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Twenty years of glory|Everything you love has echoes

Twenty years of glory|Everything you love has echoes

  existAccording to Ningbo insurance agent Yu Jianping“Enough love” is the prerequisite for doing something well. Because of her love, she is willing to work ten times a hundred times; because of her love, she persists, no matter how many difficulties she encounters along the way.During the 25 years of working with China Life, she poured her love into the insurance industry, and finally received the echo of her dream.

From approaching to taking heart

Thirty years ago, Yu Jianping worked as a file manager in a state-owned enterprise. However, due to the restructuring of state-owned enterprises, the “iron rice bowl” was broken, and she became one of the “laid-off waves”. But faced with this obstacle in life, Yu Jianping did not stand still. With the recommendation and encouragement of friends, she set her sights on the life insurance industry.

At that time, for Yu Jianping, who had no experience in the industry, the new career choice was undoubtedly full of challenges and uncertainties. With the mentality of giving it a try, she started her insurance career. Unexpectedly, this “try” It took her 25 years to find her passion.

For insurance agents, how to open the market in the early stages of business development is a difficult problem, and building trust with customers is a long and complicated process. According to Yu Jianping’s recollection, when she first entered the industry, many clients stayed with her for several months or even nearly a year, insisting on ten or even twenty visits a day. Because of this tenacity of “never giving up, never giving up”, Yu Jianping was also laughed at by colleagues and customers as an “insurance madman” at work. But this seemingly “stupid” and “stubborn” method allowed Yu Jianping to gradually open up the market. In the early days of her business, the amount of insurance policies was not large, but she always ran her insurance business with great passion.

“The soul of enterprise development is customer demand, which is oriented by customer demand. This requires us to treat customers as our own family members, help each other, and understand each other. Every policy is a recognition of our work and our character. Definitely. At the same time, we must also maintain the spirit of hard work and reflect on ourselves every day. This habit has been with me until today, and I believe it will also guide me to go further for a long time.” Yu Jianping said.

From departure to voyage

In 25 years, from a humble start, we have served more than 2,000 customers. Yu Jianping has experienced the rapid development of China’s insurance industry. She has her own know-how on how to bravely advance in the rapid changes of the market and become an “evergreen tree” among her peers.

“My biggest feeling during these years of work is that without in-depth and personalized communication with customers, the exhibition work can only stay on a superficial level. Therefore, it is necessary to carefully understand the needs and conditions of customers and design Providing them with a plan that suits them and providing them with the most reasonable protection plan is the key to gaining the trust of our customers,” said Yu Jianping.

Starting from the needs of customers is a principle she has adhered to in her many years of insurance work. A few years ago, a customer was very interested in dividend-paying products. However, after Yu Jianping had detailed communication with the customer and understood the customer’s basic situation, she did not blindly support the customer’s choice, but suggested that the customer first focus on the products that best meet his current needs. For medical and pension insurance, dividend products can be considered after sufficient funds are available. Yu Jianping’s professional and sincere attitude won the customer’s trust, and the customer eventually followed her advice.

“We feel safe buying insurance from A Ping!” We often hear this sentence from Yu Jianping’s customers. Although life insurance marketing models and methods have changed with the times, Yu Jianping’s service principle of “starting from the needs of customers” has never changed.

After going through the difficult early days of starting a business, Yu Jianping now has his own team. “Yu Yang” is the name Yu Jianping gave his team, which means gathering the wisdom of the universe and absorbing the water of hundreds of rivers. In the next step of her career, she will no longer set off alone, but will sail with her partners.

“Getting started in the insurance industry relies on personal ability, and advancement relies on the strength of the team. As a business manager, my requirement for myself is to lead by example and persist in learning, share my successful experience with the team, and use my knowledge of insurance to I love driving the team,” Yu Jianping said.

From harvest to feedback

Those who fight day and night will live up to their time. Starting from scratch and carrying her family on her shoulders, Yu Jianping’s hardships and sweat in the insurance career were far beyond ordinary people, but she poured her love into her career and reaped the rewards of her dreams. Under the leadership of Yu Jianping, the Yuyang team has ranked first in the business volume of the life insurance marketing team of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. Ningbo Branch for more than 20 consecutive years.

For Yu Jianping, the insurance career is a step towards growth and an important part of the value of life. Giving back to the society with gratitude has become the warmest footnote on Yu Jianping’s struggle. Over the years, she has been deeply involved in the field of charity, and her name has been closely connected with many public welfare projects.

In 2006, Yu Jianping assisted 36 Pearl students through the Zhejiang Xinhua Education Foundation to help them complete their college journey, and in 2011 Donated to the Love Library every year; from 2013 to now, through the Cixi Red Cross Society, it has funded Cixi female college students to start their own businesses every year; in 2019 and 2021, donated to the “Carnation” charity project through the Cixi Red Cross Society; in 2020, participated in the Cixi Women Entrepreneurs Association Wish to pair up, donate money and provide materials to poor households in Cixi; in 2021 and 2022, through the Cixi Blue Sky Love Studio, we will help 7 poor students return to school…

  Talking about the future, Yu Jianping said emotionally, “The longer I go, the more I understand the weight of my responsibilities. In the future, I will continue to lead the Yuyang team to use simple, high-quality, and warm services to bring more customers more success.” Real insurance protection.”

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