Vantage launched the industry’s first five-star disinfection large-capacity dishwasher, promoting a new revolution in the kitchen


Vantage’s super new products were launched with a heavy weight, “quick, accurate and ruthless” directly hit consumers’ minds, and created the latest in new product marketing campaign.

On February 28th, Vantage officially released 15 sets of super new products iD9 dishwashers. Compared with the 8 sets of common dishwashers on the market, the inner cavity capacity has been nearly doubled, which is enough to clean pots and pans at the same time. This is also the industry’s first large-capacity dishwasher with “five-star disinfection certification”. The sterilization rate reaches 99.99%. The debut of the one-stop cleaning technology has comprehensively upgraded the user experience and brought a more communicative marketing strategy to the brand.

Since its establishment in 1992, Vantage has always taken product innovation as the focus of its corporate strategy. While becoming a well-known listed company in the country, it has made great efforts to continuously launch new products of high-end smart kitchen appliances, redefining industry standards.

This new product announcement is still a precise attack, conveying product and brand information with the proposition of “ideal life and good CP”. From a series of interlocking marketing actions such as cross-border linkage and hard-broadcasting, it harvested billion-level exposure in one fell swoop and launched a new marketing campaign.

From single-point attack to contact linkage

Connecting multiple circles of users, “Shangxin” has reached a new height

A cross-border linkage: National Interaction achieves efficient drainage and helps products to go out of the circle

In the Internet age, traffic is dominant + information bombing, fun gameplay and two-way output have long been the key to marketing success. Vantage took advantage of the trend of the times to create brand potential, and launched the #ideallifegood CP# Weibo topic to carry out blue V linkage cross-border cooperation. Deeply excavate the core of brand products, find interesting and effective social “contacts” to leverage the core consumer groups of home furnishing, and arouse the interaction of the whole people.

Eight major brands, Southern Black Sesame, Sanhe, White Cat, Changhong Air Conditioning, Liuquan, Lanju, Fuanna, and Little White Bear, appeared one after another. The search box of the brand store and the drainage of external links in the comment area ran through the entire event, quickly occupying the minds of consumers and opening Marketing breakthrough.

A hard-broadcast that covers the whole people at one time, and the immersive grass planting accelerates the transformation

The new TVC is strong, covering the first- and second-tier cities across the country to gather and attract audiences at prime theaters, display detailed selling points in multiple dimensions, and capture people from all circles. While ensuring the output of product content, it also creates a smooth path for drainage through the search box of the brand store.

The effect of a popular person: the content of high-quality talents is planted, and the transformation is in place in one step

When new products enter the market, it is often difficult to open up sales due to lack of word-of-mouth. Only good content can become a lever for compound interest. Based on the two popular social platforms of Douyin + Weibo, Vatti has focused on the marketing strategy layout, completing the process from reach, efficient “grass planting” to transformation.

Select living and household experts to publish product planting and evaluation content, strengthen functional selling points and quickly harvest users, so that the super new product 15 sets of giant washing iD9 dishwashers have fully ignited popularity on multiple social platforms, and the pre-sale situation continues to grow.

With the fermentation of the whole network and the continuous precipitation of word-of-mouth, Vantage’s self-operated flagship store will also open welfare live broadcasts from time to time, and cooperate with layers of activities such as new product benefits, large coupons, and posting gifts to shape a good market for subsequent market promotion. foundation.

On the day of the official release of the new product at 8:00 p.m. on February 28, the first 10 paid the final payment to get gold bars, and the first 1 hour to pay the final payment to get half a year of dishwashing powder.

Compared with the common dishwashers on the market, Vantage’s 15 sets of Juneng iD9 dishwashers not only have the function of washing dishes, but also expand the use scenarios and scope, and increase the one-stop cleaning experience of disinfection, drying, and storage. This is also an important reason why Vantage’s 15 sets of giant iD9 dishwashers are favored by consumers.


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