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Twenty Years of Prosperity丨Leading a “small company” to create “good results”? In memory of Huang Xueling, China Life Insurance Fujian Province Zhelong Branch

Twenty Years of Prosperity丨Leading a “small company” to create “good results”? In memory of Huang Xueling, China Life Insurance Fujian Province Zhelong Branch

  Editor’s note:Twenty years ago, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) was successfully listed overseas, setting the world’s largest IPO that year, and returned to domestic A-share listing three years later. In the 20 years since its listing, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the leadership of the Party, adhered to the original mission of “insurance is surnamed Bao” and “insurance is for the people”, and has always adhered to the core concept of corporate culture of “become a person, be a person, be a person, be a person, be a person”, and be the “insurance agent” for a better life for the people. “Guardian” and “Builder” of Beautiful China. Over the past 20 years, with the growth and development of the enterprise, generations of China Life people have moved forward with their mission in mind, actively participated in the trend of the times in which the insurance industry serves the national economy and people’s livelihood, and strived to paint a picture of the times in which insurance benefits the people.

“If the nation is to be rejuvenated, the countryside must be revitalized.” Stabilizing the basics of agriculture and maintaining the foundation of “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” are the imperatives of economic development. In recent years, Huang Xueling, manager of the Zherong County Branch of Ningde City, Fujian Province, China Life Insurance, with a sincere heart for the insurance industry, has closely focused on the work goal of “big achievements in small counties” and actively established awareness of opportunities, development and service. He has made positive contributions to further promoting the comprehensive development of the company’s various businesses, and has been awarded the honorary titles of “Outstanding Communist Party Member” of the China Life Insurance Company System in 2021 and “China Life Women’s Functional Builder” of the Group Company in 2022.

Strive for excellence and compete for the lead

  “There is no shortcut to success”, this is the biggest feeling that many people have after getting along with Huang Xueling.As a front-line manager who has been rooted in mountainous areas for a long time, Huang Xueling can always maintain a high-spirited spirit, actively respond to problems faced in development, lead the team of Zhelong Branch to seek conceptual breakthroughs, and enhance employees’ development willingness, goal awareness, and Awareness of competition and responsibility, keeping a close eye on the market with a higher vision, seeking leapfrog development, “small companies” creating “good results”, and promoting Zhelong Branchhigh quality developmentKeep moving forward.

Picture: Huang Xueling

  In the life insurance business environment where industry competition is becoming increasingly fierce, the business of Zhelong Branch continues to maintain rapid and healthy development at a high level. In 2021, the company achieved total premiums of 110 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 7.56%;The company’s operating indicator assessment ranked first among comprehensive branches in the city’s system, and won the first prize for county-level companies in the 2021 “Dual Civilization” Labor Competition in the province’s system.Since 2023, under the leadership of Huang Xueling, the company’s business operations have continued to improve and its market position has been stable.

Down-to-earth innovation and development

  He has a hardworking spirit that “doesn’t let women outdo men”, which is why many colleagues admire him.Huang Xueling’s first impression.At work, she can bothSlow down and have a timely and comprehensive understanding of the business work of each department of the company, and you can alsoFocusing on the actual situation of the life insurance market in Zherong County,Clarify ideas, tap potential, find problems, and expand markets.Over the years, Huang Xueling has alwaysAdhere to proactiveness, professionalism, innovation and breakthroughs, and pay close attention to the implementation of new projects.

  In addition, in order to achieve the development goal of the three sales channels of individual insurance, bancassurance and group insurance going hand in hand, she carefully analyzed the development of channel business and personally accompanied Mr.Visit important customers and cooperative units, and strive to develop new business growth points. With the help of Dingxin reform, Huang Xueling vigorously promoted the transformation and upgrading of the team, innovated the team culture, led the team building with values, and achieved good results.Company team culture buildingIt is also shared as typical experience material in pre-job training courses for county branch managers throughout the system.Her hard-working spirit has been fully recognized by her superior company.

  Stick to the original intention and have the courage to take responsibility

“The courage to assume social responsibility” is another shining label of Huang Xueling. In terms of serving “agriculture, rural areas and farmers” and promoting rural revitalization, she has deeply strengthened her service awareness, actively carried out party building and co-building activities with the Zherong Suburban Party Branch, and promoted the economic development of rural revitalization support points through party building guidance. Huang Xueling also bases herself on the county area and actively develops policy-based insurance business, focusing on promoting inclusive insurance products suitable for mountainous rural areas. She also carries out publicity in villages and towns to popularize insurance knowledge, promotes the coverage of people-beneficial insurance business in mountainous areas, and provides solid services to the people. Insurance protection, actively prevent people from becoming poor due to illness or returning to poverty due to illness, and help create a harmonious and stable social environment.

A hard work, a harvest. Huang Xueling takes responsibility and continuously promotes China Life Insurance Zherong Branch to become bigger, stronger and better. After twenty years of hard work, Huang Xueling has witnessed the company’s growth and development since its listing. She said that she had been with the company through thick and thin for 20 years, and she had transformed from an ordinary employee to a grassroots management cadre. She was grateful to the company for providing a stage to display her talents. She not only realized her self-worth, but also made friends and confidants in life. She believes that as long as we adhere to our ideals and beliefs, practice the company’s “double success” culture, constantly maintain the advanced nature of thinking and management, and carry forward the team spirit of unity and hard work, we will be able to overcome the difficulties and challenges on the way forward and contribute to the promotion of Contribute to the company’s high-quality development.

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