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[Unboxing]Omega Speedmaster Moonwatch “Ding Ding Disc” Special Edition!

The two main styles of Omega’s modern Speedmaster series are racing and lunar, and today’s watch is a watch that combines these two styles!

Watch introduction:Why is this watch also called “Ding Ding Pan”? Because the red and white grid on the inner ring of the watch is based on the rocket paint in the “To the Moon” chapter of “The Adventures of Tintin”, that year was also the 60th anniversary of the “To the Moon” chapter. The back of the watch is written in English. There are two lines written, one is certified by NASA and can be used for manned space missions, and the other means the first watch worn on the moon.

However, this watch is not a cooperation watch between Omega and “The Adventures of Tintin”, and the cooperation has not been reached.

This watch continues the case design of the Moon Watch, with a diameter of 42 mm and a thickness of 13.8 mm. The weight of the steel strap is 156 grams. When you come to the side, you can see the polished and brushed finishing effects, which brings Different light and shadow changes.

The design of the disk adopts the main color of black. Below the Omega LOGO is written the name of the Speedmaster series and the word professional. The watch mirror is made of acrylic material that pays tribute to the previous model. When this watch was first launched in 2013, the market response was not strong, but then after its story became known, the price also increased.

Hands-on experience: Because the buttons on the right side of the watch are designed with shoulder pads, there will be no pinching when you lift your palm. The strap part has a frosted texture as a whole, and the middle strap is Two particularly slender bright strips are made on both sides to enhance the texture of the strap. The buckle is smaller in size and more comfortable to wear, but there is no fine-adjustment mechanism.

Movement introduction: The predecessor of this watch movement can be traced back to the 321 moon landing movement in 1942. After the structure was simplified, it became the 861 movement. In the following 1996, the 861 movement added rhodium plating. After coating, it became the current 1861 movement, so this movement is also a legend that condenses half a century of history.

Premium Speedmaster: In addition to the “Ding Ding plate”, what other Speedmaster models have special significance in Omega’s history? The first is an older watch, the 1976 Speedmaster, model number 145.022. Among them is a limited edition watch to commemorate the first space handover between the United States and the Soviet Union in 1975 during the Cold War.

Whether it is for the history of watches or world history, this watch has great historical significance, so one of this watch was sold for US$20,000 at the Christie’s auction in 2019.

The second one is not a single watch, but a Speedmaster 40th anniversary celebration set of 23 pieces plus a movement. This set was launched in 1997 and is limited to 40 sets. 22 of them are Missions watches, unified at 9 o’clock. The NASA space mission emblem is painted on the location.

In addition, there is an official replica of the first Speedmaster watch in 1957, and a classic 1861 movement. The suitcase of the watch is made of space suit material. At the 2018 Fuis auction, the No. 40 suit was sold for HK$1.15 million.

The subsequent first-generation black dial watch in 2003 was priced at US$6,000, the second-generation black and white comic-style Snoopy watch was priced at 49,300 yuan, and the third-generation Snoopy watch in 2020 was equipped with a moving doll design. The official price of the watch is 77,500 yuan.

Among the watches commemorating the 60th anniversary of the Alaska Project in 2008, this watch is also a special space watch developed by NASA in 1960 that Omega reproduced. It is limited to 1,970 pieces.

A year later, in 2009, the 40th anniversary of Apollo 11 was ushered in. Omega also launched different limited edition watches. The most special and expensive one is the platinum version. At 9 o’clock, An 18K gold coin is placed, embossed with an eagle symbolizing the United States on the moon, limited to 69 pieces.

In 2017, Omega launched a limited edition set of three classic 1957 watches. At that time, the price of this set was 20,000 Swiss francs. If you want to buy it now, the price is basically more than 220,000 yuan.

In 2018, the Speedmaster cooperated with Japan’s Ultraman IP. This watch changed the timing hands and scales to orange, which matches the color of the uniforms of the Monster Special Attack Team in the Ultraman series, so it is also in the series. They were all selected by the crew to become permanent props.

This watch has an image of Ultraman on the small dial at 9 o’clock, and a 3-minute orange scale symbolizing the duration of Ultraman’s transformation on the small dial at 3 o’clock. It is paired with a hexagonal watch box, inspired by Attack Team. work table. The price of this watch at the time was about 45,000 yuan, and now it has a premium of more than 100,000 yuan.

The last one is a commemorative watch of Apollo 11, a 50th anniversary limited edition launched in 2019. The prototype of this watch is a gold watch presented by Omega to the participants of the Apollo 11 project in 1969. It is equipped with The brand new 3861 movement is limited to 1,014 pieces and has a public price of 32,000 Swiss francs. It is also a premium watch now.

Summary: I personally think that the Speedmaster series is a legendary watch. It can be a companion that accompanies your daily commute, or it can be a precious collection that is constantly being bid at auctions.

Because its value comes from the simplest pursuit of precision, but there are such a group of people in history who pursue precision. During the time they wore the Speedmaster, they set new records, built rockets and landed on the moon. If you like these stories as much as I do, you might as well take a look at Speedmaster in the vast sea of ​​​​tables.

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