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To safeguard honest consumption and safeguard people’s rights and interests, Bohai Bank launched the “3.15” consumer protection campaign

To safeguard honest consumption and safeguard people’s rights and interests, Bohai Bank launched the “3.15” consumer protection campaign

The people are the foundation of the country, and the foundation of the country is strong. Protecting consumer rights and interests is an important issue in serving people’s livelihood and well-being. As a responsible and responsible state-owned financial institution, Bohai Bank Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “Bohai Bank”) regards protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers and solving the urgent, difficult and anxious problems of the people as the starting point and goal of all work, and continues to strengthen financial Consumer rights protection work.

On the occasion of the annual “March 15” Consumer Rights Protection Day, Bohai Bank focused on the State Administration of Financial Supervision and Administration’s “Financial consumer protection is by your side to protect rights and interests and prevent risks” and the National Consumers Association organized the Consumer Rights Protection Year to “stimulate consumer vitality” ” and other themes, comprehensively launch the “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign, organize and carry out various forms of online and offline education with rich content, popularize basic financial knowledge to the majority of financial consumers, warn financial risks, and jointly build integrity consumption environment, enhance consumers’ trust and satisfaction with the bank, and demonstrate the bank’s new responsibility and new outlook in protecting consumer rights and interests.

Build a solid “main position” for offline publicity

Business outlets are not only the main places where banks conduct business and serve the society, but also undertake the important function of carrying out publicity and popularizing financial knowledge. Bohai Bank relies on its business outlets across the country to carry out various forms of hall education activities, effectively creating a good atmosphere of “learning finance, understanding finance, believing in finance, and using finance”.

Since the “March 15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign was launched on March 1, multiple branches of Bohai Bank have made full use of hardware facilities such as hall LEDs and ATM self-service machines to broadcast campaign slogans, set up education and publicity areas, and equipped with sufficient Educational and promotional materials, covering the eight rights of financial consumers, popularization of financial knowledge, financial knowledge on people’s livelihood hot topics, anti-money laundering, anti-fraud, etc.; promote the promotion to customers at the counter by playing educational promotional videos, explaining financial knowledge, distributing promotional materials, etc. Financial knowledge, carry out risk warnings, disseminate rational investment and financial management concepts and the “three appropriate” principles, and create a strong publicity and education atmosphere; fully publicize the characteristics and hazards of illegal professional agents such as “agency surrender” and “credit repair”, and remind consumers Express appeals rationally, resolve disputes properly, and publicize the complaint acceptance telephone number and procedures at the counter to unblock consumer rights protection channels so that consumers can find them, ask questions clearly, and get things done.

At the same time, adhering to the publicity principle of “going out and sinking”, Bohai Bank combines the actual conditions of each jurisdiction and goes out of the halls, into communities, business districts, enterprises, and universities to popularize financial knowledge to consumers.

In Sichuan, Bohai Bank Chengdu Branch has several branches that go to various communities to explain telecom fraud cases and anti-counterfeit currency knowledge to citizens. Adhering to the service tenet of caring for the elderly, they also focus on promoting financial knowledge and fraud prevention knowledge among key groups. ; In Hebei, Bohai Bank Shijiazhuang Branch visited many merchants such as engineering companies and property management companies to explain the eight rights of financial consumers, safe payments, personal financial information knowledge, etc. to corporate employees, and answered questions about financial knowledge. Anti-fraud techniques were integrated into interactive Q&A sessions, allowing employees to improve their financial literacy during the experience; in Beijing, the Beijing Branch of Bohai Bank held a financial knowledge popularization lecture with the theme of “Bringing Financial Knowledge to Schools to Protect Rights and Prevent Risks” to address violations of laws and regulations. The dangers of campus loans, new telecommunications fraud methods and prevention techniques, and the importance of personal credit information are comprehensively and carefully explained, so that teachers and students as financial consumers can understand and protect their own rights and interests, enhance their awareness of preventing financial fraud, and effectively strengthen themselves. Financial literacy.

Create a “new paradigm” for online publicity

With the popularization of the Internet, the carriers and channels for popularizing financial knowledge continue to expand. As the youngest national joint-stock commercial bank in my country, Bohai Bank has always been at the forefront of digital education.

At present, Bohai Bank has opened a “Consumer Protection Zone” on its WeChat public account, official website, mobile banking and other channels. It publishes financial knowledge, typical cases, and risk warnings in the form of long pictures, comics, videos, etc., to guide financial consumers to understand finance. knowledge and enhance awareness of consumer rights protection.

  Under the overall leadership of the head office, all branches of Bohai Bank have innovated new forms to continue to expand audience coverage in order to protect consumer rights and popularize financial knowledge. For example, the Bohai Bank Shanghai Pilot Free Trade Zone Branch has strengthened its “radiation” and used the “Consumer Insurance Daily Signature” in the circle of friends to smoothen private domain traffic and popularize financial knowledge.Such as Bohai BankJinan Branch exclusively sponsored and participated in the production of a children’s financial and business education-themed TV program – “The First Time in Life”, which was broadcast on the Children’s Channel of Shandong TV. The content of the program covers the popularization of financial knowledge, financial and business education, anti-fraud tips, etc., and is novel in form. , the response was enthusiastic.

In addition, during this year’s “March 15” period, Bohai Bank will also carry out the “Financial Executives Talk about Consumer Protection” activity to jointly explain the eight basic rights of financial consumers to the public, and through top-down publicity and advocacy, call for The majority of financial consumers pay more attention to learning financial knowledge, improving financial literacy and financial security awareness, and enhancing their awareness and ability to protect their rights according to law.

  Consumer rights protection is an important guarantee for realizing Bohai Bank’s strategic vision of “the best experience of modern financial stewards”.In the future, Bohai Bank willFocus on the concerns and needs of consumers under the new situation, continue to improve customer experience, interpret responsibilities with actions, build trust with services, and become a warm bank around financial consumers.

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