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“Variety” is the only Chinese film on the list of the 30 best war films in film history

“Variety” is the only Chinese film on the list of the 30 best war films in film history

Recently, Hollywood “Variety” selected the 30 best war movies in film history, film masters Kubrick (“Full Metal Jacket”, “Paths of Glory”) and Spielberg (“Saving Private Ryan”) “Schindler’s List”) were nominated for two films each, and “Nanjing, Nanjing” by Chinese director Lu Chuan became the only Chinese-language film on the list, ranking No. 8, which shows the recognition of the film by the world film industry.

(Variety’s “World’s 30 Best War Movies” list)

 “Nanjing! Nanjing! “Highly recognized by authoritative magazines: “The sense of immersion shocks the audience”

As the most authoritative and oldest century-old publication in the United States, “Variety” is known as the “Hollywood Bible”. Its coverage ranges from drama to film and television, and even the entire Internet entertainment. Valuable historical materials have been left behind. At the same time, “Variety” (Variety) has established a recognized authoritative and objective reporting and commenting system with its professional and independent commentary spirit and forward-looking industry vision, and has become the vane of world entertainment culture.

The “30 Best War Movies” selected this time span a century of world film history, covering the world’s highest-quality film works from “The Big Parade” in 1925 to 2023. Among them, Steven Spielberg and Stanley Kubrick, world-renowned internationally renowned directors, each have two films on the list, namely “Schindler’s List” (24th), “Saving Private Ryan” (No. 30), “Path of Glory” (No. 26), and “Full Metal Jacket” (No. 29), as the only Chinese film on the list, director Lu Chuan’s “Nanjing! Nanjing! “Ranked 8th. Looking at other films that entered the ranking, such as “Apocalypse Now”, “War and Peace”, “The Bridge of Guihe” and “The Deer Hunter”, all of them have super high reputation and great influence in the world. The gold content of this list cannot be ignored. It goes without saying.

The list was compiled by Variety’s team of professional film critics, including Chief Film Critic Peter Debruge. Peter Debruge has served as a judge of many international film festivals including the Cannes Film Festival. He has also won the Medal of Honor issued by the French government and has a pivotal position in the film critic circle. In the list, Peter Debruge’s contribution to “Nanjing! Nanjing! ” gave a high evaluation, saying that the film is an exceptional form of Chinese war films. The film uses black and white photography, fully exposes the atrocities committed by the Japanese army in World War II with an immersive sense of historical immersion, and brings a powerful soul shock to the audience. Peter Debruge also believes that the most special feature of the movie “Nanjing, Nanjing” is that, in addition to telling the story of the Chinese people’s brave resistance in the face of the war, it also chooses the reverse perspective of Japanese soldiers as invaders, showing the deformed nature of war. Nature. The film transcends the dualistic thinking in war, and adopts multiple narrative perspectives with profound humanistic care, allowing war to give individual voices.

  With a unique sense of humanity, director Lu Chuan tells Chinese stories well in world languages

In fact, this is not “Nanjing! Nanjing! “It was the first time to be praised by the industry. As early as 2009, this Chinese war film, which was hailed as “the most shocking Chinese war film that reproduced the historical facts of World War II comprehensively, objectively and seriously for the first time with a unique and brand-new perspective”, won the awards of “New York Times” and “Village” once it was released. Waiting for the attention of dozens of international media and websites such as IndieWire, and even after the media viewing of the Spanish Film Festival, all the audience gathered at the entrance of the theater and gave tens of minutes of applause to the main creator who left the scene.

It is no easy task to break the barriers of language and culture, let the whole world listen to Chinese stories and receive such wide international recognition, and Chinese director Lu Chuan has done exactly this. Looking at the films directed by Lu Chuan, the unique humanistic sense may be the “world language” that can be felt and understood by audiences from different countries and regions.

“Nanjing! Nanjing! ” was selected as one of the “30 Best War Movies” in the world’s film history for a century, which fully shows that even after 14 years, in the current era, director Lu Chuan’s unique film style is still irreplaceable and highly recognized. The consistent heavy texture and humanistic care of Lu Chuan’s films have truly managed to tell Chinese stories well in world languages. I believe that through the international influence brought by this film, more audiences can understand and feel the destruction of human nature caused by war, so as to arouse the world’s understanding and reflection on war, and cherish the hard-won peace.


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