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Unlock new consumption and new ways to play by city walking without leaving the city during the holidays-Fashion

Unlock new consumption and new ways to play by city walking without leaving the city during the holidays-Fashion

Content summary:City Walk creates a fun and colorful holiday experience for urban customers without leaving the city during the holidays, and unlocks new consumption methods.

   A large wave of consumer coupons are coming to help holiday shopping

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, many districts once again launched consumer coupon activities with different holiday themes. While enjoying the festival performances, you can enjoy a one-stop experience of eating, drinking, playing and shopping. Government consumption coupons are issued in the form of electronic consumption coupons, and all people in Tianjin (including people coming to Tianjin from other places) can participate in the activity through the UnionPay Cloud QuickPass APP activity page.

  Check out “Cyber ​​Wukong”!Peace Joy City launches national trend cultural and creative gameplay

During the Mid-Autumn Festival and National Day, Tianjin Heping Joy City actively responded to the call of Heping District’s “Tianjin Yuheping” characteristic cultural, business and tourism integration brand, and launched a series of special activities of “Interesting Places in the City” to stimulate consumption vitality in the business district and boost market consumption prosperity.

In order to allow tourists to experience “Wukong” and Tianjin regional culture in multiple scenes, from September 28 to October 6, Peace Joy City launched a series of “Journey to the West” treasure hunt, “Wukong” as the main line, and Tianjin cultural elements. Special activities such as Jinweier dialect stamp collection and national fashion handmade DIY, as well as a free gift of 100 for members who spend 799 or more, as well as Heping District consumer coupons and other promotional activities, link online and offline to add vitality to the business district.

 “PLUS version of Golden Week” is here, here is a guide to visiting Jinwan Plaza

During the National Day, a feast for the senses is coming. Jinwan Plaza creates “Tianjin Hand Gift·Jinwan Surprise” – “Tianjin Gift” Jinwan’s first themed cultural week event, gathering the power of joy and waiting for your admission. Four highlights, eight days of carnival, kick off the holiday, renewing the infinite charm. From September 29th to October 6th, Jinwan Plaza will stage a “holiday version” upgraded light show every day, lighting up the night sky with gorgeous lights as a tribute to the motherland. At the same time, it forms a “dream linkage” with the Jiefang Bridge on the other side. The breeze and bright moon are in your arms, and the neon lights are rolling into your heart, giving you an unforgettable night. At 15:00 on October 2, the intangible cultural heritage performance will reflect urban culture and highlight the city’s character. The characteristics of Jinmen will be integrated with urban development, stimulating the new vitality of the intangible cultural heritage.

 Guide to fun activities during the super long National Day holiday in Yifeng District

From September 29th to October 6th, Yifeng District created the first Yifeng District Theater Festival with “Yifeng and Drama” in the neighborhood, integrating drama into the space and lasting, and allowing more citizens and tourists to experience the depth of drama performances. charm and further enrich the cultural connotation. From September 21st to October 6th, the Tianjin Academy of Fine Arts Cultural Relics Restoration Demonstration Exhibition will be located at No. 27-37 Minzu Road, divided into three major sections: “Reviving the Charm”, “The Road of Craftsmanship” and “Stitching Time”. From September 29th to October 1st, “Tianjin’s first Yifeng District E-sports Garden Exhibition” will be held in the square in front of the Yifeng District Planning Exhibition Hall, bringing a shocking event to all e-sports enthusiasts and gamers. It is a powerful e-sports feast, where there are not only the peak battles in the canyon, but also the championship battles in the smoke-filled islands and deserts.

On September 27, the “Bingbing Room Culture and Art Festival” series of activities started. The place is quiet and elegant, which is consistent with the study life envisioned by Liang Qichao. The word “drinking ice” comes from “Zhuangzi: Human World” “I am ordered to drink ice in the evening, and I feel hot inside.” It reflects Liang Qichao, a “new youth” who was born in the 70s and passed over the 80s. The spiritual expectations of the “new youth” born in the 2000s: only “drinking ice” can relieve “internal heat”. From October 4th to 5th, Yifeng District held the “Fifth International Intelligent Sports Conference Series” and held the “Yifeng District Drone Football Challenge” in the square in front of the Tianjin Planning Exhibition Hall. It was organized by college youth groups The team signed up to participate, and through fierce competition, they showed the young students’ spirit of unity, hard work, and hard work. On October 5, Yifeng District will hold a fashion awards fashion show in Marco Polo Square. Jay Chou’s original brand MRJ will be held in Italy The Feng District held the first fashion show of a new series, combined with the landmark Marco Polo of the Yifeng District. This fashion show broke the traditional catwalk method, innovatively integrated the trendy lifestyle into the neighborhood, created an immersive interactive experience scene, and unlocked the endless fashion charm.

  “Looking for things” to create a feast of intangible cultural heritage

  The “Looking for East and West” intangible cultural heritage exchange exhibition officially opened at Tianjin Jialihui Shopping Center. This exhibition displays nearly 100 precious representative works and will last until October 15th. This intangible cultural exchange exhibition not only presents traditional culture to the public, but also integrates the concept of urban exchange, through time, the dialogue between the old and the new, the tradition and the trend, and uses cultural display to measure the breadth and depth of the mountains and rivers of the motherland.

 Top 100 brands launch one-stop shopping for home appliances and home decoration during Double Festival with tens of millions of subsidies

Driven by the favorable consumption-promoting policies and the “Golden Nine and Silver Ten” decoration season, the consumption potential of home appliances has been accelerated. In order to meet the needs of users for renewing their home scenes, Tianjin launched the “UP” plan to enhance the consumer purchasing experience from the four dimensions of products, membership rights, services, and traffic. The event will last from September 22 to 10 January 8th. At that time, UP actions such as joint marketing with the release of new home appliances, free trial bureaus to free room design, secure and transparent installation of the top ten service rights, and integration of multi-channel traffic will be used to meet the needs of consumers at different levels.

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