Transwarp Technology was invited to participate in the special interpretation activity of “White Paper on Cross-Border Data Circulation Compliance and Technology Application”

Transwarp Technology was invited to participate in the special interpretation activity of “White Paper on Cross-Border Data Circulation Compliance and Technology Application”

Recently, the open source community of the Open Islands held a special interpretation activity on the “White Paper on Cross-Border Data Circulation Compliance and Technology Application (2022)”. Transwarp Technology, as one of the writing units of the white paper, was invited to participate. Senior Product Director Wang Jian delivered a keynote speech on “Cross-Border Security Circulation Solution Based on Data Security Gateway”.

Transwarp Technology is committed to creating enterprise-level big data basic software. Based on years of accumulation in the fields of big data, distributed databases, privacy computing, and data security circulation, it has developed a series of tools for the entire process of data element circulation. Provide data delivery services for data resource parties and data consumers on the premise of leaving the domain. In September 2022, Transwarp Technology was invited to attend the “Shenzhen Data Exchange” data compliance event to share data security export solutions. In 2021, Transwarp Technology will become the first batch of contracted data providers of Shanghai Data Exchange. In December 2022, Transwarp Technology and China Eastcom’s Beibu Gulf Big Data Trading Center reached a strategic cooperation.

This “White Paper” gathers the wisdom of industry experts, legal experts, and technical experts in the field, and features the combination of offline compliance and online technical solutions for cross-border data circulation. It is the first concentrated display of cross-border data technology solutions to explore technical means to realize efficient flow of cross-border data.

With the vigorous development of the digital economy, the trend of integrating into the cross-border flow of global data is inevitable. Data export security governance has received extensive attention. In order to further regulate data export activities, protect personal information rights, safeguard national security and social public interests, and promote data cross-border security, the Cyberspace Administration of China issued the “Data Export Security Assessment Measures”.

Wang Jian pointed out that foreign companies operating in China (especially retail, chemical, etc.), new energy vehicles and ecological companies (including autonomous driving, etc.), international companies and overseas companies, cross-border e-commerce and logistics, and digital-based businesses with financing needs Start-up companies with business innovation are domestic enterprises that urgently need to implement the safe export of data. However, enterprises have some practical difficulties in the security of landing data outbound, which are mainly reflected in: how to classify and classify intricate data, how to identify important data; how to store and manage important data in order to meet the requirements of relevant laws and regulations; necessary business management data , how to be used by overseas business systems; how to achieve continuous data security supervision; multi-level, multi-system, multi-role use and extraction of data, how to prevent internal sensitive data leakage; How to ensure that it is still used safely and compliantly at the place of departure; whether there is a technology-driven data compliance process to reduce human compliance, or make intrusive transformation of the business, etc.

Transwarp Technology’s cross-border security circulation solution based on data security gateway can help enterprises effectively solve these problems. The whole process of outbound data link sorting and sensitivity leak monitoring.

Transwarp Technology has perfected security technology at all levels of the product, so as to provide users with systematic data security protection capabilities. For enterprises with data cross-border needs, Transwarp Technology can provide a set of practical enterprise data security cross-border compliance solutions, provide enterprises with one-stop cross-border data services, and help enterprises carry out data circulation business efficiently and compliantly .

At the infrastructure layer, Transwarp Technology provides a container-based cloud-native operating system TCOS, which not only provides container isolation and image scanning, but also adds vulnerability detection and business-oriented micro-isolation security technology, which can open up an independent platform for users. In the data and computing environment, external services cannot be accessed without authorization, reducing the risk of data exposure to the outside world.

At the data platform layer, TDH, the basic big data platform of Transwarp Technology, has done a lot of security reinforcement in the new version. One is the introduction of micro-isolation security technology, and the second is that the database supports new capabilities such as row and column level authority control and dynamic desensitization. , optimized data transparent encryption and supported algorithms using national secrets, and the third is to enhance data audit capabilities.

In terms of security protection at the data asset layer, Transwarp Technology’s data desensitization software Defensor can help enterprises build the entire data security management domain; the data circulation platform Transwarp Navier, including the privacy computing platform Sophon P²C and the data transaction portal, provides services including federated learning, Technical capabilities such as differential privacy, and business capabilities such as data publishing and data contracts.


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