Ultra-comfortable and ultra-intelligent Beijing BJ60, the whole family can play high off-road

Ultra-comfortable and ultra-intelligent Beijing BJ60, the whole family can play high off-road

With the development of the times, off-roading, a niche hobby, has gradually been accepted by more and more people. The off-road has also expanded from one-person off-road to multi-person off-road, and it has become a new off-road trend to take the whole family off-road together. The Beijing BJ60 itself takes into account the comfortable, intelligent and exciting off-road vehicle experience pursued by the market.

From the beginning of its design, Beijing BJ60 has precisely targeted the diverse needs of today’s users. With a body size of over 5 meters, not only 5 or 7 seats are optional, it can meet the self-driving life of families with different numbers of people, and it has a flat and large back-up space, so it is easy to carry more family travel equipment. The BJ60 can also fold down the rear seats, and the 1.8-meter-long double bed can be placed in the backup space. The 256-color ambient light can fill the sense of ceremony, and you can look at the stars through the 0.82-inch panoramic sunroof. There is also a power supply design in the trunk, which can be connected to small electrical appliances such as coffee machines, bringing users a romantic, comfortable and comfortable off-road experience at home.

At the same time, Beijing BJ60 has also improved the overall comfort, so that off-road vehicles are no longer equated with rough experience. The non-load-bearing body + four-wheel independent suspension filters out the fine bumps on the road, which greatly improves the riding experience. 12+1 Yanfei Lishi audio, combined with library-level NVH processing, creates an auditory space with pure timbre for users. Seat electric adjustment + lumbar support, a total of 12 angle adjustments, the main driver’s aviation headrest properly protects the driver’s cervical spine, covered with a large number of soft high-grade materials, and the front and rear seats have ventilation, heating, and massage functions. The family brings the “boss position” treatment.

Just improving comfort is not enough. The sense of technology can be seen everywhere in the BJ60 cockpit, making people feel that it is no different from an urban SUV when sitting in it. The “eye-catching” “four-screen linkage”, L2-level intelligent driving assistance, automatic parking in and out, and other functions are all available, Tencent TAI4.0 car-machine system voice recognition is accurate, WeChat on-board, massive applications, cloud lightweight small scene Ecological services also support the unlimited growth of vehicle FOTA. Can you still believe that this is an off-road vehicle? The addition of intelligent off-road configuration greatly reduces the difficulty of off-road operation. The self-developed ATS all-terrain driving system completes the logical setting of 9 driving modes, and “wears and builds” 17 driving combinations. The four-wheel drive mode will be automatically adjusted according to the driving mode selection, allowing more novice users to open “Yueye” Life, let the old guns get wilder and more HIGH. At the same time, the 360° panoramic image + 180° transparent chassis allow the driver to grasp the road conditions without blind spots, and the Yueyequan APP professional road book and team formation function save time and effort when traveling together.

Beijing BJ60 breaks the traditional off-road cognitive limitations, and the luxury concept of home play narrows the distance between Beijing BJ60 and users, and off-road vehicles have truly entered every family.


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