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Twenty years of brilliance? The original intention remains unchanged, guarding for love? Remembering Li Guangli of China Life Insurance Guizhou Branch

Twenty years of brilliance? The original intention remains unchanged, guarding for love? Remembering Li Guangli of China Life Insurance Guizhou Branch

Editor’s note: 20 years ago, China Life Insurance Company Limited (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance Company”) was successfully listed overseas, creating the world’s largest IPO that year, and returned to domestic A-share listing three years later. In the past 20 years since its listing, China Life Insurance Company has always adhered to the leadership of the party, adhered to the original mission of “insurance is insurance” and “insurance is for the people”, and always adhered to the core corporate culture concept of “becoming yourself, others, and adults”, and being the “beautiful life of the people”. “Guardian” and “builder” of beautiful China. In the past 20 years, with the growth and development of the enterprise, generations of China Life people have a mission and forge ahead, actively participating in the wave of the times when the insurance industry serves the national economy and people’s livelihood, and striving to paint a picture of the times when insurance benefits the people.

Li Guang spent 24 years from setting up a stall for consultation and bringing good insurance services to thousands of households. This excellent agent from Guizhou Branch of China Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “China Life Insurance”) has always adhered to the “customer-centric” concept, practiced responsibility with professionalism, and won trust with integrity. Build reputation with sincerity. On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the listing of China Life Insurance Company, we specially interviewed this insurance “veteran” to tell her story of growing together with customers, partners, and the times.

Become yourself and others, 24 years of continuous service

  1999 is a special year,Near the turn of the century, wave after wave of cultural and economic new waves are bringing huge impact to people. The gifts of the future are coming one after another, and Li Guangli also ushered in the beginning of her career. At the end of summer of this year, she joined Huaxi Branch of China Life Insurance with her ignorance and longing for the life insurance industry.

In the hot summer, Li Guangli can always be seen busy at the insurance consultation booth in front of the Huaxi branch, and she can hear her voice patiently explaining insurance rights and security services to customers. The small consulting booth became the first stop for Li Guangli’s life insurance business.

During the consultation service, an old man would always stop by the consultation booth for a while, but when Li Guangli asked if he needed help, the old man just shook his head and left. At that time, few people took the initiative to pay attention to insurance, and even fewer elderly people paid attention to insurance. This caught Li Guangli’s attention. Two months later, when she saw the old man again at the consultation booth, she took the initiative to ask. After chatting, it was discovered that the old man’s son died in a traffic accident, leaving behind a grandson who was only one and a half years old. The daughter-in-law ran away from home because of the burden of the family. The two old men are retired workers of Liupanshui Factory and Mine. Their monthly retirement salary is less than 2,000 yuan. They want to know whether insurance can provide more protection for their families, but they are afraid of paying high insurance premiums.

Li Guangli felt both sympathy and regret for what happened to this family. Through communication with the old man, she learned about each other’s needs and financial situation. Considering that the two old men are too old, the grandson’s future growth also needs real financial protection. Finally, she helped the old man plan the grandson’s financial situation according to the family’s financial situation. Education and critical illness protection for the elderly.

  After the grandson became an adult, as the economic situation improved, the old couple reunited.Successively purchased accident insurance, annuity insurance and other products.So far, the old coupleA total of 7 long-term insurance policies have been insured, 5 of which have expired. Insurance solves the grandson’s accident, medical care, and pension problems, so that the two elders can enjoy their old age without any worries. Until now, every year she regularly visits the elderly family,The elderly pay renewal premiumsshe picks up and drops off in person, and her sincere service has never been compromised by the size of the policy.

From salespersons and business directors to business managers, group managers, the president of the star club of the provincial company, and the director of the elite club of the head office, what remains unchanged is Li Guangli’s original intention of giving back to customers with high-quality services and safeguarding the people’s better life. She firmly believes that every insurance policy is not only a series of numbers, but also bears the love and responsibility of thousands of families, and every insurance has a hope. In her 24 years of practice, she has provided insurance services to 3,815 clients in total, and the amount of claims has exceeded 5 million yuan.

Adults achieve themselves, and share the taste of life with their partners

For the pioneers who entered Guiyang Insurance in the late 1990s, they tasted the most “bitterness” among the ups and downs. However, Li Guangli, who has slashed through thorns and thorns in the life insurance business, is not fighting alone. The support of her partners along the way has also become a huge driving force for her to move forward.

Li Guangli and her team inevitably felt helpless and frustrated in the initial stage of business development, as the customers did not understand and accept the setbacks one after another. But they did not give up their pursuit of the insurance business, and encouraged each other to go through the most difficult period. Together with his team members, Li Guangli went out to show business, braved the wind and rain, walked the streets and alleys, and accumulated a lot of advanced experience in Huaxi’s insurance industry.

To quickly expand the market, first of all, we must give full play to the advantages of the Huaxi regional agricultural network. Li Guangli actively went to Mengguan, Xiaobi, Shiban, Qingyan, and Huchao outlets to assist the person in charge of the outlets to establish a working model, expand business methods, and conduct training at the outlets every Monday. After half a year of support, Xiaobi outlets were successfully established, and the first-year regular insurance premium exceeded 3 million.

Secondly, we must shape the concept of customer service. Li Guangli and her team insist on the same for large and small orders, and the same for pre-sales and after-sales. To be a warm-hearted insurance practitioner, keep the needs of customers in mind, let insurance truly return to its origin, and become a practical guarantee for increasing the people’s ability to resist risks.

From one person to more than one hundred people, Li Guangli has witnessed Huaxi Company from weak to strong, from small to large. Fortunately, most of the partners who have worked together are still around. There are many who have worked in Li Guangli’s team for more than 10 years, and more than 20 years. The same career ideals and Li Guangli’s dedication to the life insurance business have allowed the team to go better and further along the way.

Keep the original intention and make the insurance business more warm

24 years is a long time, enough to witness a person’s growth process; 24 years is too short, looking back is only a glimpse of a long life. When talking about the future at the end of the interview with Li Guangli, “keep the original intention” is what she said the most. Li Guangli said: “We must move forward, but we must not forget the path we have traveled; no matter how far we go, and no matter how bright the future is, we must not forget why we started.”

For Li Guangli, the original intention is not just a propaganda slogan, but a stack of thick insurance policies to provide protection for customers, and it is also a mobile phone that has never been turned off for 24 years in the business. Give back to every customer with sincere service, adhering to the concept of “becoming yourself, others, and being yourself”, throughout Li Guangli’s career.

The same is true for China Life Insurance, which was successfully listed 20 years ago. Since its listing, China Life has always adhered to the leadership of the party, adhered to the original mission of “insurance as insurance” and “insurance for the people”, and always insisted on being the “guardian” of a better life and the “builder” of a beautiful motherland, advancing with the times and Prosperity of the times.

On the occasion of the 20th anniversary of the company’s listing, Li Guangli also sent his blessings, “I hope that China Life will continue to develop steadily and healthily. I also hope that colleagues in the industry can continue to protect the beauty of customers with integrity and professional services, so that insurance can enter thousands of families. households, and deliver the temperature and positive energy of insurance to the society.”

(Photo: Li Guangli)

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