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Toyota Motor Finance’s 2-year 0-interest rate plan helps launch the ninth-generation Camry

Toyota Motor Finance’s 2-year 0-interest rate plan helps launch the ninth-generation Camry

As the core force in stimulating domestic demand, automobile consumption has always been a key factor in promoting economic growth. In the past two years, the government has introduced a series of policies aimed at stabilizing and expanding the automobile consumer market. These measures have not only enhanced consumers’ confidence in purchasing cars, but also provided a solid policy foundation for the prosperity and development of the automobile industry. Against this background, automobile manufacturers and financial companies have worked closely together to form dual driving forces to promote automobile consumption by continuously launching new models and launching diversified financial services.

  Automobile manufacturers: launch cost-effective new models, with no price increase for additional equipment

GAC Toyota’s best-selling flagship model, the all-new ninth-generation Camry, was officially launched on March 6. As a global model of Toyota, the Camry has won more than 2.7 million customers since it was officially produced in China in 2016 with its consistent quality genes of “high quality, high durability and high reliability”. Its electric-hybrid dual-engine version combines the advantages of traditional fuel engines and electric motors, and can be used in all scenarios without range anxiety. Its fuel consumption is much lower than that of fuel vehicles of the same class, and it has ultra-long endurance.

This time, it is the first to launch two series, the 2.0L smart electric hybrid dual-engine and the 2.0L gasoline version, with a market guide price of 171,800-206,800 yuan. Among them, the price of hybrid models is significantly lower than that of the previous generation, making the joint venture B-class hybrid sedan enter the 170,000 yuan range for the first time. The value dimension has increased and the price dimension has decreased. The ninth-generation Camry brings users a more advanced driving quality and lower car cost with its high value and attractive price.

  Auto finance company: diversify financial products and services and lower the threshold for car purchase

In today’s automobile market, high-quality financial products and services have become a key factor in driving consumers to purchase cars. Toyota Motor Finance deeply understands the diverse needs of consumers for financing car purchases, and has launched a series of flexible financial solutions for the popular ninth-generation Camry.

Toyota Motor Finance’s 0-interest car purchase plan allows consumers to enjoy high-quality cars without having to bear additional interest burdens. Specifically, consumers can choose to borrow up to 80,000 yuan and enjoy 24 periods of 0-interest discounts, which greatly reduces the upfront cost of buying a car. In addition, for consumers who need longer-term financing arrangements, Toyota Motor Finance also provides a low-interest loan program for 2-5 years, with a loan amount of up to 120,000 yuan and an annualized interest rate of only 3.8%.

Toyota Auto Finance has always adhered to the concept of “treating each other with sincerity and creating unlimited benefits” and is committed to providing consumers with comprehensive financial support. In addition to new car financing solutions, Toyota Auto Finance can also provide financial products covering brand manufacturer certified used cars and multi-brand used cars to help diversify automobile consumption and meet the actual needs of consumers at different consumption stages. Whether it is a new car purchase or a second-hand car transaction, Toyota Auto Finance can provide personalized financial solutions to help consumers easily realize their car buying dreams and build a better life together.

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