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Transformation of scientific research results boosts new achievements in high-quality medical development

Transformation of scientific research results boosts new achievements in high-quality medical development

From November 16th to 19th, the 2023 China Conference on Integrated Oncology (CCHIO) was officially held at the National Convention and Exhibition Center (Tianjin). The Science and Technology Innovation Achievements Exhibition opened simultaneously. The total area of ​​the exhibition hall is about 12,500 square meters. The site is divided into industry-university-research transformation, science and technology There are 4 key display areas including independent innovation, corporate social responsibility, and cutting-edge technology. A total of 72 main units from scientific and technological innovation enterprises, social groups, medical institutions, and media across the country participated in the exhibition.

Among them, as the birthplace of my country’s oncology, the National Clinical Medical Research Center for Malignant Tumors, and the output unit of the National Cancer Regional Medical Center, Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital focused on the hospital’s important contributions and latest developments in the field of tumor prevention and treatment, based on my country’s oncology The historical process of construction explains the beginning and development of “high ethics, medical essence, advocating innovation and perfection”, and reflects the new achievements of clinical, scientific research and achievement transformation in supporting the high-quality development of the hospital.

  Build a high-level cancer translational medicine research platform to reach the key commanding heights of medical research

Tianjin Medical University Cancer Hospital is the birthplace of oncology in my country. It has achieved many major breakthroughs and scientific and technological achievements in more than 160 years. Currently, it has 1 national key laboratory, 5 provincial and ministerial key laboratories, 2 national innovation teams of the Ministry of Education, and 1 innovation team in key areas of the Ministry of Science and Technology. It effectively plays the leading role of high-level leaders and creates peak leadership and layout. A new pattern of optimized, cross-integrated discipline construction will promote the construction and coordinated development of discipline clusters. Among them, the research and application promotion of key technologies for early diagnosis and early treatment of breast cancer, the establishment and clinical application of a precise diagnosis and treatment system for pancreatic cancer, the improvement and standardization and update of vascular targeted therapy through targeted translational research, and the surgical precision diagnosis and treatment system for non-small cell lung cancer The establishment and application of “Tianzhuang Program” have won the first prize of the National and Tianjin Science and Technology Progress Awards many times.

The hospital is one of the first batch of national clinical medical research centers for malignant tumors. Since its approval in 2013, it has established a collaborative research network consisting of a national center, 10 branch centers, more than 30 regional centers and grassroots units. The center has built a high-end platform for translational medicine and clinical research, actively carried out translational medical research on tumor prevention and treatment, promoted the construction of a scientific and technological innovation system for tumor prevention and control, cultivated and introduced a high-level talent team, and built and improved a tumor biobank, molecular diagnostics and Bioinformatics platform and clinical research evaluation platform. Carry out clinical and translational research, cultivate multidisciplinary innovative research teams, and promote innovative breakthroughs and popularization in the field of oncology. It has now become a technological innovation and achievement transformation country for clinical research, collaborative innovation, academic exchanges, talent training, achievement transformation, and promotion and application. Science and technology innovation base.

Continue to pay attention to the “pain points” in the field of cancer prevention and treatment and build new peaks on the plateau

The achievement exhibition also highlighted the hospital’s active attempts in exploring the construction of an “online Tianzhu” Internet hospital. Since its launch in 2020, Internet hospitals and offline physical hospitals have achieved data sharing and business collaboration, providing seamless online and offline services, allowing more data to travel, allowing people to run less errands, and greatly improving citizens’ medical satisfaction.

In the past three years, Tianjin Cancer Hospital has actively promoted Internet diagnosis and treatment services, given full play to the role of Internet hospitals in primary medical services, continuously innovated medical service methods, and enriched the content of health services. Tianjin Cancer Hospital Internet Hospital has implemented online medical record sending functions, pathology report query functions, queuing functions, cloud film functions, issuance of diagnosis certificates, radiotherapy query functions, cloud clinics, pre-consultation, home care, and electronic invoices and other functions.

At present, Tianjin Cancer Hospital has more than 800,000 registered people in the Internet hospital, with a total of more than 500,000 appointments and registrations, more than 350,000 diagnosis and treatment services, 1 million report inquiries, and 6 million health science promotions, providing services to more than 100,000 people. Medical record delivery and diagnosis certificate delivery services are provided. Its service radius has been expanded to the whole country, especially for return patients and patients from other places whose conditions are relatively stable. After patients leave the hospital, they do not need to go back and forth to the hospital unless necessary. A professional medical team provides one-on-one online guidance on pre-diagnosis, diagnosis, postoperative recovery, review and other issues. Patients can interact with doctors online at home, avoiding the need to go to and from the hospital. Achieve whole-course health management through all the setbacks.

The “online Tianzhu” model of Tianjin Cancer Hospital Internet Hospital has expanded the scope of medical services and built a new model of full life cycle health management for cancer patients. It has successively won Tianjin’s 2021 “Internet + Medical Health” Demonstration Project, the 2022 National “Top 100 Internet Hospital Practice Cases”, the 2022 China Modern Hospital Management Smart Hospital Outstanding Case, and the 2022 China Hospital Management Award Smart Hospital Region Excellence Award, selected for the 2022 “Exhibition of China’s Internet Civilization Construction Achievements in the New Era” hosted by the Central Civilization Office and the Central Cyberspace Administration of China.

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