UFIDA joins hands with HUAWEI CLOUD to hold the Growth Enterprise Digital Intelligence Innovation Summit

UFIDA joins hands with HUAWEI CLOUD to hold the Growth Enterprise Digital Intelligence Innovation Summit

  March 16, to"Digital intelligence makes economic recovery press the fast forward button"The 2023 Digital Intelligence Innovation Summit for Growing Enterprises with the theme of 2023 was held in Tianjin. In the context of industrial transformation and economic recovery, UFIDA focuses on helping growth-oriented enterprises grow digitally and intelligently, making the efficient growth of digital intelligence power a strong driving force for corporate business innovation. The summit received strong support from relevant units in Tianjin, co-hosted by UFIDA Tianjin and strategic partner Huawei Cloud, and received important guidance from Tianjin Industrial Internet Industry Alliance, Tianjin Accounting Society, Tianjin Small and Medium Enterprise Economic Development Association and other institutions. The summit brought together industry experts and scholars, outstanding entrepreneurs, ecological partners and media representatives, bringing valuable experience and enlightenment to the participants, and at the same time pointing out the direction and path for the future development of growing enterprises.

Digital and intelligent transformation has become a powerful engine for high-quality development of enterprises

At the Digital Intelligence Innovation Summit, Comrade Pei Zhanjun from the Small and Medium-sized Enterprise Service Development Office of the Tianjin Bureau of Industry and Information Technology introduced the overall situation of the cultivation of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises in Tianjin to the participating enterprises, and the four measures taken to promote the cultivation work: First, build and cultivate The second is to increase policy support to help enterprises develop; the third is to strengthen financial services and expand financing channels; the fourth is to strengthen measures and guarantees to relieve difficulties for enterprises.

Explained in detail the gradient cultivation system of high-quality small and medium-sized enterprises, the application conditions and Tianjin’s support policies for small and medium-sized enterprises, and encouraged enterprises to attach great importance to the important role of digitalization and intelligence in enterprise development, continue to increase investment, and improve the level of digitalization and intelligence of enterprises , Empowering the high-quality development of small and medium-sized enterprises.

Use the power of digital intelligence to promote the efficient growth of growing enterprises

Mr. Quan Lei, General Manager of UFIDA Tianjin Operation Agency, delivered a speech on behalf of the organizers. Quan Lei said that Tianjin, as an important base of global manufacturing, has diversified industries such as machinery manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, electronic information, and new materials. It is Tianjin UF’s bounden duty to promote digital transformation and upgrading of enterprises in Tianjin.

UFIDA will be committed to providing comprehensive digital and intelligent support for growing enterprises, helping enterprises to grow continuously in the process of development. UFIDA will also continue to pay attention to the digital and intelligent transformation and development of growing enterprises, and help more growing enterprises realize digital and intelligent transformation through professional technologies and solutions to meet future challenges and opportunities.

Quan Lei, General Manager of UFIDA Tianjin Operation Organization

Digital intelligence makes economic recovery press the fast forward button

At the summit, Mr. Fu Yi, Vice President of UFIDA Network, delivered a speech"Digital intelligence makes economic recovery press the fast forward button "keynote speech. Looking back on the epidemic, in the face of life-and-death challenges for enterprises, digital transformation has become the key to breaking through the predicament. By focusing on management innovation, they have achieved flexible supply chains, rapid market response, sufficient cash flow and enhanced brand influence.

Fu Yi, Vice President of UFIDA

Take UFIDA YonSuite customers as an example: AGATHA activated 330,000 brand members with the help of YonSuite data operations. During the epidemic, offline passenger flow dropped by 80%, and staff costs remained high. It achieved growth against the trend through data operations; and U9 cloud customer Xinhai Group , Relying on U9 cloud + smart factory to achieve track leap, multi-site, multi-factory, multi-organization collaboration, production efficiency increased by 14%, product comprehensive defective rate decreased by 23%, operating personnel decreased by 26%, and energy consumption per unit output value decreased by 6%. The reason why these enterprises can survive and achieve rapid growth in adversity is precisely because of the support of data services, which enables them to quickly gain insights into business operations and develop into data-driven enterprises.

Fu Yi gave a detailed introduction to UFIDA’s growth-oriented enterprise VI"Yuan"Digital intelligence growth model.six"Yuan"It is the basic scene combination of enterprise management and business in the era of digital intelligence, and it is also the basic starting point of operation.six"Yuan"The growth model is a brand-new scenario model of enterprise management and operation. It helps growing enterprises grow from the most The six key aspects are to improve R&D capabilities, delivery capabilities, market customer acquisition capabilities, financial and tax management capabilities, talent management capabilities, and operational service capabilities. These capabilities are based on new scenarios supported by the application of various digital intelligence technologies. The scene revolution of business management.

In addition, Fu Yi pointed out that there are six major innovation models for growing enterprises, namely: product and service innovation, business model innovation, technology application innovation, operation innovation, and marketing channel innovation, in order to cope with the ever-changing market demand and competitive environment, so as to maintain Competitive advantage and achieve sustainable development. Taking YonSuite’s customers at 47° north latitude, Cangnan old Chinese medicine practitioner, Hengtong International Logistics Group, Tongchang clothing, and three meals business as examples, the enterprise model innovation has achieved efficient growth after digital and intelligent transformation .

Fu Yi also emphasized that in order to meet the different transformation needs of growing enterprises, Yonyou has continuously innovated digital intelligence solutions for growing enterprises to serve enterprises in all scenarios. Strong product competitiveness, leading SaaS cloud services, comprehensively covering different types of customers, and emphatically introducing the new digital intelligence scenarios and new features of YonSuite and U9 cloud, fully demonstrating the competitive advantages of the products, and sharing It clarified the status quo of the digital and intelligent transformation of manufacturing enterprises, and through the U9 cloud, it helped Lingong Heavy Machinery, China Test Navigation, China Nuclear Sufa and other specialized and special new “little giant” enterprises to achieve high growth in efficiency.

Finally, Fu Yi introduced UFIDA BIP, the world’s leading digital intelligence business innovation platform, which helps enterprises transform into digital intelligence with efficient growth of digital intelligence. Technological innovation is the endogenous driving force for economic growth, and digital intelligence is the strong driving force for economic recovery of enterprises.

Strong alliance and win-win enterprise cloud service ecology

As a representative of local partners, Mr. Wang Haohao, Director of HUAWEI CLOUD Tianjin Solution Department, shared at the summit"Strong alliance, win-win enterprise cloud ecology"The keynote speech, which introduced Huawei Cloud’s partner ecosystem and core service scenarios in detail. In his speech, Wang Haohao mentioned:"As one of the most important ecological partners of HUAWEI CLOUD, UFIDA has always adhered to the cooperation concept of “technology symbiosis, business win-win”. In the future, HUAWEI CLOUD and Yonyou will continue to strengthen cooperation in the Tianjin market and jointly promote the digital and intelligent transformation of various industries."

  Wang Haohao, Director of HUAWEI CLOUD Tianjin Solution Department

Efficient growth of digital intelligence

The major sub-forums provide strategic guidance for growing companies

At the Tianjin Growing Enterprises Digital Intelligence Innovation Summit, there are three special sub-forums: Innovative Enterprise Forum – YonSuite full-scenario experience, Intelligent Manufacturing Forum – Yonyou U9 cloud full-scenario experience, SME Forum – U8+ and data application Service full-scenario experience. These forums aim to share digital intelligence transformation solutions for different types of growing companies, and discuss best practices and experiences of digital intelligence transformation with participants, helping enterprises quickly and accurately identify their own digital intelligence transformation needs.

In the innovative enterprise sub-forum, YonSuite enterprise SaaS full-scenario attracted the attention of many entrepreneurs with its full-field coverage. YonSuite’s full-scenario services help companies seize market share and promote growth in the context of economic recovery. It meets the needs of enterprises in marketing (B2B2C&O2O), CRM, procurement, manufacturing, supply chain, finance, cost control, manpower, bank-enterprise alliance, digital board of directors and other full-service scenarios through a platform, and realizes the efficient integration of internal operation management. Link external industrial chains and social resources to promote digital intelligence business innovation.

The U9 cloud full-scenario experience of the Smart Manufacturing Forum has attracted many manufacturing entrepreneurs to participate in discussions and exchanges, providing strong support for the manufacturing industry to achieve efficient growth and enter a new era of digital smart manufacturing. U9 cloud has helped many specialized and special “little giants” and invisible champions achieve efficient growth. Under the background of the formal implementation of the comprehensive registration system, U9 cloud can deeply empower the IPO process of enterprises.

Small and medium-sized enterprises sub-forum, U8+ and data application service full-scenario experience shared that U8+ provides a one-stop enterprise management platform for growing enterprises through fine management and agile operation; data application service helps corporate decision makers predict business risks and increase revenue , Cost reduction, efficiency improvement, cost control and other aspects bring value contribution, continue to use data to drive business optimization and innovation, use data to break through, and help enterprises succeed in digital transformation.

The year 2023 is full of infinite vitality and possibilities. Along with economic recovery and industrial changes, growing enterprises have gradually become the key driving force of economic development. Digital intelligence technology provides these enterprises with a powerful boost to business innovation and efficient growth. In the era of digital intelligence, standing still means falling behind. Only by continuous innovation and progress can enterprises gain a firm foothold in market competition. Growing enterprises must regard digital intelligence as the core of their strategy, accelerate the transformation and upgrading of digital intelligence, and achieve sustainable development and success. Digital intelligence, let the economic recovery press the fast forward button.

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