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Together to protect dreams and go to the future, the “College Entrance Examination Station” of China Life Tianjin Branch is with you

Together to protect dreams and go to the future, the “College Entrance Examination Station” of China Life Tianjin Branch is with you


In order to give full play to the advantages of high-quality service and frontage of the counters of financial service outlets, and enhance the value of convenience and benefits for the people, when the college entrance examination and high school entrance examination are approaching in 2023, 16 counters under the jurisdiction of China Life Tianjin Branch will simultaneously launch the “College Entrance Examination Station” series Warm service, providing examinees and parents with service items such as a special rest area for accompanying exams, nursing materials for exams, etc. On this basis, the Tianjin Branch also extended the examination assistance service, and continued to provide examination assistance services in the hot summer until the end of the senior high school entrance examination, serving more than 150 candidates and their parents in total, helping candidates realize their ideals and get titles on the gold list.

Heart-warming layout fully guaranteed

The counters under the jurisdiction are fully arranged to create a test-assisting service atmosphere. Use the LED screens, splicing screens, and advertising screens on the counter to scroll and play the promotional slogans such as “College Entrance Station” to help the college entrance examination, and post the service signboard of “College Entrance Examination Station”. Considering the actual needs of the candidates’ parents, in addition to the conventional convenience facilities, prepare examination stationery, refreshment tea bags, paper towels, drinking water, emergency heatstroke prevention medicine and other intimate materials.

Parents and friends make online reservations for test assistance services on the China Life Insurance APP, life insurance official WeChat account, and life insurance applets, and check the traffic location of the counters of the nearest outlets in advance through the “College Entrance Examination Station” logo and make an appointment to pick up the number, further providing candidates and parents with convenient and warm services Exam assistance services.

“Three Hearts” Accompanying Examinations with Emotional Services

Warm service and warm reception. Regardless of whether candidates and parents who make an appointment in advance or come to the counter temporarily, the service staff at the counter will take the initiative to warmly welcome them, guide them to the test companion rest area in a timely manner, and actively provide service and care in a timely manner.

Quiet service, accompanied by peace of mind. In order to alleviate the anxiety and tension of candidates and parents while waiting, after taking a seat and rest, the staff of the service outlets will choose the opportunity to add drinks and heat-relieving food appropriately, without actively disturbing, creating a quiet and relaxed atmosphere, and relieving the tension of parents waiting for the test.

Heartfelt examination, sincere blessings. Before the parents of the candidates leave the post station, the service staff will send blessings such as “Title on the Gold List” and “Peng Cheng Miles” to cheer for the candidates.

As a typical case and epitome of China Life’s warm service, “College Entrance Station” carries the service pursuit of China Life’s customer service staff to know what customers need, to meet customers’ wishes, to be where customers are, and to be evaluated by customers, and to practice “customer-centric” ” firm commitment. The service is endless, and China Life Tianjin Branch will take this opportunity to forge ahead on the road of “simple, high-quality, and warm” customer service.

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