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“Village on the Bite of the Tongue” explores the stories behind food Nicky Wu and his encounter with the “countryside” of food

“Village on the Bite of the Tongue” explores the stories behind food Nicky Wu and his encounter with the “countryside” of food


Traveling around in search of flavor, peace of mind is my hometown. On September 17, the large-scale rural food exploration reality show “A Bite of the Country” held a media conference in Hongze, Huai’an, Jiangsu. Members of the “Tiangue Group” Wu Qilong, Wang Yuheng, Jiang Yan, Li Xiang and “A Bite of the Tongue Experience Officer” Xuan Lu Gather at the venue to share fun facts about program recording and food experiences.

At the event, Yuan Lai, deputy director of the Propaganda Department of the Huai’an Municipal Party Committee, He Yanchao, member of the Standing Committee of the Hongze District Party Committee and director of the Propaganda Department, Guo Weiwei, deputy director of the Cooperation Project Department of the China Disabled Persons Welfare Foundation, Jiang Fangming, assistant director of Jiangsu Satellite TV and deputy director of the Program Center, People’s Daily Online ·Li Guo, member of the General Office of People’s Health and director of the Strategic Cooperation Department, Zhang Youwen, general manager of Desert Unisplendour Group, Gu Jihuan, Qian Xuesen’s former secretary, Sun Jian, general manager of the Automobile City Park in Anting Town, Jiading District, Shanghai, Vice President of Jiangsu District of Guizhou Xijiu Manager Yuan Xiaogang, as well as Magic Craftsman Pictures Executive Deputy General Manager Li Xuan and other guests attended. The main creators conducted in-depth discussions on topics such as the original intention of creating the program and the creative ideas behind the program, and led the guests present to witness the rural specialty ingredients and food culture.

“Tongue Tips” on-site fancy performance

Amway’s hometown delicacies and blind box guessing ingredients challenge

At the press conference, the “Tongue Tips Group” contributed a series of famous scenes. The division of labor in Tongue Bite Tuan is clear. Wu Qilong is the big brother in the team, and Li Xiang is naturally the host who connects Tongue Bite Tuan with the “local” flavors from all over the world. Jiang Yan said that as the team’s chef, she was more It has unlocked many new food recipes, and specially cooked dishes such as glazed snowflake black tomatoes, pan-fried lamb chops, crab stuffed with oranges and other dishes in Zhangye, Gansu. Speaking of the recording in Hongze, Huai’an, Wu Qilong revealed Wang Yuheng’s interesting story of “catching geese” and gave Brother Shui the nickname “Goose Sees Sorrow” on the spot. In a previous Reuters report, Wu Qilong and Xuan Lu performed fancy tricks to catch chickens in a bamboo forest in Anji, Zhejiang, and quickly appeared on the hot search lists on Weibo, Douyin and other platforms. The program attracted the attention of netizens before it was broadcast. At the press conference, Wu Qilong told interesting stories about catching chickens. He said that this was his first time trying to catch free chickens in a bamboo forest. Although the process was very physically demanding, it was fresh and interesting. Xuan Lu, an actor from Nanjing, Jiangsu Province, served Jinling delicacies to the guests present.


The atmosphere at the event was warm and laughter continued. The program team planned a round of “Ingredients Blind Box Game Interactive Challenge” with the special ingredients of Hongze Lake. Five special products: crab, lobster, eel, snail, and gorgon fruit were packed. Entering the blind box, guests can guess what products they are by touching the ingredients. Nicky Wu, the big brother of “Tongue Tips”, took the lead in testing the food and gave an actor-level performance to fill the tense atmosphere. Jiang Yan was full of curious emoticons about the ingredients in the blind box, which caused bursts of laughter at the scene. In the end, only Wu Qilong guessed all the answers.

Explore little-known rural ingredients

Let rural revitalization be full of “fireworks”

Different from other food reality shows that focus on taste bud experience, “A Bite of the Country” focuses more on exploring the stories behind the food to highlight the style of rural revitalization. The entire season of the program selects six characteristic villages in Gansu, Zhejiang, Jiangsu, Guizhou, Yunnan, and Fujian. Through a series of “tip of the tongue travels”, the program accompanies the audience to the north and south of the Yangtze River, traveling across mountains, rivers, lakes and seas, and checking out the treasures of Chinese rural areas. While eating delicious food, you can experience the beautiful pictures of rural revitalization.

Regarding the original intention and concept of the program, the creative team stated at the press conference that industrial revitalization is the top priority for rural revitalization, and the program hopes to use food and ingredients to effectively help local development. The launch of the program “A Bite of Countryside” is a television attempt to promote local products and polish their golden business cards.

“A Bite of the Country” will be launched on Jiangsu Satellite TV in September. “A Bite of the Tongue” will lead the audience to explore the beautiful scenery of the countryside while exploring, inheriting, innovating and promoting local specialty ingredients, and feeling the unique cultural feelings and atmosphere. This will What a wonderful journey it will be? Looking forward to meeting you “hometown”!


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