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Uncover cultural connotations and stimulate new vitality in the fairy industry

Uncover cultural connotations and stimulate new vitality in the fairy industry

(Zhou Xiaomiao and Li Zhilan) “Xianzuo” is a classical furniture production technique in Xianyou, Fujian, with a long history and a long history. As a regional characteristic industry, the Xianzuo industry has exerted a strong influence on the local economy over the years, cultivated leading enterprises, promoted networked collaboration between the upstream and downstream of the industrial chain, and formed a highly competitive industrial cluster, becoming a Xianyou’s industries that enrich the people, pillar industries and cultural and creative industries.

The “Xinhua·Xianyouxianzuo Industry Development Index Report (Fourth Quarter of 2023)” (hereinafter referred to as the “Report”) was recently released in Beijing. Guo Linwen, deputy director of the Cultural Industry Research Institute of Renmin University of China, accepted an exclusive interview with China Economic Information Service and made suggestions on how to empower the “fairy work” industry with data and enhance cultural connotation.

Guo Linwen said that “Xianzuo” craftsmen and designers should carry forward the spirit of craftsmanship, pay attention to the individual needs of consumers, integrate modern technology, improve technical standards, strengthen research and development and design, comply with the needs for industrial optimization and upgrading brought about by technological development, and expand product forms. Satisfy consumers’ desire for a better life.

The picture shows Xianzuo classical craft furniture

Data from the “Report” shows that terms such as “design”, “size”, “color” and “style” related to the R&D and design of Xianzuo products have attracted consumers’ attention. As one end of the “smile curve”, R&D design has the highest added value and huge room for development.

Guo Linwen said that if Xianzuo industry wants to improve industrial scale efficiency and brand value, it must strengthen product research and development and design, and it needs to cooperate with cultural and museum institutions to enhance the cultural connotation of Xianzuo products. Specifically, outstanding “Xianzuo” companies can cooperate with popular museums such as the Forbidden City, Shaanxi History Museum, and Henan Museum to obtain IP authorization, and use the widely loved IP image that embodies the classical elegance of traditional Chinese culture as the carving pattern of Xianzuo products. , to create popular products; invite Xianzuo’s old customers, potential target customers and other groups to participate in Xianzuo product R&D and design, and select highly recognized design patterns through online voting to improve the match between Xianzuo product design and market demand.

The 32-episode period legendary drama “A Generation of Craftsmen” based on the famous Putian folk woodcarving craftsman Liao Xi will be broadcast on the CCTV TV Drama Channel (CCTV-8) in prime time in May 2023, triggering a ratings boom.

Guo Linwen pointed out that contemporary Xianzuo craftsmen and designers should inherit and carry forward the craftsmanship spirit of the older generation, strive for excellence, constantly polish and improve the design and production quality of Xianzuo products, and accurately grasp modern technology with the help of big data, artificial intelligence and other cutting-edge technological means. Based on people’s aesthetic changes and changes in functional needs, we develop a personalized customization platform for Xianzuo products, improve the intelligence and personalization level of Xianzuo products, and create high-quality Xianzuo cultural products.

The picture shows Xianzuo classical craft furniture

Over the years, Xianyou has actively used mainstream media to enhance its recognition and expand the public awareness of the Xianyou brand. It has achieved high visibility and influence, and has the popularity foundation to develop the cultural tourism industry.

Guo Linwen suggested that Xianzuo enterprises can take advantage of the situation to develop new cultural tourism formats, cooperate with travel agencies and research institutions, develop industrial cultural tourism and research tourism products with Xianzuo characteristics, and carefully design travel routes and explanation content to allow tourists and students to experience Xianzuo Product making process. In addition, relying on the traditional skills of Xianzuo, we innovatively design and develop small cultural and creative products and cultural tourism souvenirs that are both artistic and practical. By continuously expanding the form of Xianzuo products, we promote the integrated development of culture and tourism.

At present, data has become an important production factor for economic development. It plays an irreplaceable role in accurately grasping consumer needs, objectively reflecting industrial development, and improving the level of industrial intelligence. It is an important force in promoting the formation of new productivity. Guo Linwen suggested that relevant government departments, enterprises and practitioners in the Xianzuo industry attach great importance to the guiding role of the relevant data in the “Report” in industrial development and apply the data to all aspects of the design, production, marketing and service of the Xianzuo industry.

It is understood that the China Economic Information Service has long been committed to economic information services. In order to better observe the development level of the Xianzuo industry at different stages and provide a digital evaluation benchmark for the classical craft furniture industry, the Xianzuo Industry Development Index has been specially compiled. Up to now, the index has been released for thirteen consecutive issues, attracting the attention of relevant government departments, industries, enterprises, experts and scholars.

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