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“WeChat Pay Charity Meal Charity Plan” launched in Tianjin

“WeChat Pay Charity Meal Charity Plan” launched in Tianjin

Open WeChat and enter the “WeChat Pay Love Meal and Sanitation” applet, then click “Use Love Meal” and pay… In a Burger King store in Hongqiao District, Tianjin, sanitation worker Uncle Zheng successfully received one for one penny. Whopper Potato King Set. “This is the second time I have received a love meal. After work, I can find a nearby store to pick it up. It only takes a few clicks on my mobile phone to get it. It is very friendly to us.” Uncle Zheng said.

Recently, Tianjin Hongqiao District announced the official launch of the “WeChat Pay Charity Meal Charity Plan”. With the support of competent authorities at all levels and the Tencent Party Committee, this public welfare project was launched by WeChat Pay, Tencent Charity and the China Social Assistance Foundation. All kinds of caring merchants and caring people participated in it, aiming to unite people through a sustainable technological innovation public welfare model. Social forces express their gratitude to the sanitation workers who protect the city. At present, “Love Meals” has been launched in 12 cities. More than 800,000 users, more than 30 charity merchants and more than 20,000 stores have participated in the country. A total of more than 1.35 million love meals and 80 love meals have been delivered to nearly 200,000 sanitation workers. Thousands of bottles of love water.

Based on this plan, citizens in Hongqiao District, Tianjin can participate in public welfare by donating one yuan when ordering food at caring merchants, donating in the loving meal mini program, etc., so that sanitation workers can pay 1 cent at caring merchants every month. Receive love meals and love water. After the sanitation workers receive it, the donating users will receive digital feedback, allowing every goodwill to be reciprocated.

In the past, due to their busy work, sanitation workers often bought affordable fast food on the roadside or prepared meals in advance. However, due to the inconvenience of heating, it became normal to eat cold meals and dishes. After this public welfare plan is launched, it can benefit all sanitation workers in Hongqiao District, effectively solve their problems of difficulty in eating and resting, and improve the catering standards of sanitation workers, allowing them to enjoy delicious food for just one cent. At present, caring merchants such as Wallace, Burger King, KFC, Lawson, and Bianlifeng have taken the lead in joining the initiative to do good deeds for sanitation workers.

Sanitation workers are the creators and guardians of a better life, and caring for sanitation workers is a social trend worth promoting. Next, the “WeChat Pay Charity Meal Charity Plan” will continue to develop, covering more urban areas and sanitation workers in Tianjin, and join hands with more users, brand merchants, organizations and other social forces to deliver goodwill and make “fingertips “Public welfare” has increasingly become a part of people’s lives.

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