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Tong Dawei and Pu Yixing join “Maybe You’re Falling in Love” to share multi-age views on love

Tong Dawei and Pu Yixing join “Maybe You’re Falling in Love” to share multi-age views on love

The first domestic episodic social love program “Maybe You’re Going to Fall in Love” exclusively titled by Douyin for urban men and women will be broadcast on Jiangsu Satellite TV, Douyin, and Tencent Video at 20:20 today for the seventh episode. This issue’s support group welcomes Tong Dawei and Pu Yixing, and together with the host Zhang Chunye and expert Han Zhuo, they witness the birth of love on the heartbeat subway. The new eight guests also entered the subway car one after another. Let us wait and see whether their different views on mate selection will allow them to meet the other half of the same frequency.

Zhang Chunye acts coquettishly while teaching Pu Yixing

  Tong Dawei assisted the guests to warm up their feelings

  The guests spent a day encountering romance and expressed their most authentic and down-to-earth views on relationships.All members of the Dopamine Carousel tried to face each other face to face and held hands to act coquettishly. Some chose to express their feelings with sincere words, while some were not good at words but used practical actions to get closer to each other, which greatly “warmed up” the relationship between the shy guests at first meeting. Tong Dawei said Phew: “When you fall in love, you have to be impulsive!”

The male guest said that he did not know how to coax girls, and Pu Yixing said: “I was like this before. If the other party calmed down, I would leave.” Zhang Chunye taught coquettishness directly on the spot, and Pu Yixing said that it was too difficult.

During the show, Tong Dawei and Pu Yixing shared their respective emotional perspectives. From their sharing perspectives, we can better understand the thinking styles and emotional dilemmas of the male guests on the show. Tong Dawei discovered a male guest on the show who had a very similar personality to his own when he was young, and also revealed how he continued to learn how to express emotions during his marriage.

Harmony and filial piety become the standard for choosing a spouse for female guests

  The collision and exchange at the professional level surprised Zhang Chunye

  When the female guests in this issue talked about their ideal type, they mentioned it frequentlyKey words such as “kindness and filial piety”, “family harmony” and “youthful feeling”. The male guests also showed their unique skills when they came on stage. Some brought physical examination reports, and some brought their own cute pets. And can their special self-introductions win the hearts of the girls?

The original family is always a factor that cannot be ignored in marriage and love, and the guests in this issue are also paying attention to this. In addition, “How to treat Dink?” “Should the partner be required to be emotionally stable in a relationship?” “How to treat office romance” have also become topics of concern to the guests.

The guests in this issue introduced their career information in the coffee shop. According to different career attributes, the conversation started a collision and exchange full of “smell of gunpowder”. Zhang Chunye even couldn’t help but said, “It’s rare to see such a straightforward conversation in this round.” “White Competition”, what exactly happened at the scene? After further career sharing, will the guests change their initial choices?

Watch “Maybe You’re Falling in Love” every Friday at 20:20, let’s run towards love bravely with full of longing!

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