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Wanda Vista Tianjin holds a winter solstice lighting ceremony to kick off the warm and auspicious holiday season

Wanda Vista Tianjin holds a winter solstice lighting ceremony to kick off the warm and auspicious holiday season

  The auspicious dragon presents new auspiciousness, and the snow brings hope for a good harvest. 12moontwenty twoOn the winter solstice, Tianjin Wanda Vista Hotel held a winter solstice lighting ceremony of “Lighting Up Ten Thousands of Lights on the Winter Solstice” to kick off the warm and auspicious holiday season.

Tianjin Wanda Vista Hotel is committed to promoting traditional culture and local culture. Intangible cultural heritage craftsmen gathered to present the lively Xuanhe Wanji, including Jingu hand-painted New Year painting techniques, Jinpai hand-crocheting techniques, Jinmen Dazhi techniques Gu wine traditional brewing techniques, dyeing art, etc. At the same time, the hotel invited the Hedong District Disabled Persons’ Federation Dawangzhuang Street Industrial Therapy Station to present handmade products to care for the disabled and realize their “entrepreneurial dream.”

  Drums were playing in unison, and the Chinese dragon and phoenix drum performance kicked off the winter solstice lantern lighting ceremony.Zheng Yaoshan, general manager of Tianjin Wanda Vista Hotel, expressed his sincere gratitude to all guests for coming and said that he will continue to carry forward Chinese traditional culture and create an experience with cultural characteristics and local characteristics. At the same time, Mr. Zheng Yaoshan placed lotus lanterns to pray and wished the guests safety, health and all the best.

The hotel presented a charity donation themed cake at the event, and all donations will be donated directly to the Wanda Children’s Charity Foundation to contribute to children’s charity.

The hotel prepared a sumptuous themed buffet for guests, presenting Tianjin special delicacies, making dumplings and making candied haws on the spot. Guests were also invited to write their wishes on blessing cards, and then lit up the wishing tree to mark the winter solstice and light up their wishes.

The winter solstice lighting ceremony opened the warm and auspicious holiday season at Wanda Vista Tianjin. In the strong festive atmosphere, the hotel prepared Chinese afternoon tea, tea by the fire, New Year-themed buffet, and dishes brought by the Michelin-starred chef team. The New Year’s Eve dinner and other themed dishes are delicious.


More about Wanda Vista Tianjin

Tianjin Wanda Vista Hotel is located in the core business district of Hedong District. It has 291 elegant and comfortable guest rooms. It is adjacent to the Haihe River and has beautiful river views. It has a strategic location and convenient transportation. Wanda Vista Tianjin will interpret its unique oriental heritage with consistent and warm service, and demonstrate its extraordinary international style through modern design and world-class facilities. The hotel is the first to introduce unique brand features – “Wanda Vista Angel” welcome service and Chinese tea ceremony – “Tea Journey” carefully performed by tea masters to Tianjin. At the same time, we will create an evocative gourmet paradise that combines Chinese and Western cuisine, including the folk museum restaurant “Pin Zhen Haihe Ferry” presented by the Michelin-starred chef team, an all-day dining restaurant with international delicacies, and an elegant lobby lounge. Whether it is a corporate annual meeting, a wedding celebration or a high-end product press conference, the 1,400-square-meter pillar-free grand banquet hall is equipped with a 100-square-meter LED display screen, conference event facilities, professional and considerate conference butler services, and 7 flexible and complete multi-functional The hall is an ideal place to hold various high-end banquets and conference activities. The luxurious “Celebrity Club” is set up on the top floor of the hotel to provide exclusive private services and artistic atmosphere for distinguished members.elegant and private"Dianzhen Haihe Ferry"Chinese restaurant,"time and space"KTV, “water” spa center,"galaxy"The bar, Haihe River view and exclusive elevator provide successful celebrities with exclusive private business space and leisure place, where they can enjoy extraordinary respect.

About Wanda Hotels & Resorts

Wanda Hotels & Resorts was founded in 2007, adhering to the core values ​​of “people-oriented, caring for every employee, warming every guest, and being responsible for every partner” and the company philosophy of “pragmatic innovation, promoting Chinese culture”, and is committed to becoming a company with A value-based, hotel-focused asset management company. Wanda Hotels and Resorts is a full-industry chain company that integrates hotel development, construction and management, covering the three core sectors of hotel design, hotel construction and hotel management. Wanda Hotels & Resorts owns luxury hotels – Wanda Reign Hotels, luxury hotels – Wanda Vista Hotels, ultra-high-end hotels – Wanda Realm Hotels, high-end premium hotels – Wanda Jinhua Hotels, and mid- to high-end lifestyle hotels – Wanda Meihua Hotels. and other hotel brands. Wanda Hotels and Resorts currently has more than 150 hotels in operation and more than 300 hotels under construction and to be opened, covering more than 200 cities around the world.

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