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Warm financial services, escorting your happy old age? PICC Health Tianjin Branch went to nursing homes to carry out fraud prevention public welfare publicity activities

Warm financial services, escorting your happy old age? PICC Health Tianjin Branch went to nursing homes to carry out fraud prevention public welfare publicity activities

On July 4th, during the PICC Customer Day and 7.8 National Insurance Publicity Day, in order to thoroughly implement the guiding ideology and work requirements of the regulatory agency, PICC Group and the head office, pay close attention to the fraud prevention involved in the daily financial life of the elderly Question, the staff of the customer service center operated by the Tianjin branch walked into the “Fulin Nursing Home” and held a special lecture on anti-fraud for the elderly.

During the event, the staff of the branch carefully selected four typical videos of common methods of fraud that had been broadcast on CCTV, including “Collectibles Scam”, “High Rebate Scam”, “Pretending to be a Public Security Bureau Scam” and “Health Products Scam”. While playing the video, the staff gave on-site key explanations. Use typical fraud cases to remind the elderly to protect their wallets, and remind the elderly to do the following to prevent fraud: first, do not buy so-called collectibles, and do not invest money in fields that you are not familiar with; If you need investment and financial management, you should choose a regular bank or insurance company; third, if the public security organ needs your cooperation in the investigation, the staff of the public security organ will definitely show you the police officer card, summons card and other materials before the investigation and conduct face-to-face investigation. After investigation and verification, the police will not only contact you through the Internet or telephone, and will not allow you to transfer money directly to the so-called “safety account”; Fourth, if you feel unwell and seek medical treatment in time, you can choose Western medicine or Chinese medicine Conditioning, but do not trust the “cure all diseases” health care products. Finally, I would like to remind everyone to keep in mind the anti-fraud center telephone number 96110. If you encounter suspicious persons or things, you must call the anti-fraud center in time for verification and consultation.

During the lecture, in order to help the elderly review and consolidate the key content, the staff also specially arranged a question and answer session with prizes, and the elderly who answered the questions correctly could get a prize. The old people participated enthusiastically and frequently raised their hands to answer questions. The atmosphere was very lively. Everyone not only mastered the essentials of anti-fraud, but also received practical prizes. Everyone was smiling.

After the event, everyone expressed their gratitude to the staff of Tianjin Branch of PICC Health and expressed their satisfaction with the implementation of the event. The event was a complete success and achieved the expected results. This activity is a vivid practice of the branch focusing on the “warm project”, adhering to customer-centricity, improving service experience, and improving service quality. In the next step, we will continue to do a good job in insurance services for elderly customers in accordance with the requirements of regulatory agencies and higher-level units. In the era of financial technology, effectively enhance the sense of gain, happiness and security of the elderly.

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