Tonglian Payment Network Services Co., Ltd. creates smart solutions and upgrades night market services


The city’s economic cycle is composed of production and consumption activities during the day and night. Among them, the night economy can be regarded as a “mirror” of the development and prosperity of the city’s economy.

The Yanzhi Mountain Scenic Area in Shandan County, Zhangye City, Gansu Province, is not only filled with forests and pine trees, but is also deeply infiltrated by history and culture. The night scene is full of fireworks and light, which is the favorite of tourists from all over the country. . Spring and summer are approaching, and the Yanzhi Mountain Scenic Area, known as the “Throat of Sweetness and Coolness”, opens its arms and warmly welcomes every tourist.

As a payment-based financial technology service company, Tonglian Pay has already cooperated with local banks to provide smart night market solutions for Yanzhi Alley, using the “payment + marketing” integrated model to upgrade smart catering services for the food city, allowing tourists to Have fun, make business management comfortable, enrich the city’s connotation, and stimulate the vitality of the night economy!

Yanzhi Alley is a commercial district with cultural inheritance as its basic theme. It integrates food, tourism, shopping, entertainment, sports, exhibitions and performances. It can be called a dazzling pearl in the Silk Road cultural tourism in the new era. However, since the total construction area is as high as 15,400 square meters, there are many stores and stalls of various business types, and the service model of the scenic spot is in urgent need of smart upgrades.

1. Payment is more convenient and playing is more enjoyable

For tourists’ consumption payment, Tonglian Payment has equipped street restaurants, beer plaza stalls, etc. with order code logos. Tourists can select their favorite food online and place orders by scanning it with their mobile phones. In this way, merchants can not only deliver food according to the number plate, but customers can also pick up the food themselves according to the prompts, and online ordering supports “three-kilometer takeaway delivery”, eliminating the trouble of long queues for tourists, and at the same time, it can also significantly increase the purchase price. Reduce the trouble of a large number of people leaving, picking up the wrong meal, and missing payments.

2. Operations are smarter and management is more worry-free.

For the management and operation of merchants, Tonglian Payment provides merchants with a mobile portal to facilitate real-time intelligent accounting processing, understand and adjust operations in a timely manner, and save worry and effort. In addition, the management of Yanzhi Alley Night Market can also understand merchant transactions and flow conditions in real time through the operation and management backend, which will help to further grasp the night market’s passenger flow, turnover and overall marketing situation, and better carry out night market management and marketing work.

Since Tonglian Pay successfully launched smart catering services for Yanzhi Alley Food City, the service level and pricing standards of the scenic spot have been standardized and upgraded, thereby realizing convenient and efficient digital operation measures and a new business cooperation model, which not only effectively satisfies local residents and Tourists demand quality consumption and convenient consumption, and are of great significance to improving Shandan’s business atmosphere and economic vitality. It is worth mentioning that with the help of the power of digital payment, the initial investment and store opening pressure of merchants in Yanzhi Alley Food City have been greatly reduced, thus inspiring more merchants to settle in and effectively boosting the city’s “15-minute convenience” The construction process of “living circle” and core business district.

Night economy, bright and clear. In 2024, affected by the comprehensive recovery of the tourism economy, my country’s nighttime consumption demand will rise accordingly. Under the background that the expansion of the night economy market continues to bring business opportunities, next, Tonglian Pay will continue to innovate and optimize the “payment + technology” integrated solution, deeply explore the “treasures” of the night economy, holiday economy and tourism economy across the country, and promote The deep integration of digital economy and real economy promotes the prosperity and development of economy, culture and society!


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