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We protect your rights丨Ping An Annuity does a good job in consumer rights protection

We protect your rights丨Ping An Annuity does a good job in consumer rights protection

With the growth of my country’s per capita income level and changes in population structure, the broad masses of the people have put forward higher expectations and higher demands for production and living security, and to attach importance to and strengthen the protection of financial consumer rights is to practice the people’s It is the most direct embodiment of the idea of ​​centered development.

In order to do a good job in protecting consumers’ rights and interests and provide warm financial services, Ping An Annuity has incorporated consumer protection work into corporate governance, corporate culture construction and business development strategies, and adheres to the service tenet of “customer first, service first”. Focus on inspection, personal information protection, financial knowledge education, smart claims settlement, etc., and protect the rights and interests of every financial consumer with practical actions.

  In 2022, Ping An Annuity’s consumer protection work

  Make steady progress, join hands to fight the epidemic

  We protect, your “right of independent choice, right of fair trade”

Ping An Annuity has embedded the concept and requirements of consumer protection in all aspects of product and service development, and continues to implement the consumer protection review mechanism for products and services. and service quality, improve the readability of product terms, so that consumers can more fully understand the protection scope of purchased products. In 2022, the consumer protection review will fully cover related products and services.

  We protect your “right to information security and property security”

Ping An Annuity adheres to finance for the people. On the one hand, it has established a personal information protection committee and formulated relevant systems to improve the personal information protection mechanism; Phenomena such as leakage, violation of authorization, and unreasonable use occur.

  We protect your “right to education”

Ping An Annuity actively responded to the regulatory call and popularized the basic knowledge of insurance, annuity and consumer rights protection through a combination of online and offline methods. During 3.15, 7.8 and September financial knowledge popularization months, 146 outlets across the country placed financial knowledge leaflets, exhibition stands, roll-up banners and other physical objects, combined with innovative methods such as WeChat, short videos, Douyin, H5 animations, etc., to integrate professional Complex financial knowledge is transformed into popular education knowledge that is easier for consumers to understand and accept, so that consumers can understand, remember, and use it.

  We protect, your “legal claim”

Ping An Annuity continues to accelerate the pace of intelligent transformation, and actively explores the application of technological innovation in claims services and other scenarios. Through the empowerment of Internet technology, it has launched “Smart Claims”, “Warm Heart Claims”, and “Claims Health File” A series of representative service systems and projects can improve the efficiency of claim settlement, simplify the process of customer claim settlement, and improve the quality of claim settlement service. In 2022, the new crown pneumonia epidemic will occur in many places across the country, and the advantages of online services such as “smart claim settlement” will be highlighted, allowing claims to be “handled immediately without meeting”, providing greater convenience for customers, and satisfying customers “handling claims without leaving home” With the service demand, the gleams of service converge into the warm sun to fight against the “epidemic”.

  We protect your “right to be respected”

Ping An Annuity adheres to customer-centricity, continues to improve consumer experience, and constantly improves the NPS experience management system. Through product surveys twice a year, industry competitive product surveys and contact surveys once a year, it listens to consumers’ voices and timely Discover the pain points in the sales and service process, optimize the company’s management process, assist customers to solve problems, and create a convenient and efficient service experience for consumers.

Ping An Annuity continues to pay attention to the customer experience of the elderly group, and actively explores and promotes the transformation of Internet applications suitable for the elderly. Advertisements are displayed with large icons and fonts to make reading clearer and easier to use.

  We protect your “right to know”

Ping An Annuity fully protects customers’ right to know. The content of external product and service information disclosure covers insurance liability, payment amount, payment period, insurance amount, guarantee period, exemption clause, hesitation period, surrender loss, observation period, and policy benefits. Certainty and other key information that affects the policyholder’s decision-making. In 22 years, all information on the sale of new personal terms and the cessation of sales of old personal terms were disclosed.

  In 2023, Ping An Annuity

  Don’t forget the original intention, shoulder the mission, forge ahead and start again

“Professionalism creates value” and “Professionalism makes life easier” has always been the action guide and unremitting pursuit of Ping An to serve the public and the people.

First of all, Ping An Annuity will further enhance the professional ability of consumer insurance review, actively expand the scope of consumer insurance review, and strengthen the review of marketing publicity, agreement formulation, pricing management and other links.

Next, we will continue to optimize the product information disclosure mechanism. We will update relevant systems in accordance with the latest regulatory regulations to ensure the authenticity, accuracy, completeness, and timeliness of the disclosed information, and ensure that the policyholders, The insured and beneficiaries disclose the product information they should know.

Secondly, continue to deepen the publicity and education of financial consumers. The company will carry out regular publicity and education activities on a regular basis, focusing on implementing the three major centralized publicity and education activities of supervision, expanding publicity and education channels, innovating in the form of publicity and education, and expanding the audience for publicity and education, so as to build a comprehensive, Systematic financial knowledge structure, and strive to enhance the public’s sense of gain, happiness and security.

Finally, to further strengthen marketing publicity management and sales traceability management, optimize and improve relevant management systems, strengthen marketing publicity monitoring, and supervise the implementation of rectification of problems. At the same time, strengthen the double-record management of salespersons to ensure that salespersons do not conduct misleading sales, and earnestly safeguard consumers’ right to know and right to choose independently.

In 2023, Ping An Annuity will not forget its original intention and shoulder its mission, forge ahead and start again, continue to implement various consumer protection tasks, and effectively protect the rights and interests of consumers. Provide consumers with a “worry-free, time-saving, and money-saving” customer experience, and make financial services more “warm”.

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