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Walking with consumers, service officers are in action

Walking with consumers, service officers are in action

China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch always keeps in mind the “people-centered” political and people-oriented nature of financial work, and regards consumer rights protection as the core driving force for the company’s sustainable development. In 2023, the “Financial Consumer Rights Protection Education and Publicity Month” “During the period, China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance Tianjin Branch formed a team of “Experience Service Officers” composed of the general manager of the branch and the heads of various agencies. They practiced their best to get to know and serve consumers, listen to their voices, understand their demands, and popularize Financial knowledge, warning of financial risks, doing practical things for the people, giving full play to the leading and leading role in the protection of consumer rights, and implementing CPIC services of “responsibility, wisdom and warmth” with practical actions.

Popularize financial knowledge and deliver positive financial energy

Experience service officers at all levels transformed themselves into “consumer protection education propagandists” and personally participated in financial education and publicity activities, focusing on the key groups of “one old, one young and one new”, and explained the prevention of telecommunications fraud and prevention in plain language in a lively and interesting way. Illegal fund-raising, personal information protection and other knowledge, and patiently answered questions raised by consumers, showing a new responsibility and new atmosphere in protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers.

Do practical things for the people and respond to social concerns

Experience service officers at all levels take the lead in implementing practical things for the people. By listening to customer voices, general manager reception days, handling customer complaints, etc., they listen to opinions and suggestions on the company’s products and services, understand consumer demands, and focus on hot spots and difficulties that consumers have strongly reported. problems, improve service levels, enable consumers to find, ask questions clearly, and get things done, and enhance consumers’ trust and satisfaction in the industry.

Party building leads consumer protection and fulfills the original intention of serving the people

Experience service officers at all levels actively integrate into the “Party Member Consumer Protection Vanguard” team, carry out party-building activities with the theme of “serving the people, serving customers, serving the grassroots”, promote the popularization of insurance knowledge, actively solve problems for consumers, protect the people’s good life, and fully demonstrate Create a good image of the industry, demonstrate the style of an experience service officer, and promote the positive energy of insurance.

  In the next step, China Pacific Insurance Tianjin Branch will insist on fulfilling the “people-centered“We should shoulder the responsibility of “Experience Service Officer” mechanism, effectively safeguard the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, practice the original intention of “finance for the people”, and jointly build a harmonious home for “Tianjin”.

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