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Warm service warms the “sunset” ?? A letter of thanks from a 95-year-old man to CCB Tianjin (Free Trade) Xingang Sub-branch

Warm service warms the “sunset” ?? A letter of thanks from a 95-year-old man to CCB Tianjin (Free Trade) Xingang Sub-branch

I report a situation to you, if you also think it is very good, please promote and carry forward.“A handwritten commendation letter from a 95-year-old man living alone brought to the surface a heartwarming story that recently happened in Xingang Sub-branch, a subsidiary of CCB Tianjin Free Trade Branch.

At noon on April 20, 2023, a faltering old man handed over a handwritten letter to the staff of the branch. Only then did everyone know the ins and outs of this heart-warming story of serving the elderly.

In early April, a 95-year-old man came to the Xingang sub-branch for the first time to handle the cash withdrawal business, which was handled by his student in the past. Jiang Zonghui, an employee of the branch, saw that the old man was inconvenient to move, so he helped the old man to go to the counter on the second floor to handle business, and patiently waited with the customer during this period. When doing business, Comrade Jiang Zonghui patiently guided the whole process and accompanied customers to complete the cash withdrawal business. At the same time, Shao Zhaoxia, an employee of the high cabinet, maintained sufficient patience in the process of handling business for the elderly, and successfully completed the cash withdrawal service for the elderly. After the business was completed, Shao Zhaoxia and Jiang Zonghui jointly helped the old man go downstairs, and offered to call a car for the old man. Since the old man walked into the branch, Shao Zhaoxia and Jiang Zonghui “escorted” him throughout the whole process, providing high-quality and attentive services.

Shao Zhaoxia and Jiang Zonghui, employees of Free Trade Xingang Sub-branch, have been working at the grassroots level for nearly 30 years, sticking to the outlets, working hard at work, and willing to help others in life. No matter what kind of customers they are facing, they can be patient and make customers feel the warmth of CCB with the highest-quality, considerate and warm service. This truly implements the service concept of CCB’s “customer first”, which is worthy of emulation for all employees.

Respecting and loving the elderly is the beginning of kindness. Jianshe employees have always been committed to providing warm and heart-warming services for the elderly, caring for the elderly customers sincerely, and becoming a warm “heart-warming branch” in the hearts of the people.As the old man wrote at the end of his commendation letter: “They do a good job in helping the old and the weak. Because of their warmth, the people of our Republicserve the people‘five big charactersShine! “

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