Tustin China Burger continues to improve its food safety management system and strengthen food safety supervision measures


In order to consolidate the main responsibilities of enterprises and conscientiously implement the “Regulations on the Supervision and Management of Enterprises’ Implementation of Main Responsibilities for Food Safety” issued by the State Administration for Market Regulation (hereinafter referred to as the “Regulations”), Tustin has refined the “responsibility assigned to individuals” based on the company’s circumstances. Based on the specific requirements, the “Food Safety Risk Daily Control, Weekly Investigation, and Monthly Scheduling Work System” (hereinafter referred to as the “Work System”) was established. This move by Tustin aims to implement the main responsibility for food safety and effectively protect the safety of consumers’ tongues.

  Standardization of the “responsibility to people” system

In order to better implement the “Regulations”, Tustin has standardized the “responsibility to each person” system and established the position of food safety director at the headquarters. The subsidiaries at all levels have also established complete food safety teams to assist the main persons in charge. Effectively manage food safety work. During the implementation process, Tustin emphasized that the main person in charge, the food safety director and the food safety officer should jointly bear the responsibility for the implementation and supervision of the system to ensure the comprehensive and effective advancement of food safety work.

In addition, Tustin has also developed a strictly standardized and detailed process food safety checklist. It is reported that the list covers many aspects such as production environment conditions, incoming goods inspection, operating procedures, storage control, personnel management, grease management, etc., and can conduct timely and effective scientific investigation of store environment and food safety hazards in an all-round way, which is different from the traditional ” Different from the “based on feeling and experience” type of health screening, by strictly following standardized procedures, the comprehensiveness and accuracy of the screening work can be ensured.

  Feedback on food safety status by time period and level

In fact, Tustin, as a restaurant chain brand that specializes in Chinese burgers, not only uses hand-rolled and freshly grilled burgers, but also combines hand-rolled burgers with five-flavor fillings to create burgers that are more in line with Chinese tastes. In addition, we continue to invest in enhancing consumer confidence in product safety and quality.

In order to further strengthen food safety management, Tustin has established a dedicated working team consisting of a brand center and an operations center. The team concentrated on studying the relevant documents of the “Regulations” and the spirit of the meeting, and based on these learning results, the “Food Safety Risk Daily Control, Weekly Investigation, and Monthly Scheduling Work System” was formed. This system comprehensively improves food safety management through daily control, inspection and dispatch. At the same time, Tustin also publicized and interpreted the specific provisions of the “Two Responsibilities” in the “Regulations” to relevant departments at all levels to ensure that all employees have a consistent ideological consensus and work together to promote food safety management. And through the establishment of a “Working System”, the store, under the supervision of the food safety director and food safety officer, methodically conducts daily management and control, careful inspections, monthly dispatching work, and provides feedback on food safety conditions in time periods and levels to effectively fulfill food safety requirements. Safety risk self-examination requirements strengthen the dynamic management of food safety risks, ensure timely discovery, reporting and resolution of food safety hazards, and strengthen the management and supervision of food safety.

In this regard, Tustin staff also said: “The company organizes food safety training to help us understand and effectively implement the three tasks of daily control, weekly inspection, and monthly dispatch, and soundly record and manage food safety work in daily operations. “Every link.” According to reports, after Tustin established the “Working System”, it not only actively promoted training on the system of online subsidiaries at all levels, but also continuously checked and revised the implementation of the “Working System” after the training, so as to Ensure the effective implementation of the system and the standardized operation of the company’s food safety management.

Food safety is no small matter. In the future, Tustin will continue to supervise the brand’s own food safety, standardize market operation procedures, effectively protect the legitimate rights and interests of consumers, create a consumption environment where people can “buy with confidence, eat with confidence”, and make every effort to protect consumption. Safety on the tip of your tongue.


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