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[Traditional Chinese medicine beyond the line]Establish a sense of regularity, relaxation and healing rituals to help settle the body and mind

[Traditional Chinese medicine beyond the line]Establish a sense of regularity, relaxation and healing rituals to help settle the body and mind

Text: Wang Muyin “Ming Pao”

(Hong Kong News) #selflove, #selfcare, #EverythingShower are recent popular hashtags on social media, all of which remind everyone to take good care of themselves physically and mentally.

Touching the body can help reduce stress

Take an aromatherapy bath at home, have a drink before going to bed, and take care of your body and mind through “little rituals” in life, which is exactly the same as the concept of everything shower that is very popular on social media recently.

Clinical psychologist Liao Jiamin said that everything shower is a ceremonial self-care behavior, and everyone defines it differently. She explained that in the busy life, make time for yourself and do a series of behaviors with established order and symbolic meaning.

“When we design and implement a ritual, it means we have control, especially when life is uncertain. The sense of ritual helps to establish rules, give people a sense of security, and regain control. The soul is comforted.”

The original intention of the Everything shower is comprehensive cleaning and care, including hair care, skin care, bathing, and even hair removal. Some people will also play music and light aromatherapy, which is suitable for each; the most important thing is to enjoy, relax and heal during the process.

Liao Jiamin pointed out that everyone’s “click” is different. Simple as a daily shower can also relax and heal. When taking a bath, pay attention to the contact between the water flow and the skin, and feel the touch of hands and skin when the shower gel is rubbed on the body.

“Don’t underestimate these details. Many studies have pointed out that whether touching yourself or being touched by others will stimulate a hormone ‘aphrodisiac’, which can help reduce stress and also have a self-soothing effect.”

Letting go of emotional backlogs

What exactly do selflove and selfcare do? Do you have to take a shower?

Liao Jiamin said that many people ask this kind of question. They think that they need to actually do certain things to be effective. If you turn selflove and selfcare into a list, such as eating better, buying handbags, etc., and even lamenting “I missed one thing this week”, it will only make you nervous.

“selflove and selfcare are not just behaviors, but an attitude,

For example, after a hard day’s work, it is not necessary to spend time in an aromatherapy bath.

You can also choose to let go, do nothing, and give yourself space and time to sort out the backlog of emotions throughout the day.

But many people will not even let go of themselves, and feel that it is a waste of time,

For example, questioning that I was criticized by my boss for not being productive enough during the day,

Is it not motivated enough to spend time emptying out now? “

This is exactly the self-compassion (self-compassion) that needs to be learned, to understand that everyone also has careless moments, and there is no need to be too harsh on yourself. Self-compassion has 3 elements:

1. Treat yourself with kindness

When you feel frustrated or criticized, you should respond to your emotional needs with tolerance and understanding, and regain your strength and courage to move on.

2. Common humanity

No one is perfect, everyone has difficult times. Times, circumstances, and details vary, but everyone faces adversity, and in the end it will pass. Thinking this way will give you the strength to get through difficult times.

3. Mindfulness

Consciously and non-judgmentally, be open to thoughts or emotions that come up; feel your body responding at the same time, see them for what they are, and don’t avoid those feelings.

Liao Jiamin gave another example. If you fall and scratch your foot, you will feel pain. This is a real feeling. People who are kind to themselves will understand that everyone may fall, and they need to sit down and rest now, and deal with the wound when they regain their senses; on the contrary, people who do not have self-compassion will blame themselves, “If you make a mistake, you will fall.” , “Get up quickly”, “Walk without eyes”, they are cruel to themselves.

Clinical psychologist Karman Liu

Chinese Aromatherapy

Decompression and soothing

The most popular post on Everything shower, and the sharing of aromatherapy essential oils is indispensable.

There are similarities between Chinese medicine and aromatherapy. Chinese medicine has “four flavors and five flavors”, and aroma is one of the ways to classify Chinese medicine.

Aromatherapist Xiao Yongxian, who is also a registered Chinese medicine practitioner, pointed out that Chinese medicine will make sachets or medicinal pillows from Chinese herbal medicines, and carry them with you or place them on the bedside. The smell is relaxing; and the essential oils used in aromatherapy are also extracted from plants. substance.

essential oil drip into milk

Xiao Yongxian also said that her aromatherapy will bring the theory of traditional Chinese medicine, for example, if the client is relatively cold, he will suggest ginger essential oil. In recent years, Taiwan and Japan also have emerging treatments that combine traditional Chinese medicine and aromatherapy, called Chinese aromatherapy, and the two complement each other.

She introduced several essential oils that can help relieve stress and relax the body and mind. However, it is also reminded not to soak the essential oil directly into the water, because the “ditch oil” cannot be mixed; it is recommended to drip the essential oil into about 300ml of milk as a medium between water and oil, and then pour the milk into the bath water for use.

1. Petitgrain

Sweet orange essential oil gives people a happy and cheerful energy, which makes people full of sunshine and vitality. The special feature of bitter orange is that it has both the sweetness and bitterness of orange. The taste is more complex, like human emotions, not only happiness, but also sadness or pain; therefore, it is suitable for people who feel powerless, tired and lonely for a long time. Change your mood after use. Choose the essential oil made from bitter orange fruit and leaves, which is cheaper than bitter orange blossom.

2. Atlantic cedar (cedarwood atlas)

Atlantic cedar has a tall shape and gives people a sense of stability and calmness. Its pine needles can be extracted into essential oils. Therefore, when feeling uneasy and insecure, Atlantic cedar can give people a sense of stability and confidence. “It gives people courage in difficult times. When there are great changes in life, such as immigration, it supports us to move on.”

3. Vetiver (vetiver)

Vetiver essential oil has a heavy oil content, which gives people a heavy feeling and a delayed fragrance. When people feel frustrated and confused, using vetiver essential oil can make them feel “grounded and stable”.

4. Cypress

When angry or short-tempered, cypress helps restrain anger so that emotions will not be vented on others.

Note when using essential oils:

◆It is not suitable to use 100% essential oil directlymay cause skin sensitivity

◆Aromatherapy oils are mostly mixed with essential oils and base oils in proportion(such as vegetable oil, sweet almond oil, olive oil, sunflower oil, avocado oil, etc.) can be used directly on the skin

◆Avoid using aromatherapy oil on mucous membranes such as the mouth or vagina to avoid allergies

◆Do not take essential oils or diluted essential oils

◆When using tangerine essential oils such as bitter orange, bergamot, sweet orange, and lemon, you should pay attention to “photosensitivity”, because furanocoumarins are contained in them, and exposure to the sun after applying to the skin may cause burns; necessary Photosensitivity-free (FCF) essential oils can be chosen when taking photosensitivity, but the effects of the two essential oils are different

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