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[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]Winter disease and summer treatment improve physical fitness, fever and allergies, do not use Sanfu paste

[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]Winter disease and summer treatment improve physical fitness, fever and allergies, do not use Sanfu paste

Text: Ke Shengwen “Kang Jian”

Question 1: What is San Fu Tie?

Sanfu paste is a combination of the words “sanfu” and “paste moxibustion”. It is named “moxibustion” because it can foam and cause a little itching and irritation, like a fire. This is a traditional Chinese medicine therapy that has been passed down since ancient times. Choose the hottest “dog days” of the year, and apply the medicine cake to the acupuncture points on the patient’s back about every 10 days, using the stimulation of the skin to make it congest and foam , and achieve the therapeutic effect, after 3 times, the root cause of the disease can be removed.

So, what can Sanfu paste cure? Humans and nature echo each other. During the dog days, the weather is usually the hottest, and when the human body’s yang energy is at its strongest, it can also get help from external yang energy. At this time, apply pungent and warm traditional Chinese medicine on the body, expel phlegm, and dredge the meridians to get rid of Yin and cold in the body, and treat chronic diseases, which can improve allergic rhinitis, asthma and other diseases that often occur in winter, achieving “curing winter diseases in summer” Effect. Because it has the effect of dispelling cold and warming yang, it is especially suitable for people with “deficiency and cold constitution”.

Question 2: When is the dog days?

Dog days refer to the third Geng day after the summer solstice, the fourth Geng day and the first Geng day after the beginning of autumn. These are the hottest 3 days of the year, which are the so-called first, middle, and last days, when moxibustion is performed with medicine sticking. The dog days of 2023 this year are July 11, July 21 and August 10.

However, the application time of dog days is not limited to these 3 days. You can choose to apply the sticking treatment on any day in each volt period during July and August when the weather is hot and the yang energy is strong.

The time for applying Sanfu stickers is:

Chufu: July 11th to July 20th

Zhongfu: July 21st to August 9th

Mofu: August 10th to August 19th

The time of the dog days is not fixed every year. The first and last days are 10 days each, and the middle time is 10 or 20 days in different years.

Question 3: What is the effect of Sanfu paste?

Hualien Tzu Chi Hospital pointed out that the efficacy of Sanfu paste has been scientifically proven in recent years. In a well-known journal in the United States, there are papers confirming that “Sanfu paste acupoint therapy” can increase non-specific immune function, and the function of the pituitary gland and adrenal cortex system, can effectively reduce the allergic state, and achieve the effect of anti-allergy.

Some studies have shown that continuous treatment with Sanfu paste for 3 years can achieve over 80% curative effect on asthma and allergic rhinitis.

Sanfu paste can improve many symptoms of the human body, and its main effects include:

1. Improve allergic constitution

2. Asthma

3. Allergic rhinitis

4. Allergic bronchitis

5. Chronic obstructive pneumonia

6. Recurrent colds

7. People with cold hands and feet and weak constitution

8. Dysmenorrhea and irregular menstruation

9. Chronic diarrhea

10. Rheumatic joint pain

Question 4: Does Sanfu paste have any side effects?

It is generally recommended for adults to apply for 0.5 to 4 hours according to the doctor’s instructions; for children, it takes 0.5 to 1 hour before the cake can be removed by themselves. During the treatment period, it does not hinder the normal use of other drugs.

Hu Yufang, a traditional Chinese medicine doctor, said that the Sanfu patch is highly safe and effective. The white mustard seed and ginger juice in it are skin irritating, which can help the medicine penetrate the skin, but it is also easy to cause skin discomfort. The common side effect is a burning sensation on the skin where it is applied , redness, itching, or blisters.

Usually the application time is shorter than 4 hours, the chance of causing obvious skin side effects will be greatly reduced, and the burning, red and itchy skin will disappear with time. If there are small blisters, please do not scratch the skin and keep the skin clean and dry. It is recommended to remove the medicine cake in advance and apply an appropriate anti-inflammatory ointment.

Question 5: Who is not suitable for the taboo of Sanfu paste?

Since the Sanfu paste is applied with warming medicine, it is highly irritating, so you must first go to the clinic for evaluation by a doctor. As long as you have the following conditions, the application willThere are contraindications, it is not recommended to undergo a course of treatment:

1. Patients with partial heat constitution

2. People with sensitive skin: For example, people whose skin will foam a lot after a short time of application.It is recommended that first-timers can shorten the application time and observe skin changes

3. People with special skin diseases

4. Pregnant women: During pregnancy, hormones fluctuate greatly, and the regulation of yin and yang, qi and blood also changes accordingly. Sanfu paste may indirectly affect the balance of yin and yang in the mother’s body, causing discomfort

5. Infants under 1 year old

6. Those who have a fever and have a thermal inflammatory response (such as tonsil inflammation)

7. Severe chronic diseases, such as insufficient cardiopulmonary function

8. Infectious diseases (such as pneumonia)

9. During menstruation

Question 6: Points to note during the three-volt sticking period

During the application of San Fu Tie, you should pay attention to the following diet and living habits, so as not to affect the curative effect.

1. Avoid raw and cold food.

2. Avoid eating foods that are prone to allergies such as seafood, shrimp and crab.

3. Avoid greasy, spicy and other irritating food, as well as alcohol and tobacco.

4. It is advisable to stay in a cool room without sweating, avoid contact with cold air, and try not to blow air-conditioning or fans.

5. Avoid taking cold showers, soaking in cold water, and swimming.

6. It is not recommended to go to sleep directly when applying the patch, nor is it recommended to be exposed to the sun or engage in intense activities (cause the drug cloth to fall off).

7. If you have dry mouth and frequent urination, drink plenty of water.

Question 7: Where can I make the three-volt paste?

In the general Chinese medicine clinics, most of them provide the application treatment of Sanfu paste.

When applying the Dog Day Plaster for a patient, professional doctors will also select different combinations of acupoints according to the patient’s constitution. They can also take Chinese medicine prescriptions, acupuncture, and auricular point sticking to enhance the effect. After the dog days, it can provide continuous treatment. To help improve symptoms such as nasal allergies and asthma.

It is recommended that the public consult a professional physician first, and do not purchase and use it by themselves, so as to ensure the safety and effectiveness of the treatment.

Chinese Medicine Physician Hu Yufang

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