Wandashan Dairy released a variety of new liquid milk products, bursting out new vitality of the brand and shaping new advantages

Wandashan Dairy released a variety of new liquid milk products, bursting out new vitality of the brand and shaping new advantages

On March 6, 2023, Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd. held the 2023 Beidahuang Wandashan Liquid Milk New Product Launch Conference and Dealer Conference in Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, with the theme of “Practice hard work and hope for thousands of miles”. Pound released the new products of the five sub-brands of liquid milk Heiwo, Rujixianxian, Yanqing, Aifiya and Yiyang 100, showing the new product matrix and high-end liquid milk product layout of Wandashan Dairy’s liquid milk segment.

Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Beidahuang Land Reclamation Group Co., Ltd.; Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beidashan Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd. Wang Gui; Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Beidahuang Wandashan Co., Ltd. Yan Li; Senior leaders including Zhang Dawei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of Dashan Liquid Milk Marketing Department attended the meeting, and witnessed the grand ceremony together with the industry media and the audience who watched the live broadcast online.

[2023 Beidahuang Wanda Mountain Liquid Milk New Product Launch Conference and Distributor Conference]

Intensive research and development accelerates innovation, and the liquid milk track makes further efforts

With a history of 65 years, Wandashan Dairy is the pioneer, practitioner and witness of the development of China’s dairy industry. Its development process can be said to be the epitome of the history of China’s dairy industry from small to large. In the past 60 years, Wandashan Dairy has always taken the mission and responsibility of ensuring the nutrition supply of the people and the quality and safety of dairy products, and firmly grasping the “milk bottle” of the Chinese people. Adhere to R & D investment, cultivate its own R & D strength from the frontier of industry development, promote the transformation of R & D results, and continue to innovate and develop safer, more nutritious and healthier high-quality dairy products guided by consumer demand.

At the new product launch site, Wang Gui, Party Committee Member and Deputy General Manager of Beidahuang Land Reclamation Group Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd., delivered a speech: “Wandashan Dairy has always carried the responsibility of a state-owned enterprise, insisted on Innovation drives development, and actively fulfills its responsibilities as a national high-tech enterprise and a key leading enterprise in industrialization. In recent years, through the continuous introduction of international top production equipment, the adoption of industry-leading production technology, and the implementation of enterprise internal control standards that are superior to national standards, the realization of The whole process of dairy product processing from ranch to terminal packaging is automated and intelligently controlled. The Tianru Phase II project, which has just been completed and put into operation, has gathered many international advanced equipment and techniques. Wandashan Dairy’s own intelligent dairy product production capacity and product quality The ability to manage and control has achieved leapfrog development.”

[Member of the Party Committee and Deputy General Manager of Beidahuang Land Reclamation Group Co., Ltd., Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of Beidahuang Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd.]

It is reported that Wandashan Dairy’s liquid milk business started 22 years ago. After years of accumulation, it has accumulated excellent research and development capabilities in the liquid milk track. This time, we will make more efforts on the liquid milk track, and once again occupy the high-end liquid milk track with the release of a series of new products, fully demonstrating the strategic vision, innovation strength and hard-core product strength of Wandashan Dairy.

Zhang Dawei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman, and General Manager of the Marketing Department of Wandashan Liquid Milk in Beidahuang, delivered a speech. He said: “At this press conference, Wandashan Dairy released its Heiwo, Rujixian, Yanqing, and Aifiya. , the brand-new concept series of products of the five major sub-brands of Yiyang 100. This is not only the transition of Wandashan Dairy from “food and clothing” to “quality” in line with national consumption, insight into new consumption needs, and forward-looking layout of the growth potential track, but also represents the It has strengthened our research and development strength in the direction of high nutrition, low calorie, low sugar and low fat requirements.”

[Zhang Dawei, Secretary of the Party Committee, Chairman and General Manager of the Marketing Department of Wanda Mountain Liquid Milk in the Great Northern Wilderness]

Later, in the awards ceremony, Chairman Wang Gui, Deputy General Manager Yan Li and other leading guests presented the dealer partners with many awards such as the “Best Partner Award”, “Sales Growth Award”, and “New Product Contribution Award”.

【Award Ceremony】

In the live connection session of the sub-venue, the Songbei Ranch, the Sunshine Factory and the second phase of Tianru were respectively connected to create an immersive sensory experience for the audience, and to have a glimpse of the alpine ecological ranch and modern digital ranch of Wanda Mountain Dairy.

Wang Zhandong, deputy general manager of the R&D and Innovation Center of Beidahuang Wandashan Co., Ltd., gave a speech on the theme of “R&D Guarantee, Leading Scientific and Technological Innovation”, mainly sharing the macro analysis of the dairy industry environment, Wandashan Dairy in terms of brand, milk source, Core strengths in quality management, research and development, and the direction of future innovation.

[Wang Zhandong, Deputy General Manager of R&D Innovation Center of Beidahuang Wandashan Co., Ltd.]

Pan Bing, Marketing Director of Wandashan Liquid Milk Marketing Division, Beidahuang, gave a speech on the theme of “Analysis of Consumer Demand and New Products in the Dairy Industry”. He said: “2023 is a year of growth and harvest, and the key word is ‘acceleration’. The data shows that consumption vitality is gradually being released. In the face of new consumer demand, Wandashan Dairy accurately grasps the present and actively embraces changes. Through the research on the new normal market, it has insight into the growth of opportunity products and continues to introduce new ones.”

[Pan Bing, Marketing Director of Wandashan Liquid Milk Marketing Division in the Great Northern Wilderness]

Strike hard, 5 major new products all debut to show “hard core” strength

In the new product launch session, Wandashan Dairy officially debuted 5 new liquid milk products, namely Heiwo Skimmed High-Calcium Organic Pure Milk, Ruji Fresh, Efeya 0 Sucrose Flavored Yogurt and White Peach Oatmeal Flavored Yogurt, Yanqing High-end Yogurt and Yiyang 100 Dietary Fiber Milk.

Once Heiwo skimmed high-calcium organic pure milk is launched, it has added another strong competitor to the high-end white milk market. The new product has a mellow taste, and the characteristics of “0 fat”, “high calcium” and “organic” meet consumers’ demand for “high nutrition and low calorie”. The calcium content is 312.5mg/bottle, which is 25% higher than ordinary milk. According to the daily calcium intake recommendation (800mg) defined by the Chinese Nutrition Association, each bottle of Heiwo skimmed high-calcium organic pure milk can provide 40% of the daily calcium intake. .

In addition, the pasteurized milk with upgraded packaging is so fresh, with higher-end texture and visual expression to deepen consumers’ memory of the product, and adopts the world’s top production equipment, filling equipment and international leading pasteurization process to preserve milk More original nutrition. In addition to the regular fresh milk flavor, the product also has strawberry, banana, and coffee flavors to meet the diverse taste needs of young consumers.

The sub-brand Efeya has launched two new flavors, 0-sucrose-flavored yogurt and white peach oatmeal-flavored yogurt, which are fermented with pure raw milk and retain the nutrients of raw milk. Among them, Afia 0 sucrose flavored yogurt is a very suitable yogurt for people who have sugar control needs and enjoy delicious food. Compared with some yogurts currently on the market, this product of Aifea is obviously more competitive in terms of the nutritional advantages of protein content 35% higher than the national standard, and the industry-leading aseptic PET filling technology.

Secondly, Yiyang 100 Dietary Fiber Milk is also eye-catching at this press conference. It is a signal of Wandashan Dairy’s layout to subdivide functional dairy products. This product has the characteristics of high dietary fiber content, high calcium and low fat. , It can meet the diversified consumption needs of consumers with low fat and low calories.

It is conceivable that under the background of promoting healthy China in an all-round way, functional dairy products will become an important engine to promote the development of dairy products. In addition, as the public’s awareness of dairy products increases, special consumers begin to choose products that suit them. The launch of Yiyang 100 Dietary Fiber Milk by Xiawandashan Dairy Industry is “following the trend”. It is believed that through the forward-looking layout of the growth potential track, Wandashan Dairy will lead the healthy trend again.

Finally, the new product Yan light high-end yoghurt is developed and launched based on meeting the consumption needs of the younger generation of consumers, and conveys youthful ideas with the brand positioning of “advocate of light life”. The newly-appeared flavors of sweet orange popcorn and brown sugar ginger juice bring consumers multiple delicious enjoyments with novel tastes.

Wandashan Dairy launched five major new products at the liquid milk new product launch conference, which showed its confidence and determination to start the liquid milk track again. At the same time, through product innovation and upgrading, it also sends a signal to the outside world that the brand is becoming younger and the brand is becoming more advanced.

Adhere to the original intention of national dairy enterprises, and fully promote the high-quality development of the dairy industry

Backed by the Beidahuang Group, relying on the strong leadership of the group, Wandashan Dairy actively integrates into the grand blueprint of the group’s “three major aircraft carriers”, focuses on the 1213 high-quality development engineering system and the 32366 task system, and composes the “Double Hundred Years” of Dashan Dairy Industry. 100 million” new chapter, contributing new strength to the construction of “Three Three One Aircraft Carrier” and the new situation of “Second Pioneering” of Beidahuang Group.

As a national brand rooted in the black land for 65 years, the Wandashan brand has a strong emotional resonance with consumers. Wanda Dairy today is inseparable from the trust and support of consumers. Similarly, this support has also prompted Wandashan Dairy to continue to adhere to the road of high quality, innovation, responsibility and care in the past 65 years.

The debut of Wandashan Dairy’s five new liquid milk products not only demonstrates Wandashan Dairy’s excellent innovation strength, but also demonstrates its long-term development confidence.

In the days to come, Wandashan Dairy will continue to make continuous efforts in multiple dimensions such as innovative research and development, brand building, and channel building, and work together with distributors and partners to create more high-quality, nutritious, and healthy dairy products. Protect the health of the people and make greater contributions to society.

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