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Upgraded rights and benefits? “Emma 17th Membership Day” urges the exclusive experience to be upgraded

Upgraded rights and benefits? “Emma 17th Membership Day” urges the exclusive experience to be upgraded

The warm wind blows on the face, everything revives, and it is the season of spring again. As the “Consumption Promotion Year” determined by the Ministry of Commerce, in the spring of 2024, major brands have launched countless and unprecedented measures to attract powerful fans. Among them, Emma Technology, as a leader in the two-wheeled electric vehicle industry, is ” “Strong Attack” and launched a series of “combination punches” to directly attack the “pain points” of consumption. Especially in terms of doting on the “hardcore” members, it has reached a whole new level.

Emma membership newly upgraded

In March, Emma members officially released a new slogan “Emma members, love you more than you”, which not only continued the constant keyword of “love”, but also once again strengthened the theme of “Emma 17 Member Day” A distinctive self-owned IP, which is developed simultaneously online and offline, further consolidates the image of the Emma brand in the hearts of users as “creating life for love” and firmly establishes the slogan “Emma members love you more than you do”. Implanted into the user’s mind.

  Continuous huge discounts online, offering exclusive benefits

Online, the “Emma Member Community” kicked off the Emma Member Day with the “sign in to receive cash red envelopes” activity. During the event, Emma members have a chance to sign in and participate in the event once a day to win cash red envelopes. The higher the cumulative number of consecutive sign-ins, the greater the amount of random red envelopes. At the same time, in order to increase the surprise, Emma also opened a lottery channel for members during the event. The prizes include Emma electric cars, special movies starting at 12.0% off, AutoNavi taxi discounts, discounted food orders starting at 15.0%, etc. In this activity, new Emma car purchasers or existing Emma car purchasers, non-Emma brand car users, newly registered Emma members, and new followers of Emma Enterprise WeChat will have a free lottery opportunity every day, and you can accumulate points by completing corresponding tasks. Get lucky draw opportunities, surprises are endless, and there is always the possibility of receiving benefits.

Emma member new customer gift package

At the same time, Emma members who registered during the event, in addition to winning the sign-in lottery opportunity, will also receive generous new customer gift packages, including 100 yuan taxi vouchers for AutoNavi, KFC, McDonald’s, Pizza Hut, Starbucks, Swiss Discounts and special movie tickets from well-known brands such as Lucky Coffee, Naixue’s Tea, and Kudi Coffee, with a total value of up to 418 yuan. Recently, Emma has also launched a joint special offer with the upcoming science fiction blockbuster “Godzilla vs. Kong: Rise of an Empire”. After the film is released, Emma members will enjoy a 12.2% discount at movie theaters nationwide. Join the Emma family and watch the movie. It’s time for blockbuster movies.

  A series of exciting offline events, bringing you a joyful experience

Offline, on Membership Day, special areas are set up in Emma stores across the country for members to visit and shop. The latest Emma electric vehicle products will be displayed in these areas, allowing everyone to experience their unique design and excellent performance. In addition, we have also prepared a generous welfare package. Members who visit the store on Membership Day will receive special rewards. If you add the corporate WeChat QR code, you can receive an exquisite gift. All these measures have effectively led to the continuous improvement of the daily activity of Emma members’ mini program, and deepened users’ perception of Emma 17 Member Day activities. The overall effect exceeded expectations, making “Emma 17 Member Day” become every member’s heart. The monthly “Fan Fan Festival”.

“Emma 17 Member Day” offline activities are exciting

Not only that, Emma always pays attention to and grasps the psychological needs of different consumer groups. On March 8, Emma teamed up with more than 50 cities across the country to jointly prepare a grand and romantic surprise for all women. From the street festival gift delivery that pampers the whole city, to the festive theme stores full of atmosphere, to the Emma pink float that you encounter unexpectedly on the street…Emma, ​​who knows the best about women’s hearts, not only becomes the city’s favorite Focus has achieved saturation across the entire network and has once again won the value recognition of female users.

Emma 3.8 pampers you with romantic delivery all over the city

Now, after several months of omni-channel publicity and promotion, the Emma User Operation Center has combined online self-media + offline over 1,000 Emma stores, and has simultaneously implemented 2 online + offline linkage actions. Emma Enterprise The number of WeChat Zhilian users exceeded 120,000, the total number of Emma registered members exceeded 20,000,000, and the number of Emma new member gift packs received exceeded 200,000. Through the reward mechanism and the blessing of product resources from brand cross-border cooperation, Emma has created more and richer membership rights. Users can feel the warm benefits of the brand, and user satisfaction and favorability have been effectively improved. Especially for the majority of the Generation Z group, Emma’s various discounts are particularly consistent with this group’s consumption concept of “the province should be spent”, and the interest in participation continues to increase, greatly increasing Emma’s popularity among the vast number of young users. loyalty and favorability.

Triple gifts for new Emma members

Dig deep into user needs and continue to expand increments. Emma has always adhered to the core concept of user first, and always puts the interests of users first. On the basis of in-depth understanding of users, solving consumption pain points and improving experience, and with the help of strong innovation capabilities, Emma wants to be in front of users and be in front of users. In the future, Emma will continue to work intensively in the field of membership services, create consumer demand for Emma users based on the characteristics of consumer groups, and continuously improve the exclusive experience of Emma users.

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