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Wei Xun’s performance of suona on the intangible cultural heritage opera stage amazed everyone and unexpectedly eliminated netizens.

Wei Xun’s performance of suona on the intangible cultural heritage opera stage amazed everyone and unexpectedly eliminated netizens.


After the premiere of “Beyond the Wind 3”, guests and the stage both appeared in the circle, and the topics continued. Cai Guoqing’s first stage rap performance showed a contrasting cuteness. Lin Zhiying participated in a variety show for the first time after being injured. The “0713 Boy Group” brought “memory killing” when it appeared. In addition to these popular guests with their own buzz, there are also some brothers who have gradually entered the public eye with their amazing stage performances, such as the 2017 Fast Boy Champion Wei Xun.

The fourth performance was broadcast. Wei Xun’s partners Lin Zhiying, Lu Yi, Hu Yanbin, and Boyuan presented the intangible cultural heritage opera “The Old Man of the East China Sea”. As an ancient opera that has been passed down for 600 years, Anshun opera, known as the “living fossil of Chinese drama”, is cleverly integrated with pop music on the stage of “Breaking Through Troubles”. Wei Xun wore a blue embroidered Chinese-style look that was free and easy. He stood on the high stage and performed the opera stage together with the performers of the Central Guizhou Opera Troupe. As Wei Xun’s increasingly high-pitched suona sounded, the atmosphere at the scene was instantly ignited. Netizens commented: “Wei Xun’s suona is the finishing touch. I got goosebumps as soon as the sound came out. It was so shocking!”

This was Wei Xun’s first attempt at playing suona. After receiving the task, he practiced for 6-7 hours a day for seven consecutive days. After a week of devilish assault training, Wei Xun mastered the technique of playing suona. In order to avoid disturbing the rest of his brothers, he was careful and deliberately found a separate room to practice. He even broke his mouth due to the long training. The final stage effect lived up to Wei Xun’s hard training. The exciting suona sound brought the audience into a magnificent situation, making people feel the unique charm of traditional culture.

However, Wei Xun, who performed so well in Sigong, could not escape the fate of elimination. Due to his personal favorite ranking, Wei Xun regretted leaving the stage. As soon as the news came out, netizens felt sorry for Wei Xun and expressed their dismay: “How come Wei Xun was eliminated when he was at his best?” Wei Xun also published a long article of 1,860 words to express his love for the stage and the beautiful memories of getting along with his brothers. “The same is true in life. Nine times out of ten, there will always be regrets. Let me take this little regret and run harder forward! In the days to come, I choose to fully accept myself at every stage, participate fully, and enjoy life. , enjoy every stage that follows.” Even though he regretted bidding farewell to the stage, Wei Xun always remained transparent and open-minded.

Many people’s impression of Wei Xun is that he was the national champion of “Happy Boys” in 2017. His rock voice is high and bright, and his music creation ability is also online. This time he also showed it well in “Breaking Through the Troubles”: he created an original song before the broadcast. The song “Thirty-Two” included 32 brothers in the song; the first stage participated in the adaptation of “Stubborn” to express the stubbornness in his heart; the first male “Dark Night Asks the Day” supported the harmony; the second male “Broken” “Cocoon” challenges opera and bel canto singing on the stage for the first time; Sangong’s “People Like Me” calmed down again and tried slow songs to polish the mood.

In addition to his dazzling performance on the stage, Wei Xun is also surprisingly good at cooking. He fried minced pork with chili, fried dumplings, boiled fish hot pot, and made hot dry noodles for 16 brothers in one go. Lin Zhiying, Hu Bing, and Hu Yanbin praised Wei Xun. The noodles cooked by Xun were delicious, and Tang Yuzhe became a publicity committee member of Wei Xun brand hot dry noodles. For a time, “Wei Xun’s cooking skills” were highly praised by his brothers.

It is reported on the Internet that “Continuous Sound·China Season” is about to start recording, and “Chinese Restaurant·Season 8” has also attracted much attention. Wei Xun, who “can arrange music, perform on the stage, and work in the kitchen”, may appear in These programs will reveal more surprises, let us wait and see.

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