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To protect the reunion of thousands of families, they marched backwards in the freezing rain and heavy snow.

To protect the reunion of thousands of families, they marched backwards in the freezing rain and heavy snow.

Since February 1, the longest lasting and most widespread rain, snow and freezing weather since the beginning of winter in 2024 has hit Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Anhui and other places. China Pacific Insurance immediately activated the emergency response mechanism for major disasters and accidents. Raise rescue service resources from multiple parties and arrange echelon supplies to ensure national supply and resource replenishment in disaster-prone areas. More than 6,500 trailers and more than 3,700 road maintenance vehicles have been deployed across the country to prepare for major disasters in rain and snow disaster-prone areas and surrounding areas. There are 387 spare trailers. Countless CPIC Blues marched backwards in the freezing rain and heavy snow, going all out to provide CPIC services with “responsibility, wisdom, and warmth”, and guarding the reunion of thousands of families with heart and soul.

  Persistence in Blizzard, empowered by technologyBuild an “insurance barrier”

On the morning of February 3, China Pacific Insurance’s Hubei Jingzhou Central Branch received a report that a paper mill had collapsed due to heavy snowfall. Shen Xiaowei, an inspector from the Jingzhou Central Branch, immediately drove to the scene of the accident. The road was icy and high-speed driving was extremely difficult. After After more than 30 long journeys, they arrived at the accident site in the early morning of February 5. They immediately understood the damage inside the factory and fully promoted the damage reduction and rescue work. During the snowstorm, Shen Xiaowei and the paper mill staff worked together to inspect the inventory in the collapsed factory. Materials were provided for the rescue, while multiple parties coordinated and deployed cranes to help with the rescue, improving rescue efficiency and delivering “Pacific Insurance Services” through actions.

In Xiangtan, Hunan, faced with a sudden cold wave and snowstorm, Wang Yingkang, a risk engineer at the Hunan Xiangtan branch of China Pacific Insurance Property and Casualty Insurance Company, took the initiative to go to a company in Hunan to conduct on-site risk inspections, assisting company staff in clearing snow and eliminating potential building safety hazards. In addition, the staff also inspected the factory one by one to ensure that no potential risk points were missed, and helped customers take emergency measures to fully play the role of the first line of defense in disaster prevention and reduction.

It is reported that in order to ensure the first time response to customer claims service needs during severe weather, China Pacific Insurance Property and Casualty Insurance has built a catastrophic command application platform to provide a one-stop “technology + service + insurance” solution to build an “insurance network” for the disaster-stricken people barrier”. The “Catastrophe Command Platform” has the ability to coordinate and dispatch intensively. It can intelligently evaluate and judge based on the disaster area, disaster type, loss status, criticality, etc., conduct precise command and deployment, and provide rapid rescue services for disaster-stricken targets.

Guarding the vegetable basket, providing help in times of need during the cold wave

From the night of February 3rd to 4th, extreme snowstorms and freezing rain hit Wuhan, causing damage to farmers within the jurisdiction. CPIC Property & Casualty Insurance Hubei Wuhan Central Branch received multiple reports of steel frame sheds collapsed by farmers due to heavy snowfall. CPIC staff braved the wind and snow to immediately join in the snow removal and disaster relief work.

“You guys arrived just in time!” On the night of February 3, the farmers held the hands of the China Pacific Security Workers and said: “Seeing that all the steel frame greenhouses were crushed, there was no time to cut the film on so many acres. Fortunately, your Helping people in times of need.” Taking into account the severe cold weather, heavy winds and strong snow, China Pacific Property and Casualty Insurance staff calmed the farmers’ emotions while quickly coordinating personnel to organize the “film-cutting to save sheds” operation.

  In Hunan, in order to help farmers prepare for cold wave, rain, snow and persistent low temperature weather, the local branch of China Pacific Insurance went to the bases of major planting households in towns, towns and streets in advance to understand farmers’ response measures and plans, and conducted on-site popular science on cold and antifreeze measures for open-air and greenhouse vegetables; “Point-to-point” service, conduct house-to-house inspections on the risk of shed films and scaffoldings being crushed by snow, and provide reinforcement suggestions for scaffolds found to be at risk of collapse; organize professionals to confirm and record the growth of plants, and send early warning messages and reminders in advance Farmers have done a good job in preventing cold and frost in agricultural production and strive to minimize losses.

During the ice and snow cold wave, the agricultural insurance disaster emergency response team of China Pacific Insurance Hubei Branch immediately rushed to the disaster site, dispatched additional agricultural insurance claim handlers, used the “eAgricultural Insurance” APP to quickly conduct damage assessment, and opened a green channel for farmers who were seriously affected by the disaster. Simplify the claim settlement procedures and links, establish a green channel for rapid claim settlement, improve the claim settlement efficiency, and the claim settlement service hotline is open 24 hours a day. At present, on-site investigation, disaster rescue, loss compensation and other related claims work have been initially completed to help disaster-stricken farmers reduce losses and quickly resume production.

When Spring Festival travel encounters heavy snowfall, CPIC’s services are always by your side

At 11 o’clock in the evening on February 3, which was the New Year’s Eve in the South, Lei Neng, a surveyor from Linxiang of China Pacific Insurance Hunan Branch, received the report from Ms. Chang and rushed to the accident site to clean up the snow and arrange a tow truck for emergency rescue and transformation. Turn on the “cart cart mode” as a “cart pusher” and assist with claims settlement. In the blizzard and freezing rain, Lei Neng arranged for the accompanying passengers and children to stay warm in the survey vehicle, and took the initiative to escort the customer home, resolving the customer’s urgent need in the wind, snow and severe cold. Ms. Chang said movedly, “The weather was cold, but CPIC’s service was still so warm, allowing our family to go home and reunite in time!”

On February 5, Wu Yue, a staff member of China Pacific Property & Casualty Insurance Hubei Branch, was returning from an inspection when he found a white car stuck in the snow and motionless, with the driver “spinning” anxiously beside the car. Upon seeing this, the surveyor immediately stopped the car to inquire about the situation and revealed his identity as CPIC’s “Highway Man”. Upon further investigation, it was learned that the customer accidentally fell into a thick snowy road due to improper operation. After taking protective measures, rescue efforts were carried out by shoveling snow, pushing carts, etc. After 30 minutes of hard work, the trapped vehicle was successfully rescued. The driver of the trapped vehicle repeatedly expressed his gratitude to the surveyor for his help, “Without your help, I really don’t know what would have happened. The weather is so cold, thank you for your help!” When leaving, the surveyor also helped the customer use the car. Install anti-skid chains and instruct drivers to slow down while driving to ensure the safety of the vehicle and themselves.

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the rain, snow and freezing weather in the south are still continuing. In order to effectively provide CPIC service during the Spring Festival holiday, China Pacific Insurance branches in many places have carried out joint police and security escort operations, giving full play to their respective advantages in joint inspections, information sharing, and maintaining order. , and jointly escort the majority of car owners on their way home during the Spring Festival. At present, claim settlement personnel in Hubei, Hunan, Henan, Guizhou and other places are on the front line and providing 24-hour online services. They actively, efficiently and quickly carry out claims settlement, rescue and rescue services for vehicles and enterprises in distress, and take multiple measures to continue to promote various insurance guarantees. Service work, use practical actions to let the broad masses of the people celebrate the happy and peaceful Spring Festival in the Year of the Dragon.

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