chief of Youku, Gan Yuqing, chief content officer of China Mobile Migu, Zeng Yingxue, director of Perfect World Film and Television, Cao Pingping, president of Dongyang Chunyu Film and Television Culture Co., Ltd., also attended the scene to witness the protagonists in the play start their “trip to Africa”.

Theme comes with highlights

Draw a vivid silhouette for the “medical team that can’t be taken away”

Since sending the first medical team to Algeria in 1963, China has sent more than 20,000 medical team members to more than 40 countries in Africa. In the past 60 years, generations of Chinese angels in white have left behind “medical teams that cannot be taken away” on the land of Africa, not far from mountains and seas. With their sincerity and hard work, they have won the respect and love of African countries, as well as the simple and sincere friendship of the local people. What “Welcome to Mai Le Village” tells is the great love story of ordinary doctors who stay away from their motherland and their families and station in Africa with selfless dedication.

What is “Milele Village”? Milele means “forever” in African Swahili. “Mai Le Village” is the residence of the foreign aid medical team in the play, and it is also the core scene of the whole play. In the story, the earliest generation of Chinese foreign aid doctors named their station “Mai Le Village”, hoping that the Chinese foreign aid medical team can stay forever, and also has the beautiful vision of a long-lasting Sino-African friendship.

In recent years, foreign aid-themed film and television works have appeared on the screen one after another, but related types of creations are still in the blue ocean. “Welcome to Mai Le Village” has its own significance, uniqueness and breakthrough in the topic selection, and has a wider vision. This drama comprehensively selects the real deeds of medical teams from more than 30 African countries, including Mali, Tanzania, and Senegal, and shows that the Chinese medical teams have passed on the torch and forged ahead in the past 60 years, and work hand in hand with the people of the world to create a better future An exciting chapter for the future.

Refreshing style

The gold medal team sits in town, “Mai Le Village” focuses on cheerfulness and humor

Foreign aid medical treatment is a great retrograde and bitter journey, but “Welcome to Mai Le Village” refuses to show people the seriousness of “moving forward with a heavy burden”. The creative team chose to present it in a light comedy style in order to resolve those heavy life, old age, sickness and death and complex natural ethics. The whole will use light brushwork to convey the optimistic spirit of daring to overcome difficulties.

The title of “Welcome to Mai Le Village” itself has a relaxed, humorous and approachable feeling, which is also integrated with the narrative style of the story. Coming to “Mai Le Village” means a new environment and new challenges. The protagonists who are condensed into a group stage a “spiritual adventure” during their trip to a foreign country, “level up and fight monsters” along the way, and various ridiculous stories happened.

In order to tell an inspiring Chinese story under the grand theme of a global perspective, “Welcome to Mai Le Village” not only tells the relationship between doctors and patients, but also focuses on the emotional world and spiritual growth of ordinary doctors, portraying the connection between the hearts and minds of the Chinese and African people . In the play, there are couples waiting for warmth in the glaciers, father and daughter who feel sorry for each other, bold pursuit of love, and regretful misses… In addition to the angels in white who save lives and heal the wounded, there are also Chinese businessmen working hard in foreign countries, and those who use knowledge to feed back their hometown African youths, as well as many simple local people, will jointly perform the flashes, collisions and tolerance of different cultures, and they will also be full of tears, ignites and laughter.

“Gold Medal Director” Zheng Xiaolong serves as the artistic director of the show. He shared at the opening ceremony: “As an industry drama, medical themes must first be very rigorous in terms of professional knowledge; secondly, they must convey professional beliefs, and the most important thing is to express humanistic care. For “Welcome to Mai Le Village” We still have to follow these standards for our creations, which are professional, rigorous, and authentic, and at the same time, we must also reflect on reality and convey correct professional views and values.”

Regarding the special feelings of this creation, the chief producer and chief screenwriter Liang Zhenhua said: “One Jiazi in sixty years is a complete traditional Chinese calendar cycle. In the last sixty years, many beautiful and moving things happened in China and Africa. stories. As a creator, it is a great honor to have such an opportunity to witness these beautiful memories, and also have the opportunity to write down beautiful expectations for the future.”

Strength lineup

Jin Dong, Zu Feng and Zhang Yuqi lead the “Trip to Africa”

On the opening day of “Welcome to Mai Le Village”, the first batch of starring lineups were officially announced. Jin Dong, Zu Feng, Zhang Yuqi, Liu Guanlin, Zhao Ziqi, Wang Ziquan, Wang Shengdi, Angel (African actors) joined in, and their strengths were assembled. With the fresh exposure of concept posters and single-person posters, the characters have also been unveiled. Many of them will play members of the 25th batch of Chinese medical team to Sanna.

Jin Dong, who plays Ma Jia, a thoracic surgeon in the center of the play, made a speech on the spot as a representative of the actors: “In the past sixty years, more than 20,000 medical workers and more than 40 African countries, how many selfless dedications of predecessors have been sprinkled in the world. The land of Africa has laid a solid foundation for us to create this work today, provided a lot of material support, and it is also their painstaking efforts that have poured out the “Mai Le Village” that symbolizes eternal friendship. As a new “Mai Le Village” Members, I think we all feel honored and touched to tell this story on screen on their behalf!”

What “Welcome to Mai Le Village” will describe is a very rich group portrait of the Chinese foreign aid medical team. In order to create a convincing character, the creative team read hundreds of thousands of words of written materials and more than a hundred hours of audio and video in the early stage, interviewed more than a hundred Chinese foreign aid doctors in depth, and even flew 8,600 kilometers of mountains, rivers and straits. Set foot on the land of Africa to carry out in-depth research, based on this, strive to forge realistic works that can stand the review of the audience.

What is the spirit of the Chinese medical team who is not afraid of hardships, is willing to dedicate, saves lives and heals the wounded, and loves boundless? How is the “community of shared future for mankind” gradually entering the real life of people in all countries from a beautiful vision? Please look forward to the narration of “Welcome to Mai Le Village” for you.

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