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Trendy managers gathered together to launch a new business layout with the four engines of Hepingwuyue

Trendy managers gathered together to launch a new business layout with the four engines of Hepingwuyue

On December 28, Tianjin business ushered in a new landmark event.

At the Hepingwuyue New Year Thanksgiving Party held in the “Joyful Peace, More Vitality” Hepingwuyue New Year’s Eve Party, Xincheng Commercial launched the Hepingwuyue Plaza urban complex to create the city’s international consumption center business district and revitalize the century-old Golden Street commercial landmark.

Nearly a hundred high-quality brands came to the Hepingwuyue New Year Thanksgiving Party. Many leading brands and managers from retail, fashion, entertainment, catering, etc. reached strategic alliances and settlement agreements with Tianjin Hepingwuyue; marking the upcoming arrival of Hepingwuyue. On Pingjin Street, a new stage of rejuvenated business will be opened up.

  Business returns to city centers

The business district where Heping Wuyue Plaza is located is one of the core business districts in Tianjin’s urban development in recent years, and it is the largest in Tianjin.

Under the “Haihe Talent Plan” process, Tianjin ushered in a new urban interface and population inflow, and commercial consumption demand increased accordingly, and the updated planning and construction of Heping Business District came into being in response to the situation. In July 2021, the State Council selected Tianjin as one of the first batch of international consumption center cultivation cities, and the Heping Business District has high hopes. The “Decision on Promoting and Ensuring the Construction of an International Consumption Center City” and the “Tianjin Action Plan to Accelerate the Construction of an International Consumption Center City” (2023 -2027)” and other documents have clearly stated the focus on building peaceful consumption, appropriately deploying large-scale commercial complexes, optimizing urban development and business district layout, expanding service consumption, cultivating fashion and quality consumption, and the location of Peace Wuyue is the core of the business district. Known as the “city center”, it can be said to be the center of passenger flow and consumption. It will undoubtedly be a business card and a bright new commercial banner; currently, with the Heping Wuyue project as the center, it is 3 kilometers from Binjiang Road to Heping Road. As a radius, it has a variety of commercial projects such as shopping malls, block blocks, commercial centers, top-level residences and hotels, and department stores. It is a high-quality lifestyle consumption destination in Tianjin. Looking back on the development process, we see that Heping Business District is constantly innovating, It continues to grow, but remains the brightest star in Tianjin’s urban commercial landscape. For brands, location and location are the primary factors in choosing a location; in the era of stock and the market is approaching saturation, such as Hepingwuyue, which is located in the core consumer business district of the city, has huge commercial power and unlimited business opportunities. New projects are rare.

With the theme of “Joyful Peace and Vitality”, this New Year’s Thanksgiving Party set up keynote speeches, high-end dialogues, brand sharing, and the release of Wuyue consumer insight research results to convey the glory of happy business and help Tianjin’s rapid business development. At this private dinner, Shi Zhiwei, general manager of the North China region of the Commercial Management Division of Xincheng Holding Group, delivered a speech and said that Xincheng Business is still continuing to deepen its expansion in North China. Currently, Wuyue has 9 stores in 4 cities in the North China region, covering Tianjin, Hebei, and Inner Mongolia. Through four years of intensive work, the three major provinces and municipalities have continued to release regional and large-scale business aggregation, driving regional business upgrades and iterations. In the future, they will continue to focus on in-depth operations and empower new business models in cities.

  The box era upgrades CITY WALK commercial space is coming

In the era of commercial stock, box business competition has intensified and consumer appeal has weakened. Under the guidance of changes in consumer demand, there are strong calls for a more open, more interesting, and more diversified commercial space. More and more brands are turning to these emerging markets.

Heping Wuyue Plaza has noticed this trend and quickly started space innovation; it is more three-dimensional, more fashionable and more interesting – fashionable but not trendy, affordable but high-frequency consumption, with a friendly and relaxed “exquisite and relaxed feeling” in its temperament. “The exclusive special trump card was revealed.

It is reported that the upgraded Hepingwuyue project has a total volume of 42,000 square meters and is integrated with mid- to high-end hotels, office buildings, consumer shopping, commercial blocks, and high-end apartments on Binjiang Road, and will soon awaken the new vitality of the century-old Golden Street. The most commendable thing is that in terms of commercial space form, Heping Wuyue launched the first CITY WALK urban roaming commercial space – breaking the stereotyped box form of the past, integrating openness, freedom, relaxation and roaming that are most popular among young people nowadays. The cultural concept of nature, humanities, green and sustainable development uses the roaming system to create a personalized, cool and interesting shopping scene. The commercial content positioning starts with the four major engines of “relaxing life”. The “fireworks collection” covers wine restaurants and food, and “having fun” The four distinctive business themes of “Fanqu Entertainment”, “Youhaoshi” in-depth shopping, and “Roaming Club” scene social experience have completed the construction of a pioneering fashion matrix and also improved a comprehensive layout based on daily life.

  Circle consumption builds insights into the diversified development ecology

The space innovation of Hepingwuyue not only greatly improves the utilization rate of existing space, but also systematically activates the symbiotic energy between different business formats, forming a steady stream of brand power and consumption power, and creating a diversified development ecology for the brands settled in. The project uses the Wuyue Insight System to conduct an in-depth analysis of surrounding and customer needs, focusing on the young power circle, and continuously integrating online and offline to help the project take the initiative efficiently and grasp young consumption. In the future, it will continue to use culture, community and lifestyle Comprehensive operations, jointly with strategic cooperative brands, integration and symbiosis in sports, music entertainment, art, culture and other fields to provide young consumers with more diversified interactive entertainment experiences; in the future, we will plan to create more content and space highlights, using technology Overlaying scenes allows brands to directly communicate with young consumers in an immersive and interactive space, and continuously outputs fashion concepts and new consumption experiences of “youthfulness” and “innovation”.

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