Wandashan Dairy’s liquid milk track will make further efforts to open up a new future for brand rejuvenation

Wandashan Dairy’s liquid milk track will make further efforts to open up a new future for brand rejuvenation

On March 6, the 2023 Beidahuang Wandashan Liquid Milk New Product Launch Conference and Dealer Conference was successfully held in Nanjing. Inspired by striving forward and looking forward to the future, the press conference, with the theme of “Practice hard work, ten thousand miles can be expected”, demonstrated the original intention of Wandashan Dairy as an industry leader through the combination of “offline + online” and vision. On-site guest leaders, dealer partners, and tens of thousands of users in the live broadcast room witnessed the launch of the new concept series products of the five sub-brands of Wandashan Dairy, Heiwo, Rujixian, Yanqing, Aifiya, and Yiyang 100. .

  Leveraging the youth consumer market and embracing the new blue ocean

In recent years, the trend of China’s consumption upgrading is obvious, and the structure of consumer groups is changing. The new consumption power represented by the post-80s and post-90s groups is rising strongly, and emerging brands are also springing up like mushrooms. In the context of the new era, for brands, only by embracing changes and advancing with the times can they embrace the future.

Wandashan Dairy, a national brand that has witnessed China’s dairy industry from immature start to vigorous development, is still “leading the way” after 65 years of development. Behind this is inseparable from the spirit of craftsman it inherits, sticking to the professionalism of consistent quality, developing new products through advanced technology, improving product quality and quality, and realizing continuous innovation in quality and service.

Facing the trend of “minority” brought about by the individualized and diversified consumption needs of young people, Wandashan Dairy has increased its investment in dairy research and innovation, sought a differentiated development path, laid out the young people’s consumer market, and perfected Product category matrix to meet the diversified needs of consumers.

It is specifically demonstrated that Wandashan Dairy has carried out visual upgrades on its own product lines. Through style changes in packaging and visual design, it presents a novel, individual, and dynamic brand image, and continuously introduces products that meet the current sugar control, low-fat and health benefits. High-end dairy products in demand.

  The trendy new products of Yanqing and Aifiya are on the market, healthy and delicious without burden

In order to meet consumers’ demand for younger dairy products and interpret the consumption concept of the new era, Wandashan Dairy Liquid Milk launched star products for young consumers at this new product launch conference – Yanqing high-end yogurt, AI Fiya 0 sucrose flavored yogurt and white peach oatmeal flavored yogurt continue to gain momentum on the brand rejuvenation track!

Yanqing high-end yogurt strictly selects high-quality pasture milk sources, and the nutritional value of fermented raw milk is higher. Compared with the previous PET bottle, the newly launched 100g cup is small and exquisite, so you can enjoy it anytime, anywhere without any burden. In addition, in order to meet the different taste needs of consumers, Wandashan Dairy has specially launched two flavors: sweet orange popcorn and brown sugar ginger juice, to satisfy more and more consumers’ preferences for novel taste experiences.

Aifeiya flavored yogurt is a trendy new product that pursues fashion. This time, Aifeiya 0 sucrose-flavored yogurt and white peach oatmeal-flavored yogurt are launched together, which are deeply loved by young consumers. Aifeya 0 sucrose flavored yogurt, its protein content is 35% higher than the national standard, rich in dietary fiber, enjoy healthy and delicious taste without burden.

  Innovative model, deepening channel strategic layout

Wandashan Dairy is committed to deepening the strategic layout of channels, creating a series of “explosive products” such as Yanqing high-end yogurt and Aifea flavored yogurt, and competing for the young dairy market. Empower dealers with product innovation and provide more policy support.

In terms of channel layout, Wandashan Dairy has continuously accelerated the omni-channel strategic layout over the years, actively tapped the development potential of channels, and vigorously widened the channel moat on the basis of consolidating the existing channels, so as to firmly occupy the C position in the minds of young people and form a stronger consumption conversion effect.

At present, the dairy industry is entering a new stage of development. National dairy companies represented by Wandashan Dairy are constantly innovating and are becoming more and more proficient in the youthful track. In the future, with a higher corporate mission, we will join hands with more industry partners to lead China’s dairy industry to a higher level!


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