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[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]Avoid eating ginseng and red dates and sunbathing your back to enhance yang energy. Children should not overdo it for physical strength

[Traditional Chinese medicine goes beyond the line]Avoid eating ginseng and red dates and sunbathing your back to enhance yang energy. Children should not overdo it for physical strength

Text: Li Yundi “Ming Pao”

(Hong Kong News) The theory of traditional Chinese medicine believes that the physiological characteristics of children are vigorous vitality, rapid development, and yang energy. “, which means that their bodies are constantly growing upwards, which is the fastest growing stage.

Physician Liang Yinqian pointed out that if supplements are added when the yang energy is at its peak, it will be “too much”. It will burn harder and harder. From the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the dosage for children around 12 years old is the adult dosage, and you can adjust this standard.

Tonic is based on the principle of taste

She said that children’s physique is generally hot, with abundant yang in the body, and they are in the stage of rapid development. The yang is sufficient, and generally no special supplements are needed. If their constitution is particularly weak, such as long-term illness, frequent cold hands and feet, blue lips and pale lips, or dizziness and discomfort after walking two extra steps, proper supplementation can help strengthen their constitution.

She believes that children’s tonic should be based on the principle of taste. For example, the snake soup and mutton stew that adults usually eat in winter are warm and suitable for people who are weak for a long time and who are afraid of cold. Children can also try it, but it is not suitable to eat it frequently. Occasionally, it is okay to eat once every two or three weeks. Yes, but pay attention to the amount of food you eat. Snake soup can be a small bowl (with a diameter not exceeding 3 inches) at most, and the amount of mutton should not exceed 100 grams at a time.

As for nourishing medicinal materials such as ginseng, deer antler, etc., red date tea for nourishing qi and nourishing blood, etc., they are all warm and hot, so children should not be suitable to avoid “over-tonation”. Ginger tea, which has the effect of dispelling cold, is also a warming thing. For children, it is suitable to drink ginger unless they have a cold, or worry about catching a cold after being exposed to rain, or feel sick when motion sickness. Tea, which can help drive away the cold in the body. You don’t need to drink it on weekdays to avoid overfilling.

“Once ‘overdosing’, the body will have different conditions due to heat, such as red eyes, yellow nose, red and swollen throat, etc. There may also be skin rashes, gastrointestinal pain, diarrhea, constipation, etc., and even affect children Emotions, such as frequent crying, irritability, restless sleep at night, etc.”

Avoid eating raw or cold uncooked food

Children are not suitable for tonic, so how to adjust it properly?

Liang Yinqian reminded parents, first of all, avoid letting them eat some foods that will reduce the yang energy in the body, including raw and cold foods, such as uncooked or foods that are lower than room temperature; secondly, avoid eating more sweet foods, because these Things that are heavy on dampness can easily injure the spleen and stomach and make the body more likely to accumulate dampness.

However, desserts such as soft drinks and ice cream have always been favorites of children. How to make them “stay away”?

Liang Yinqian, who has a 9-year-old son and a 6-year-old daughter, said that children usually don’t like the feeling of “throat piercing” when they are asked to taste soda, and they are no exception.

“And soda water, like soda water, is an aerated drink. After having experience with soda water, they believe that soda water is also a ‘throat-piercing drink’, so they will not take the initiative to drink it.”

“And I don’t recommend that children drink canned juice, because there may be some added ingredients in it, why not eat a fruit normally?”

And her children don’t know how to eat ice cream at home, “(They) save the quota for ice cream on special days, for example, when they have dinner with a group of children, they can taste ice cream. After all, they have to live a normal social life of children, otherwise they will mutate But the day after eating the ice cream, they all expressed a little discomfort in the throat and nasal allergies, etc., so I took the opportunity to remind them that these are the sequelae of eating ‘raw and cold food’, so that they can know the consequences.”

Blowing the back with a heater indoors

Liang Yinqian also suggested that children should be allowed to sunbathe their backs outdoors every day to enhance their yang energy.

She believes that from the perspective of traditional Chinese medicine, the yang meridian of the human body mostly runs on the back, with sufficient yang energy, it is naturally capable of expelling various external evils, so basking in the back can help improve yang energy. The Governor Vessel governs the Yang Meridian of the whole body, and can govern the Yang Qi of the human body, which is the sea of ​​Yang Vessels.

“The Du Meridian is a meridian extending from the spine on the back to the center of the head. It runs along 28 points, of which 2 points are on the buttocks, 12 points are on the lower back, and the remaining 14 points are distributed on the head.”

“In addition, the three yang meridians of the hand and foot all intersect with the governor vessel and meet at the spine. The three yang meridians of the hand run from the hands to the head, and the three yang meridians of the foot run through the whole body. The most numerous meridian is also the meridian that runs through the whole body, and has the most profound impact on health, especially this meridian has an important acupoint connected to the internal organs – Beishu point.”

“Basking your back in the sun is the most direct and simple way,

But sometimes it may not be possible due to weather problems.

It is recommended to use a heater to blow the back indoors, or put warm patches on the back,

Even massaging the back with pre-heated palms can also increase the effect of Yang Qi.

Do it for 15 to 20 minutes a day, suitable for both adults and children. “

Soaking feet in hot water can also promote blood circulation and help dispel cold.

It can improve the problem of cold feet that often occurs in cold weather.

Liang Yinqian believes that,

Letting children soak their feet is a good parent-child activity.

“Parents can let their children soak their feet before they go to bed. The water temperature should not be too hot. Warm water is fine, so as not to damage their tender skin. Let the water soak up to the eyes of their feet, 3 or 4 times a week, 3 to 3 times a time. For 5 minutes, it can help promote blood circulation in the feet, not only keep the feet warm, but also make it easier to fall asleep.”

Sunbathing outdoors—Chinese medicine believes that sunbathing can help improve Yang Qi. Parents may wish to take their children for a walk outdoors.

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