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[Weifu Happy Café]grand opening, Datuk Li Shuqin creates a happy space for customers

[Weifu Happy Café]grand opening, Datuk Li Shuqin creates a happy space for customers

(Penang News) There is a kind of coffee with unique charm! There is a kind of happy customer experience.

That is the happiness that can only be found in the cafe downstairs of Beihai Weibo Commercial Management Group. It is the meticulous masterpiece of Major Li Shuqin, the president-to-be of the group.

Prospective Datuk Major Li Shuqin welcomes the New Year in the Year of the Dragon.

Creating a space for customers to relax and talk has always been Datuk Li Shuqin’s corporate soft power dream. After a period of planning, she decided to renovate one of the ground floors of the Weifu Commercial Building and named it[Weifu Happy Cafe]allows customers to have a cup of fragrant coffee with Weifu’s service team after handling official business.

It can also be about exchanging the experience of a warm family life, or sharing the joy of traveling. More importantly, it can open up the heart and allow customers and service members to communicate heart to heart.

Li Shuqin (middle) receives congratulations from Lions of Lions Club International 308B2, from left to right, Huang Weiquan, Zhang Qingda, lawyer Zeng Weizhong and Xie Jinhua.

[Weifu Happiness Cafe]is not open to the public. It is only provided to Weifu’s valued customers. It is a private and comfortable space for customers to have heart-to-heart conversations with Weifu’s service staff after completing their official duties. It is a good link between customers and Weifu A unique and warm place for people.

Entering[Weifu Happy Cafe]the first thing that catches the eye is the melodious music and soft lights, which break the tight business atmosphere and create a relaxing and comfortable atmosphere for customers. The decor here is simple and elegant, with attention to detail evident in every detail.

Bayan Baru Lions Club and Lions Clubs International congratulate District 2 Chairman Li Shuqin (seventh from left) (Weifu Happy Cafe) on the grand opening. From left, Lawyer Tsang Wai Chung, Xie Jinhua, Zhang Qingda, Hong Baoling, Datin Seri Tan Jinxiang, Liu Jinxiang, Li Shuqin , Ke Zhongchen, Lin Ronghua, Ye Zhongqian on the right.

The baristas carefully prepare coffee with unique flavors for customers. Every sip of coffee seems to be a kind of enjoyment, allowing customers to feel a deep happiness in this small world.

What’s even more touching is that here customers can not only taste delicious coffee, but also have in-depth communication with Weifu’s service staff. This is not only a place for business negotiations, but also a platform for emotional exchanges. Here, customers can share their ideas and dreams, and Weifu’s service staff will listen attentively and provide professional advice and support, allowing customers to feel real care and warmth.

A group photo of all the guests and host.

[Weifu Happy Cafe]is not only a coffee shop, but also a special care of Weifu Business Consulting Group for its customers. This unique space celebrates the aroma of coffee and the happiness of customers in its own way, becoming a unique corner that embraces happiness in the commercial field.

Weibo Happiness Cafe, a subsidiary of Weibo Business Management Group, officially held the opening ceremony and New Year’s Group Worship Luncheon on the ninth day of the Lunar New Year, and also promoted the exclusive single “Oh Yes, Weibo” written by the group’s president, Major Datuk Li Shuqin.

Major Datuk Li Shuqin, President of Weibo Commercial Management Group, congratulated Hejie on good luck in the Year of the Dragon.

In his welcome speech, Group President quasi Datuk Major Li Shuqin wished everyone from all walks of life great fortune, health and safety in the Year of the Dragon, and thanked customers for their trust and support in Weibo over the years.

Li Shuqin said that Weibo’s purpose of setting up the Happy Cafe is to provide Weibo Group customers with professional consultation with a professional team in a comfortable environment and to provide shared office space.

The interior decoration of Weibo Happy Cafe is magnificent and full of modern atmosphere.

After the Double Lions New Year harvest, Li Shuqin led the company’s leadership to jointly host the ribbon-cutting opening ceremony of the Happy Cafe. Invited attendees included: Datuk Seri Lee Tiong Lee, President of the Penang Branch of the Malaysian Manufacturers Association, and President of the Bayan Baru Lions Club Datin Seri Chen Jinxiang, Vice President Sun Weijun, Secretary Huang Weizhe, Treasurer Hong Baoling, Penang Island City Councilor Lawyer Zeng Weizhong, Acting Chairman of the ACCCIM Youth Business Group Chen Zijian, Deputy Chairman Ye Zhongxian, Chairman of the North Malaysia Yongchun Association Cheng Jiachai and Huang Binbin, Zheng Jiacai, Lin Yongqiang, Guangming Daily general manager Zhun Na Xie Jinhua, senior manager Ke Zhongchen, etc.

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