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TOSHIBA washing machine’s advanced technology uses every drop of laundry detergent to clean thoroughly

TOSHIBA washing machine’s advanced technology uses every drop of laundry detergent to clean thoroughly

Front-loading washing machine, available in 10kg and 12kg options.

Whenever you are preparing to do laundry and are not sure how much laundry detergent you should use, maybe you are used to filling the lid with laundry detergent, thinking that this will ensure that the clothes are thoroughly washed.ToshibaAW-DUM1300KM(MK)/AW-DUM1100JM(MK) The advanced technology of the washing machine will surely impress you and give you a different laundry experience.

Breakthrough in industry design, Toshiba (TOSHIBA)AW-DUM1300KM(MK)/AW-DUM1100JM(MK) The washing machine adopts Japanese-style mechanical gear structure and is equipped with a push-type dispensing design, allowingEXDOTThe small bag helps users accurately control the amount of laundry detergent and softener.

EXDOTThe small schoolbag is a visually detachable double box design.1000mlThe large-capacity design stores laundry detergent and softener respectively. The transparent design allows you to observe the remaining amount at any time. After filling up, it can be used for a month.Users only need to press lightlyEXDOTA small bag can be used to clean a bucket of clothes, ensuring that the clothes are completely clean.

Hu Wenshun: Based on the usage habits of housewives, Toshiba develops user-friendly functions and technologies to make it more convenient for users.

Hu Boon Soon, senior manager of the washing machine division of Toshiba Home Appliances Business Sales and Service Sdn Bhd in Malaysia, said that most people are accustomed to using the lid of laundry detergent as a measuring cup. However, in this case, it may be difficult to obtain the appropriate amount, resulting in poor laundry cleaning results. , or the laundry detergent runs out quickly.

After considering the opinions of consumers, Toshiba’s R&D teamEXDOTThe function of the small schoolbag emerged as the times require.The user visually checks the amount of laundry each time. For example, if the laundry volume reaches one-third of a bucket, press once to obtain30mlLaundry detergent and softener, press twice according to the laundry amount in half a bucket to obtain60mlof laundry detergent and softener, press three times to obtain a nearly full bucket.60mlof laundry detergent and softener. In this way, you are not afraid of insufficient or excessive amounts of laundry detergent, and can control the dosage of laundry detergent and softener within a reasonable range, which not only avoids the worry of laundry detergent remaining on clothes.

The EXDOT small school bag is a visually detachable double box design. The large capacity of 1000ml is designed to store laundry detergent and softener respectively.

Simulate hand washing method Super clean clothes

Excellent cleaning effect is the main consideration for consumers when purchasing washing machines. ToshibaAW-DUM1300KM(MK)/AW-DUM1100JM(MK) Washing machine thoughtful configurationUltra Fine BubbleUltra-microbubble function, generated by built-in nanobubble engineUFBUltra-microbubbles can penetrate deep into fibers and peel off stains attached to clothes; when the bubbles and laundry detergent are fully mixed, the cleaning effect will be greatly improved and the residue of laundry detergent on clothes can be reduced. This kind of nano-scale fine washing method can reduce the yellowing of clothes and make them look like new when worn regularly.

For a long time, hand washing has been considered to have the best laundry effect. Toshiba’s simulated hand washing method is converted into a huge wave washing function, which contains three frequencies of large water flows. For example, the waves are responsible for evenly beating the clothes and separating stains; the tidal current penetrates the fibers and washes the clothes. While cleaning, it also protects the clothes without damaging them. The final hurricane stream washes the clothes at high speed to achieve comprehensive cleaning.

In the process of being washed by huge waves, the wave plate510Each spray hole will circulate water, and the clothes can be decontaminated at high speed after being beaten by multi-frequency water flow, reducing the chance of entanglement, and at the same time, it can also reduce the wear and deformation of the clothes.

Not only that, this washing machine has passed the National Water Commission (SPAN) test and was rated as2Star’s water-saving products, and the Malaysian Energy Board (Suruhanjaya Tenaga) rated as5Star’s energy-saving washing machines consume an average of18kWjtwo-factor authentication is more attractive to consumers.

Energy-saving silent laundry Do not disturb family and neighbors

ToshibaAW-DUM1300KM(MK)/AW-DUM1100JM(MK) washing machine adoptsDDMThe direct-drive variable frequency motor can effectively reduce the power and parts consumption during operation, and is more energy-saving than washing machines designed with belts and pulleys.DDMDirect drive inverter motors are also available10The one-year warranty period allows consumers to use it with peace of mind.

People have been busy all day and have time to do housework in the evening. Covering the lid of the washing machine can achieve artificial noise reduction. Even if you wash clothes at night, you are not afraid of disturbing your family and neighbors.This washing machine emits approx.62dBThe sound is one-third lower than that of a washing machine with a belt and pulley design.

Cleaning your washing machine regularly is one of the hygiene issues that is often overlooked. Because after the washing machine has been used for a period of time, it needs to be cleaned regularly to maintain the good quality of the washed clothes.The water level of this washing machine reaches2The self-cleaning function of the inner barrel will be activated when the washing machine reaches the next level. During operation, the water flow will pass through the holes in the barrel wall to clean the inner and outer barrels. It can clean the dirt and lint on the barrel wall in an all-round way and keep the inner barrel of the washing machine clean.

ToshibaAW-DUM1300KM(MK)/AW-DUM1100JM(MK) has a built-in lint collector to reduce the residue of lint, hair and pet hair, while also preventing the lint from flowing back; after cleaning, the dust in the lint collector can be dumped in one step, making cleaning easy and quick without getting on your hands. , you can experience Toshiba’s Japanese caring design from every detail.

Huang Guangzhen: Since Toshiba was acquired by Midea, more time and manpower have been invested in improving the performance specifications of Toshiba’s electrical products.

Toshiba home appliances break out

beautiful(Midea)At2018Successfully acquired Toshiba’s82%business, in addition to television and air conditioner products.Huang Guangzhen, managing director of Toshiba Malaysia Home Appliance Business Sales and Service Sdn., said that since Midea acquired Toshiba, Toshiba has been committed to investing in research and development and innovative technology until2021In 2016, Toshiba re-emerged, launched new products one after another, and expressed optimism about Toshiba’s future development.

Toshiba will continue to inject innovative technologies and solutions to launch more complete and superior-quality home appliances to create a comfortable home space for people and break out in the high-end home appliance market. Therefore, Huang Guangzhen expects to achieve double-digit growth in performance next year.

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