Understanding the needs of elites, COLMO launches the industry’s first flat-screen fully built-in side-by-side refrigerator


In recent years, China’s economic development and lifestyle have begun to enter a new stage. People’s understanding of life and lifestyle choices have become more rational and characteristic of the times. These changes are reflected in the refrigerator market as users pursue products with multiple functions such as aesthetic value, reasonable space, AI intelligence, and nutritional management.

COLMO, a high-end AI technology home appliance brand, has an insight into the changes in the times and changes in user needs, and uses cutting-edge AI technology and rational aesthetic design concepts to create the first high-end flat-screen fully embedded side-by-side door product in the home appliance industry, COLMO villa refrigerator, which is ideal for the elite. Enjoy life and bring extraordinary value experience.


  Understand the progress of the times and changes in the needs of elites

With the advancement of the times and the development of science and technology, the lifestyle of contemporary families has undergone significant changes compared with the past. Nowadays, people born in the 80s and 90s are becoming the backbone of society. They pay more attention to high-quality experience in the home scene. This characteristic is especially obvious among the elite middle-class people.

The elite middle class recognizes aesthetic values ​​and attaches great importance to the quality of life and food nutrition. For them, home life and home appliances should be upgraded in a direction that is more in line with their daily needs. Take refrigerators as an example. Today’s highly homogenized refrigerator products can no longer meet the individual needs of the elite middle class. A refrigerator that can add aesthetic value to the home, be smarter and more in line with family lifestyles has become a “new rigid need” for the elite to enjoy their lives. Changes in the needs of elites, and even the emergence of new needs, can always be first captured and satisfied by brands that always pay attention to them and resonate with them.

COLMO, which has always adhered to the brand concept of “technology serves the origin of life and design releases rational space”, has an insight into the pulse of the times and the changes in the needs of the elite. With the strength of leading the industry as a high-end AI technology home appliance brand, COLMO intelligently creates extraordinary products to satisfy the needs of elite users. kind of demand. The launch of COLMO Villa Refrigerator is a new example of COLMO’s extraordinary strength. As the industry’s first flat-screen, fully-embedded side-by-side door refrigerator, COLMO refrigerator has two core highlights of “flat-screen, fully-embedded super space” to meet users’ multi-dimensional and complex needs for aesthetic value, refrigerator space, and food nutrition management.

  Integrating rational aesthetic values ​​into elite home life

Different eras will give different connotations to Lixiang life. If we summarize the current elements of Lixiang life, aesthetic attributes are an indispensable dimension. The aesthetic value of home appliances and their integration with home design are becoming key factors for elite groups to choose home appliances. When aesthetic needs are integrated into the enjoyment of life, the enjoyment of life belonging to the elite will become visible. In a visible life, home furnishings and home appliances are integrated, aesthetic feelings are coordinated, and functionality and beauty jointly express the user’s life interests.

COLMO Villa Refrigerator adopts a rational aesthetic design language that is in line with the aesthetics of the elite of the era, and a flat-screen fully embedded design created with leading technology, which greatly enhances the life aesthetic experience of the elite of the era and injects more aesthetics into the home space. possibility. COLMO’s villa refrigerator presents an aesthetic value that is integrated with home design. Behind it is COLMO’s in-depth thinking on the relationship between elite users and technology, products, and enjoyment of life, and ultimately uses simplicity to control complexity in rational aesthetic design. Language is present to people.

COLMO’s rational aesthetics emphasizes the balance between avant-garde design and the original texture of natural texture, and expresses aesthetic value in structural modeling. This is vividly demonstrated in COLMO’s villa refrigerator. COLMO Heshu refrigerator integrates home appliances and living space with a flat, fully embedded design, thereby maintaining the integrity and consistency of home aesthetics. The design of COLMO Villa Refrigerator achieves harmony between the inside and outside. It uses a classic lava mantle rock appearance with a full-screen fluorite gray interior to present a unified, natural and classic aesthetic. The 5:5 symmetrical aesthetic design achieves a minimalist appearance and extraordinary appearance of the refrigerator. The balance of functions and the combination of “use” and “beauty” demonstrate the extraordinary taste in line with elite aesthetics.

  Taking into account both “beauty” and “goodness”, achieve and enjoy life

When the elite group pursues home appliances that suit their own aesthetics, they are also pursuing “goodness” in home appliances. A refrigerator that is both “beautiful” and “good” is the choice for the elite.

If beauty means aesthetic expression that is pleasing to the eye, “good” means that home appliances must be able to meet the essential needs of users. As the needs of the elite group change, COLMO has not relaxed at all in polishing product functions and experience in the process of pursuing extraordinary aesthetic value.

“What to eat today?” seems to be a question that many people ask every day. This reflects the improvement of people’s dietary standards and the richness of food choices, as well as the accompanying new pursuit of healthy nutrition and food quality. According to the Hurun Report on High Net Worth Individuals, today’s high-consumption groups not only pay attention to their own health, but also pay attention to sophisticated nutritional management. COLMO has evolved in the era of nutritional refrigerators pioneered by COLMO through Heshu Refrigerator, and created a super space for elite users through leading technology and AI technology, thereby meeting the elite’s advanced needs for refrigerators.

The “super space” created by COLMO Hueshu Refrigerator combines the three highlights of “super freezing, super storage, and super nutrition”. The industry’s largest freezing space has been expanded to 372L to meet the needs of users during the Spring Festival, National Day, Mid-Autumn Festival and other festivals. Large frozen stocking needs; the super large capacity of 603L meets the long-term and diversified stocking needs of families with multiple families; the 76L AI purine-inhibiting space meets users’ stringent requirements for the safety and fresh taste of fresh food. . COLMO integrates “super space” into rational aesthetic design to meet the changing life needs of the elite with the times. For users, COLMO Heshu refrigerator is truly pleasing to the eye on the outside and understanding on the inside.

In the future, as COLMO pays attention to and meets the needs of the elite, COLMO will continue to innovate industry technology and use extraordinary products and services to create a lifestyle that can evolve with the elite.


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