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Vigorously develop the long-term care insurance business to allow more elderly people to enjoy a “beautiful late life”

Vigorously develop the long-term care insurance business to allow more elderly people to enjoy a “beautiful late life”

Long-term care insurance, an insurance project that benefits people with long-term disabilities, has been piloted in Chongqing for more than four years.


  As the agency responsible for long-term care insurance in Bishan District, Chongqing, under the guidance of the Chongqing Supervision Bureau of the State Administration of Financial Supervision and the Bishan District Medical Insurance Bureau, China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) Chongqing Bishan District Branch The company actively helps solve two problems: lack of funds for people’s care and insufficient family care service capabilities. The company has innovatively built a grid-based service team based on the characteristics of the region it handles, so that the “Bishan model” of long-term care insurance management can be implemented in the region and go deep into villages and towns, ensuring that qualified disabled people “enjoy all the convenience” Benefit services.

A few days ago, China Life Insurance Company held a research, publicity and implementation of the spirit of the 20th National Congress of the Communist Party of China – Inclusive Finance to Protect People’s Better Life in Chongqing, as well as a research interview and press release event on the life insurance company’s “Media Watch China Life 20 Years After Listing”. The media interview team visited Bishan District, Chongqing, and conducted research and interviews focusing on the vivid practice of China Life Insurance Company in joining hands with the local government to promote inclusive insurance and benefit the people.

  Grid services

Implemented in towns and streets throughout the district

“Thank you, little girl, you are so thorough. I will apply for long-term care insurance for my mother tomorrow.” Wang Xin (pseudonym) said at Xinning Hospital in Qinggang Street that his mother was admitted to the hospital due to Alzheimer’s disease. One year of treatment.

On August 2, accompanied by Wang Qin, a member of the long-term care insurance grid service team, Wang Xin came to the long-term care insurance service hall in Bishan District and submitted an application for long-term care insurance. A few days later, the staff went to the hospital to conduct a disability assessment for Granny Wang, and she was rated as severely disabled Level I. She began to enjoy long-term care insurance benefits on September 1.

“The monthly hospitalization fee is about 2,000 yuan, but now we can receive about 1,200 yuan in nursing expenses, which has indeed reduced the family’s financial expenses.” Wang Xin said.

Whether the service is good or not, precision is an important criterion. In order to implement long-term care insurance policies and services in the area, China Life Insurance Bishan District Branch established a “long-term care insurance grid service team” to divide the 15 towns and streets in Bishan District into 4 grid areas. Within the grid area, we will link up with the medical insurance, civil affairs, Disabled Persons’ Federation and other departments and their subordinate units, go deep into the grassroots level, provide door-to-door inquiries and offline assistance, and realize the transformation from “people looking for policies” to “policies looking for people”.

The long-term care insurance grid service team is composed of 8 staff members who are proficient in long-term care insurance business. Each team member is proficient in policy answers and addresses the common concerns of families of disabled persons: “How to apply?” “How to enjoy long-term care benefits?” and other hot issues, provide one-on-one policy answering services, and use easy-to-understand language to resolve the doubts in the minds of the masses.

One month after the service started, the publicity work has covered 6 medical institutions, 3 town and street social security offices, and 18 villages in Bishan District. More than 700 policy interpretation materials have been distributed, 18 disabled people have been proactively discovered, and 3 people have been assisted to enjoy long-term benefits. Insurance benefits.

 Go deep into the countryside

Door-to-door inquiries require offline assistance

Long-term care insurance is an important protection for disabled people. Disabled people in remote rural areas also have long-term care needs. In Bishan, there are 131 villages in the district, some of which are located in mountainous areas and some of which are close to towns and streets.

In order to understand the long-term care needs of rural people, the Bishan District Medical Insurance Bureau led the long-term care insurance grid service team to Hebian Town, Daxing Town, and Dalu Subdistrict Social Security Office to carry out policy promotion and field inspections.

In Daxing Town, which is half an hour’s drive from the Bishan District Government, there are 17 villages in the town. The Bishan District Medical Insurance Bureau and the long-term care insurance grid service team communicated with the Daxing Town Social Security Office and discovered that Granny Chen, who lives in Juntian Village, met the application conditions for long-term care insurance. The 98-year-old Granny Chen is bedridden due to cerebral infarction and Alzheimer’s disease, and has been taken care of by her daughter. With the help of the service team, Granny Chen began to enjoy long-term care insurance benefits on September 1, and the daughter who takes care of her can receive 40 yuan in daily care fees.

In order to ensure that the long-term care insurance policy can better benefit the rural areas of Bishan District, the long-term care insurance grid service team will complete on-site visits and policy publicity in 131 villages, and establish a normalized communication mechanism to ensure that the benefits that disabled people deserve are achieved. Enjoy.

Since the launch of the long-term care insurance pilot in Bishan District in January 2022, 168,000 employees with medical insurance have been included in the coverage of long-term care insurance, and a total of 438 long-term care insurance assessment applications have been accepted. Through door-to-door on-site assessment, on-site visits and expert centralized assessment, a total of more than 3.23 million yuan in long-term care insurance benefits have been paid, benefiting 361 people with severe disabilities. Currently, 361 people have received long-term care insurance home care skills training, and their professional service capabilities have been effectively improved.

Long-term care insurance services are no small matter. Zeng Xinying, a member of the long-term care insurance grid service team, is responsible for return visits and home care skills training for disabled people. Many long-term care insurance beneficiaries affectionately call her “Little Sister Zeng” and lament that “Little Sister Zeng” is like their own daughter.

I am old and people are old. The whole society should work together to explore better long-term care insurance service models so that disabled people can enjoy higher-quality and warmer long-term care insurance protection. China Life Insurance Chongqing Branch stated that it will continue to strive to build the “Bishan Model” of long-term care insurance into a “Chongqing sample” of long-term care insurance by improving service mechanisms, optimizing service processes, and innovating service measures, so that more elderly people can pass This initiative to benefit the people allows them to enjoy the “late beauty” life.

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