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Wang Shi & Shiyou joined forces丨Opening a major upgrade of “Total Health 2.0” and the launching ceremony of Quality Month

Wang Shi & Shiyou joined forces丨Opening a major upgrade of “Total Health 2.0” and the launching ceremony of Quality Month

Because of the common pursuit of a better living environment, in June 2021, Wang Shi, the founder of Vanke, signed a contract to become the World Friends Green Quality Ambassador. With the gradual implementation of the national “Healthy China” development strategy and the general upgrading of Chinese people’s health awareness, quality and health have become an indispensable element for enterprise development and product innovation. The relationship between Wang Shi and Shiyou has become closer with market changes.

On March 15, 2023, “Quality” Respects Healthy Life – Shiyou Flooring’s “Total Health” 2.0 Heavy Upgrade and Quality Month Release Ceremony struck. Experts and leaders from inside and outside the industry gathered together, and the green quality ambassador came to the scene to witness Another big step in the green development of Shiyou Flooring.

Guests attending the meeting included Wu Ruchuan, President of China Equity Exchange Association, Wang Man, President of China Forestry Products Industry Association, Wang Shi, Green Quality Ambassador of Shiyou Flooring, Gao Junfeng, President of Beijing Forestry Rights Exchange, and Secretary General of Solid Wood Flooring Alliance of China Forestry Products Industry Association. Tan Hongwei, Tu Zanhong, secretary-general of Nanxun Furnishing Association, Cui Bo, member of the Curatorial Committee of China Photographers Association, Jin Hongwei, chairman of the board of directors of SIPA Photo Agency, Xu Guo, chairman of Anhui Federation of Literary and Art Circles, Wang Chen, chairman of Entrepreneur Photography Association (Shenzhen), Zhejiang Ni Fangrong, Chairman of Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd., Ni Yuezhong, President of Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd., and Shiyou Flooring Partners.

New upgrade, tree benchmark

Enterprises that dare to accept supervision at all times are truly confident enterprises. At the beginning of this grand ceremony, Wang Shi, the green quality ambassador, and many guests, under the leadership of Chairman Ni Fangrong of Shiyou and President Ni Yuezhong of Shiyou, visited Shiyou Smart Home Industrial Park. Experience the road of Shiyou’s intelligent production, standardized management and sustainable low-carbon development up close.

The innovation of Shiyou flooring is not limited to progress, and the research and development has never been limited to the cost. It regards the quality of users as the core to create a better green home experience, and lives up to the beautiful life of every consumer. Under the witness of the guests and the media, Wang Shi, the green quality ambassador of Shiyou Flooring, and Ni Yuezhong, the president of Shiyou Flooring, jointly completed the online production of the first batch of ENF-grade solid wood composite flooring (multi-layer) products of Shiyou. The birth of Shiyou’s first batch of ENF-grade solid wood composite flooring (multi-layer) products means the further expansion of Shiyou’s full line of green quality products, the progress of the company’s green development road, and it has made a benchmark for the improvement of the industry’s environmental protection quality demonstration.

Promise bravely and show the future

President of Zhejiang Shiyou Wood Industry Co., Ltd.: Ni Yuezhong

Shiyou can become a model enterprise of green development in the industry, which is inseparable from the correct guidelines of the leadership. Ni Yuezhong, President of Shiyou Flooring, summed up the achievements of the 20-year brand journey in depth at the meeting, and promised that Shiyou will always adhere to the corporate core values ​​of “people-oriented, quality-based, and sincere friends” in the future, and always practice With the corporate vision of “technology creates low-carbon and environmentally friendly home life”, we firmly follow the road of “quality” and “health”, and spare no effort to realize a healthy living environment for all.

President of China Forestry Products Industry Association: Wang Man

Having been deeply involved in the industry for many years, Wang Man, president of the China Forestry Products Industry Association, has witnessed the rise and fall of many brands. Shiyou Flooring can maintain its leading position in the ups and downs of the market. Take the development path of “green” and “quality” double progress. It is believed that with the strong support of relevant departments and the leadership of leading enterprises such as Shiyou Flooring, the wood industry will continue to stand out from the encirclement and embark on a road of green development and high-quality development.

President of China Property Rights Exchange Association: Wu Ruchuan

“Shiyou Flooring has set an example for many enterprises, played a leading role, and is a powerful vanguard in promoting a comprehensive, healthy and green industrial chain.” In his speech, Mr. Wu Ruchuan, President of the China Property Rights Exchange Association, fully affirmed the breakthrough contribution of Shiyou Flooring to the green and healthy development of the entire industry, and placed high hopes on Shiyou Flooring, hoping that Shiyou Flooring will go on the road of high-quality development and Going far, getting wider and wider.

Repack and start again

Since October 2020, Shiyou has released and implemented the “full health floor” standard before the industry, triggering an upsurge in industry discussions. In March 2023, Shiyou once again proposed a major upgrade of “Total Health 2.0”, which is an improvement in technology and a higher level of cognition. It once again witnessed Shiyou Flooring’s tireless pursuit of green and high-quality development, helping the industry realize Healthy and sustainable development.

As Shiyou’s green quality ambassador, Wang Shi congratulated on the release of the new upgrade of “Total Health 2.0”, and said that as an ambassador, he also hopes that Shiyou will truly fulfill its promise, and use green, healthy and high-quality products as a carrier to deliver healthy Life philosophy, to contribute to the “Healthy China” strategy put forward by the country.

Vice President of Shiyou Flooring: Li Yuhu

Quality Month Launching Ceremony

What is real Jiankang? What is real high quality?

Li Yuhu, vice president of Shiyou Flooring, interpreted Shiyou’s “high quality” on the spot: with high-quality products as the carrier and high-quality service as the link, build a high-quality consumer experience process and create a high-quality home living space. Create Shiyou “Quality Month” with four high-quality, Shiyou Flooring Green Quality Ambassador Wang Shi, Chairman Ni Fangrong, President Ni Yuezhong, company senior representatives, dealer representatives, grandly launched Shiyou Flooring “Quality Month” on the spot.

From 21 years to 23 years, the time is advancing, and the green development of Shiyou from “total health” to “total health 2.0” is also moving towards a higher dimension. Witnessed by Wang Shi, the green quality ambassador, and accompanied by all dealer representatives, Shiyou will always keep in mind the double improvement of “quality” and “health”, and start off after repacking, leading the flooring industry to a new level with “Shiyou high quality” pattern, engraving an indelible imprint belonging to the green development of Shiyou Flooring.

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