Using innovative thinking to create a new platform for smart marketing

With the continuous development of e-commerce, market competition has further intensified. In order to meet the market demand, the traditional ideas and models of enterprise marketing must also be changed accordingly, so as to help enterprises develop continuously and rapidly. therefore,The idea and mode of “smart marketing” has become an innovative marketing method for e-commerce companies to adapt to the development laws of the modern market economy, providing a new development opportunity for promoting the rapid development of e-commerce companies and improving their core competitiveness.

Mr. Wang Lihua, an expert in smart marketing in my country, officially entered the smart marketing industry after graduation. After years of study and accumulation, he has laid a solid foundation, grown all the way, and has rich professional experience. He has a unique vision and focuses on the field of e-commerce marketing, and has conducted research on it, and has innovated and developed a number of original technical achievements with great industry value.In 2010, Wang Lihua founded Guangzhou Sisai Digital Equipment Co., Ltd., and is currently mainly responsible for the company’s business development and company operations. Guangzhou Sisai Digital Equipment Co., Ltd. mainly provides one-stop online e-commerce sales of advertising and graphic equipment. It is the first batch of sellers who professionally sell advertising equipment on eBay.

(Wang Lihua, a well-known smart marketing expert)

Wang Lihua has been in the marketing industry for nearly 20 years. He said:“Under the ever-changing development of society, the needs of customers are changing rapidly, and technical skills are also constantly innovating accordingly, which further shortens the product life cycle and the market competition among enterprises is becoming increasingly fierce. At the same time, with the development of communication technology, especially the Internet The popularization of technology has built a new platform for enterprises and customers. Applying advanced computer technology and modern enterprise management concepts, researching and developing applicable product production and sales management systems, can optimize enterprise sales processes and management, and improve enterprises’ rapid adaptation. The ability to change the market and enhance the core competitiveness of the enterprise is of great significance.” Therefore, based on the actual needs of the industry, he combined the cutting-edge blockchain technology with the sales system to innovate and develop “Construction scheme of innovative production and sales platform based on blockchain“, providing strong technical support for the construction of a smart marketing system.

Developed by Wang LihuaConstruction scheme of innovative production and sales platform based on blockchain“It is composed of a similar centralized autonomous organization platform and a similar non-homogeneous token platform database. Similar centralized autonomous organization platforms include multiple user nodes, and the user nodes include initiating user nodes and participating user nodes. Among them, the initiating user Users in the node initiate innovative ideas or projects, and participate in the user’s participation in the project in the user node. The system publishes the project to a database similar to the non-homogeneous token platform, and the project includes research and development projects, production projects and sales projects. The above-mentioned projects. Among them, the research and development project is formed after obtaining innovative ideas from the similar non-homogeneous token platform database, the production project is generated after the research and development project is formed, and the sales project is generated after the production project is formed. This system uses similar centralized autonomous organization platforms and Similar to the non-homogeneous pass-through platform database, it has realized the healthy development of innovative ideas, research and development projects, production projects and sales projects. At the same time, the system uses blockchain technology to closely integrate with innovation, research and development, production and sales links, and integrates The e-commerce platform, products, and partners are integrated through the Internet of Things to realize the effective transmission and block storage of important information, ensuring the traceability of goods in the logistics process, real-time updates to ensure the accuracy of information in each link, and effectively solving In this regard, he said: “The market economy is developing day by day, and the competition in the market is becoming more and more fierce. Marketing plays an important role in the enterprise. It occupies a very important position in production and operation activities. The development direction and trend of marketing are changing rapidly in the new economic era, and marketing models, concepts and strategies have become important factors affecting the development of enterprises. “his”Construction scheme of innovative production and sales platform based on blockchain“With its excellent application performance and market value, it has played an important role in promoting the intelligent transformation and data upgrade of the e-commerce marketing industry, and has also injected a steady stream of technological power into the innovative development of the smart marketing industry.

E-commerce is an important way to comply with economic development, and it has brought great significance to the innovation of marketing. Only in the process of market development can enterprises continuously optimize e-commerce management methods, completely change traditional marketing concepts, and integrate innovative marketing strategies into it, in order to inject new vitality into the enterprise. Talking about future plans, Wang Lihua said that he will continue to explore the application direction of the marketing system. Even though the road ahead has a long way to go, he will firmly move towards the goal and contribute his greatest strength to promote the construction of the smart marketing field and the application of technology!

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