Wandashan Dairy held a new product launch conference, and 2 new liquid milk products were highly praised

Wandashan Dairy held a new product launch conference, and 2 new liquid milk products were highly praised

On March 6, Wandashan Dairy’s 2023 annual liquid milk new product release conference and dealer meeting was successfully held in Nanjing. At the press conference, Wandashan Dairy’s new liquid milk products—Heiwo skimmed high-calcium organic pure milk, Ruji fresh, Efeya 0 sucrose-flavored yogurt, white peach oatmeal-flavored yogurt, Yanqing high-end yogurt and Yiyang 100 dietary fiber milk Shining on the market, set off a new trend of dairy products.

Taking advantage of the trend, Wandashan Dairy has increased its liquid milk high-end track

From breaking through the 100 billion market size in 2005 to breaking through the 350 billion mark in 2016, the growth of China’s dairy industry has shown a prosperous trend in the past ten years. Among them, the consumption structure in the domestic dairy market is dominated by liquid milk, and the liquid milk consumption market has broad prospects. According to the data of the National Bureau of Statistics, the national liquid milk output will be 28.4298 million tons in 2021, a year-on-year increase of 9.68%.

In addition, with the rise of public consumption awareness and health awareness, liquid milk consumption pays more attention to health, and high-quality functional products are more popular. Health, sugar reduction, and zero fat have become new trends in the growth of liquid milk consumption. It can be seen that there is still a large room for improvement in the liquid milk market.

Based on this, Wandashan Dairy Co., Ltd. is driven by innovation and complies with consumers’ pursuit of high-quality and healthy products. At this press conference, it launched its Heiwo, Rujixian, Yanqing, Aifiya and Yiyang 100 The new concept series products of the five major sub-brands lead the new fashion of healthy dairy products. Among them, Heiwo skimmed high-calcium organic pure milk and pasteurized milk are the top products in the high-end market of Wandashan Dairy’s added liquid milk.

High nutrition to meet high-quality health needs

It is understood that the Heiwo series of Wandashan Dairy Industry has experienced 15 years of precipitation and has continued to grow and develop. This series has launched 5 new products of the Heiwo series successively, making a punch in the product combination of China’s alpine ecological white milk leading brand. The newly launched Heiwo skimmed high-calcium organic pure milk focuses on the health needs of the new era. Its “0-fat”, “organic” and “high-calcium” characteristics achieve a lighter calorie burden, bringing consumers “only lose fat, not fat.” The drinking experience of “reducing nutrition” makes nutrition supplementation and calorie control no longer conflict, and the taste is still mellow and strong.

In addition, the high calcium content of Heiwo skimmed high-calcium organic pure milk meets high-quality nutritional needs, bringing a healthy experience of high nutritional quality and high nutritional density. Its calcium content is 312.5mg/bottle, which is 25% higher than ordinary milk. According to the daily calcium intake recommendation (800mg) defined by the Chinese Nutrition Association, each bottle of Heiwo skimmed high-calcium organic pure milk can provide 40% of the daily calcium intake. enter.

The packaging is renewed and upgraded, rejuvenating and rejuvenating

The product unveiled at this press conference – pasteurized milk is so fresh, it is the flagship product of the core pasteurized milk brand under Wandashan Dairy. This product uses the pasteurization process to maximize the original nutrition of milk, and retains multiple active nutrients through technological innovation.

It is worth mentioning that the freshness of dairy products has been fully realized from the ranch to the factory for 2 hours to lock freshness, which better improves the freshness of dairy products. The 2 hours after the fresh raw milk is extruded is also called “golden 2 hours”. The faster the processing link is completed, the more original nutrition of the milk will be retained, and at the same time, secondary pollution can be minimized to ensure the safety and quality of dairy products. This time, Milk Fresh made its debut again with a refreshed product packaging, using higher-end texture and visual expression to deepen consumers’ memories of the refreshed packaging.

This new liquid milk product launch is a symbol of Wandashan Dairy’s further efforts on the liquid milk track, and it is also a good opportunity to show Wandashan Dairy’s innovative ability and brand strength to the outside world.

In the future, Wandashan Dairy will continue to seek a differentiated development path, lay out the high-end market, continuously improve the product matrix, and lead the high-end process of the liquid milk market with product innovation.

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