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Twenty years of glory? Taking root downwards and growing upwards to ensure grassroots counterattacks on the “dangerous road”

Twenty years of glory? Taking root downwards and growing upwards to ensure grassroots counterattacks on the “dangerous road”

  2023 is the 20th anniversary of the listing of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”). It is also the year when Jiang XiuqinEntering the 23rd year of life insurance industry.This one is fromAn outstanding insurance salesman from Changchun, Jilin, jokingly calls his career a “grassroots” and “dangerous” counterattack.From going to the city to make a living in the countryside and being unknown to establishing a well-known local life insurance sales team of more than 100 people,Cutting through waves all the way.Now, the ship of time is about to sail to the next port carrying loads of fruits.her story continues.

  Achievements through dedicationCounterattack life

“In the beginning, I was a ‘grassroots’ who came to work and live in Dehui City (then the county seat) from a township. Because I felt that my health was not good and I was afraid of dragging down my family, I asked about buying a life insurance, but after understanding During the insurance process, I felt that I was suitable for this job, so I became a business marketer with the attitude of giving it a try.” With such a simple idea, Jiang Xiuqin started her insurance sales career, but this decision was met with controversy. There was opposition from family and friends. “In the early days, life insurance was not as prosperous as it is now. Many people had misunderstandings about life insurance, including my family.” Jiang Xiuqin expressed the difficulties in the early days of starting a business.

Many people believe that she is unfamiliar with Dehui and has no connections, and the income from her insurance job is not fixed. However, Jiang Xiuqin did not hesitate at all. With her fearless energy as a newbie in the industry, she insisted on visiting customers every day. She never stopped during the spring, summer, autumn and winter, walking through the streets and alleys of Dehui every day. Sometimes Jiang Xiuqin would travel to towns and villages, a round trip of dozens of kilometers. In her memories, the only means of transportation she could rely on at that time was her two feet. She had to walk twenty or thirty kilometers every day, wearing out an average of two pairs of sneakers in a season. But with this tenacity that refused to admit defeat, she gradually became the “living map” of the insurance industry in Dehui City.

Root down and grow upward. Jiang Xiuqin continued to improve her professional quality through daily visits and explanations, and eventually grew into one of the best local insurance salespeople in Dehui. Nowadays, whenever she visits old customers from more than 20 years ago, she can always hear them sigh, “After all these years, I still feel safe buying insurance from you.”

Use professionalism to convey insurance temperature

Frank and sincere, hard-working, courageous and responsible, enthusiastic in service…all these advantages are “labels” given to her by those who are familiar with Jiang Xiuqin. But Jiang Xiuqin believes that her success comes from professional and timely claims services. She strives to let people see the professional power of insurance salespeople in every claim.

In 2007, a female client of Jiang Xiuqin was killed. The female client’s family of five (parents, female client, husband and their children) were on their way back to Dehui City from their rural hometown when they collided with a high-speed car on National Highway 102. A large truck collided, and the drivers on both sides had no time to apply the brakes to avoid the collision, resulting in the death of a family of five on the spot. As soon as she learned the news, Jiang Xiuqin immediately contacted the younger brother of the deceased female client, who was studying in high school, and promptly assisted him in handling the claim settlement at the desperate moment when he was isolated and helpless. The timely payment of compensation provided the most urgent guarantee for his living expenses and study expenses, allowing him to complete four years of college at the darkest moment in his life.

The moment the claim payment was delivered to the insured, Jiang Xiuqin truly felt how much value and love a thin policy contained. This claim case also strengthened Jiang Xiuqin’s determination to continue in the life insurance industry. From then on, she worked harder, hoping to provide practical protection to everyone who trusted her. Over the past 23 years, Jiang Xiuqin has provided clients with a total claim settlement amount of 4.35 million yuan. Professional and timely claims settlement services are her “golden signature”.

Win customer trust with excellence

“What the customers want, care what the customers are worried about, help customers solve their problems with heart and soul, and bring them warmth and care.” This is Jiang Xiuqin’s practice principle that has remained unchanged since she entered the industry 23 years ago. She believes that only by being customer-centric and providing customers with multi-product services covering the entire life cycle can we create more value for customers. Jiang Xiuqin often says, “Only by starting from the customer’s needs can we improve the insurance plan, truly reflect and protect the value of the customer’s life, and provide the best service.”

In 2019, a fire broke out in a township rice industry company where Jiang Xiuqin was communicating on insurance business, causing the company to lose nearly 10 million yuan. After learning about the incident, Jiang Xiuqin promptly led her team to the scene of the incident to understand the relevant situation, and organized more than 30 local rice industry business owners to conduct knowledge lectures on production safety risk prevention and control. On the one hand, it lets everyone understand the importance of safe production, and on the other hand, it explains the role of insurance in disaster prevention and mitigation.

Before this, many business owners did not understand the role of insurance. Through explanations, they understood how insurance can help companies achieve risk prevention and control. After this presentation, a local rice business owner decided to take out insurance. In early March this year, a small fire occurred in the company, and China Life’s claim was quickly settled to provide guarantee for the company’s subsequent resumption of production. The business owner was very satisfied and said to Jiang Xiuqin: “Thanks to listening to you, many risks were unimaginable.”

Use Leye to create an excellent team

  It is not spring when a single flower blooms alone, but when a hundred flowers bloom, the garden is full of spring.In the fierce market competition, it is impossible to work alone. Only by relying on a solid and excellent team can we have greater room for business growth. In 2015, Jiang Xiuqin established a team of nearly 60 people. In 2019, he established a marketing service department in 7 towns in Dehui. So far, the team has 160 people on the books.

Today, Jiang Xiuqin’s business has achieved leapfrog development. Her team has one department manager and 12 group managers. The average age is 29 years old. The highest academic qualification is a master’s degree. The effective manpower in the quarter reached 75 people. The excellent team also brings the advanced concept of “providing professional services to customers in the form of community services and clubs, so that people who want to know about insurance can come in and pay attention to insurance.” This has become a new model created by Jiang Xiuqin’s team.

While she is busy at work, she does not forget to balance work and rest. She often leads the team to organize various customer management activities and team recreation activities, so that employees can work and live in a relaxed and pleasant atmosphere.

  Dedication, professionalism, excellence and joy in work together constitute Jiang Xiuqin’s career. Regarding everything in the past, she lamented, “The road is long, but you can get there. As long as you are not impatient and move forward along the established journey, although setbacks are inevitable, as long as the direction is right, you will definitely gain something. “From a “little grass” that entered the insurance industry, it has now grown into a “big tree” that provides risk protection for millions of people.Jiang Xiuqin worked hard for 23 yearsRoot down and grow upward.In the future, she will still insist onThe original intention of “insurance for the people” has irrigated the foundation and provided more and more people with a “green shade” of insurance to shield them from the storms of life.

(Picture: Jiang Xiuqin)

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