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Twenty Years of Prosperity丨Innovation and seeking breakthroughs in insurance to benefit people’s livelihood? In memory of Yang Bo, China Life Insurance Beijing Branch

Twenty Years of Prosperity丨Innovation and seeking breakthroughs in insurance to benefit people’s livelihood? In memory of Yang Bo, China Life Insurance Beijing Branch

  Editor’s note:Twenty years ago, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) was successfully listed overseas, setting the world’s largest IPO that year, and returned to domestic A-share listing three years later. In the 20 years since its listing, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the leadership of the Party, adhered to the original mission of “insurance is surnamed Bao” and “insurance is for the people”, and has always adhered to the core corporate cultural concept of “become a person, be a person, be a person, be a person, be a person”, and be the “insurance agent” for a better life for the people. “Guardian” and “Builder” of Beautiful China. Over the past 20 years, with the growth and development of the enterprise, generations of China Life people have moved forward with their mission in mind, actively participated in the trend of the times in which the insurance industry serves the national economy and people’s livelihood, and strived to paint a picture of the times in which insurance benefits the people.

In recent years, shouldering the mission of protecting people’s better lives, the insurance industry has increasingly become a trustworthy “protective umbrella” for individual and corporate consumers, an “active enzyme” that promotes high-quality economic development, as well as promotes public services and enhances social risks. A “good partner” for management effectiveness. Promoting high-quality development of the industry is inseparable from the efforts of grassroots insurance employees. As a grassroots management cadre of China Life Insurance Beijing Branch, Yang Bo always adheres to the original intention of his career, leads with high goals, seeks breakthroughs with innovation, and manages the team and serves customers in a down-to-earth manner.

Promote the value of insurance and adhere to the origin of protection

Risk protection is the core function and value of insurance and is related to the well-being of the people. Yang Bo and the sales team led by her adhere to the origin of insurance, fulfill the mission of insurance for the people, actively explore new marketing service models, constantly iterate the customer service system, provide high-quality financial and insurance service experience to the people of the capital, and build an entrepreneurial platform for social employment groups , use practical actions to practice and give full play to the insurance industry’s economic “shock absorber” and social “stabilizer” functions.

Picture: Yang Bo explains the marketing service concept to the team

In terms of business, Yang Bo always adheres to the concept of customer first, requiring sales partners to use professionalism, integrity and enthusiasm as the basic principles to create a “1+N” multi-dimensional customer service scenario and strive to provide customers with one-stop financial and insurance services. In recent years, the sales team she leads has continuously improved in terms of professional capabilities and service levels. It has served more than 80,000 customers and provided health insurance credits of 11.6 billion yuan. In the past five years, a total of 2,676 claims have been completed for customers, with a claim amount of 110 million yuan, providing professional insurance protection services to thousands of households and improving the ability of customer families to withstand risks.

Improve professional standards and promote high-quality development

Innovation is the core driving force for development. In terms of sales management, Yang Bo adheres to the goal of building a “highly educated, high-quality, high-performance” team, focusing on three “specializations”, focusing on customer resource management, focusing on sales site management, focusing on improving service capabilities, and ultimately realizing insurance talent Continuous improvement in training and customer management service effectiveness.

The so-called three “specializations” are, first of all, customer service specialization. Adhering to the “customer-centered” concept, we optimize customer service management to achieve precise analysis and classification of customers, and support customer profiling technology to create suitable risk management solutions for customers to meet their individual needs and comprehensively improve customers. Service experience. The second is the professionalization of sales management. Yang Bo’s team implements professional business ideas, promotes system management, realizes that the sales and service process can be monitored, and the service results can be controlled, ultimately promoting the achievement of business and the cultivation of high-quality talents. Finally, there is the professionalization of sales services. Yang Bo’s team adheres to the “Three Essences” (exquisite training, excellent customers and excellent service), focusing on insurance functions and focusing on marketing packaging. Through training and coaching, it has achieved continuous improvement in the customer service capabilities and level of the sales team, and has cultivated a large number of insurance marketers. Service talents.

Through the exploration and implementation of three “specializations”, the sales team led by Yang Bo has achieved healthy business development for three consecutive years from 2020 to 2022. Among them, for the whole year of 2022, the total premium income will be 1.97 billion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 18.4%; the first-year regular premiums will be 410 million yuan, a year-on-year increase of 2.6%. The business structure continues to be optimized, and the business value is steadily increasing. She herself has also won honors such as the “2020 China Life Women’s Contribution Model”, “2021 China Life Advanced Individual Gold Award for Collaborative Development”, and “2022 National Financial May Day Labor Medal”. Under her leadership, the district department has also received many honorary awards: “2020 Four-Party Joint Meeting Collaborative Pioneer”, “2021 Advanced Unit” and “2021 Urban District Pioneer 200 Unit”.

Launch the “four-fold” culture and establish a correct outlook on development and career

  In Yang Bo’s view, team culture construction has positive and important significance. She creates a positive and hard-working cultural atmosphere in the team and provides an entrepreneurial platform for young people with dreams. In 2021, she upgraded the department culture to a “four-fold” culture, that is, focusing on compliance and sustainable operations; focusing on development and striving for first place; focusing on growth and winning professionally; and focusing on character and self-cultivation.Through the “four-fold” culture, we aim to

Picture: Yang Bo is with his business partnersGuide team business partners to establish a correct outlook on development and career.

Since its establishment in 2007, the district department has provided jobs for a total of 10,362 young people in the past fifteen years, making a positive contribution to the job selection and employment of young people in the capital. In 2022, personnel under the jurisdiction of the district paid more than 22 million yuan in taxes throughout the year, fulfilling their social responsibilities and contributing to urban development and construction.

Adhere to advancing with the times and strive to be a benchmark model in the industry

The rapid development of the insurance industry makes continuous learning particularly important. As a person in charge of the grass-roots unit of China Life Insurance Beijing Branch, Yang Bo constantly updates his knowledge system at work and strives to learn thoroughly, continuously output new concepts to the team, and strive to keep pace with the times and maintain Team productivity.

Faced with high goals, she thinks proactively and has the courage to innovate. She leads the core team members to discuss work strategies and develops mechanism guarantees to ensure that the goals are successfully achieved. Yang Bo used practical actions to prove to her team members that “there are always more solutions than difficulties”. Her perseverance towards the goal has also become her distinctive label, affecting everyone in the team, and has thus created a team that can win battles and has a strong style. Excellent “insurance iron army”.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the listing of China Life Insurance Company, Yang Bo, as a member of the company, feels extremely proud and prideful. She said that she will hold high the banner of “high-quality development”, have “the great one in the country” in mind, and practice financial service to the country and insurance as a people’s political responsibility. As a person who has been in the industry for 16 years, she has grown from a fresh college graduate when she entered China Life to the current head of a branch company. Every step of her growth is inseparable from the company’s training and training.

In the future, Yang Bo will closely focus on the strategic requirements of China Life Insurance Corporation’s “Eight Major Projects” and take the actions proposed by the Beijing Branch of “dare to innovate, dare to break through, be good at summarizing, be good at copying, become a benchmark, become a business card, and become a high ground” Guidelines, strengthen political responsibility, strengthen work style construction, strive to be a pioneer party member, strive to be a qualified professional manager, take high-quality development as our own responsibility, and make new and greater contributions to the financial development of the capital.

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