To jointly promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia, Glory Travel and the Saudi Tourism Bureau signed a strategic cooperation memorandum

To jointly promote exchanges and cooperation between China and Saudi Arabia, Glory Travel and the Saudi Tourism Bureau signed a strategic cooperation memorandum

Mercedes-Benz Quality Travel | Glory Travel and the Saudi Arabian Tourism Bureau formally signed a strategic cooperation memorandum of understanding at the InterContinental Beijing Sanlitun Hotel, not limited to jointly launching high-end tourism service products with Saudi destinations, developing Saudi people to travel in China, etc. ways to deepen cooperation. Glory Travel will fully support the 2030 strategic vision of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority, support nearly 4 million Chinese tourists to travel to Saudi Arabia, and create the ultimate travel experience for them.

Mr. Yang Guang, CEO of Glory Travel, and Mr. Feng Kai, Chief Financial Officer, were invited to attend the first China roadshow of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority in Beijing, and had an in-depth exchange with Alhasan Aldabbagh, President of the Asia Pacific Region of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority.

Yang Guang, CEO of Glory Travel (left in the picture) and Alhasan Aldabbagh, President of Asia-Pacific Region of Saudi Tourism Authority (right in the picture)

Signed a memorandum of understanding on strategic cooperation

Share and jointly promote the comprehensive strategic cooperation opportunities between China and Saudi Arabia, and jointly draw a new chapter in the “New Silk Road” of cultural tourism

China and Saudi Arabia are both strategic partners and sincere friends. The cultural exchanges between China and Saudi Arabia have a long history. As the “Pearl of the Arabian Peninsula”, Saudi Arabia has become an important partner. The recent major achievements such as Saudi Arabia and Iran’s agreement to resume diplomatic relations fully demonstrate that the partnership between China and Saudi Arabia has continued to deepen and become solid. At present, Saudi Arabia has been included in China’s list of destinations for outbound travel (ADS), and China is one of the 49 countries where Saudi Arabia has opened electronic visas. In addition, Chinese tourists who arrive in Saudi Arabia on a Saudi Arabian Airlines flight can get a 96-hour transit visa and one night’s free hotel accommodation.

Relying on the advantages of pure butler service, Mercedes-Benz luxury cars, and technological operations, Yao Travel has become a strategic partner of the Saudi Tourism Bureau. Representatives of the conference conducted in-depth one-to-one exchanges.

Under the new situation, promoting economic cooperation and strengthening cultural exchanges is not only in line with the development interests of the two countries, but also helps the people of China and Saudi Arabia to build a “bridge of friendship” to enhance mutual understanding. In order to further promote the cultural exchange and business communication between China and Saudi Arabia, at the road show in Beijing, the Saudi Arabian Tourism Bureau and Glory Travel officially reached a strategic cooperation of great significance, and will jointly explore a market-oriented approach to serve China and Saudi Arabia. Cross-border business travel users travel and Chinese tourists travel to Saudi Arabia to bring high-quality travel service experience, which will promote business activities and cultural exchanges between China and Saudi Arabia. At the same time, Glory Travel will also cooperate with the Saudi Tourism Bureau to jointly launch high-end tourism service products for Saudi destinations, bridge its own brand and service advantages, and further promote business and leisure travel of Chinese citizens to Saudi Arabia.

The “home court” welcomes guests from the Middle East and outlines a blueprint for global development

Saudi Arabia is becoming the birthplace of massive new demand for cultural tourism. The “United Nations World Tourism Organization Tourism Barometer” confirmed that the Middle East has become the region with the strongest recovery in the global tourism industry. Saudi Arabia, as a representative, has achieved exponential growth in the tourism industry and has become the fastest growing tourist destination in the G20. During the meeting, Alhasan Aldabbagh, president of the Asia-Pacific region of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority, said that Saudi Arabia’s goal is to achieve a total of 100 million tourists per year by 2030. Among them, China has huge potential and is expected to bring 3.9 million tourists to Saudi Arabia every year, and then become one of the three largest tourist source markets in Saudi Arabia.

After more than three years of deep cultivation in the field of high-quality travel, Glory Travel has established a complete business travel service ecology, providing services for more than 5,000 companies and travel brands around the world, including China Eastern Airlines, China Southern Airlines and other airlines, China A number of travel agencies such as China National Travel Service and Hong Kong China Travel Service, as well as internationally renowned five-star hotel groups, are committed to creating multi-scenario and multi-choice high-end travel services for business travel users. Through the formal establishment of a strategic partnership with the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority, Glory Travel will further improve the global development blueprint. In the future, Glory Travel plans to work with the Saudi Tourism Bureau to establish a travel service map in many cities in Saudi Arabia, making it an important strategic position for the global development of Glory Travel.

“This is a mutually beneficial strategic cooperation.” Yang Guang, CEO of Shine Travel, said, “Show Travel will fully support the promotion of the Saudi Arabian Tourism Authority in the Chinese market. Passengers traveling between China and Saudi Arabia create a wonderful travel experience and promote industrial exchanges, and at the same time hope to become a special partner of the Saudi Tourism Bureau in China, and look forward to serving Saudi customers and guests from afar at the ‘home court’ in the future.”

Glory Travel has made preparations to undertake the Saudi Arabian market and cooperate with the Saudi Tourism Bureau to explore opportunities for global business travel. At present, Yao Travel has been established in Beijing, Shanghai, Guangzhou, Shenzhen, Chengdu, Xi’an, Chongqing, Hangzhou, Sanya, Haikou, Jinan, Xiamen, Qingdao, Zhengzhou, Wuhan, Zhuhai, Fuzhou, Suzhou, Wuxi, Kunming, Nanjing, Hefei, 27 inland cities including Ningbo, Changchun, Changsha, Yantai and Tianjin have launched service operations, and the service has been extended to cities such as Macau, Hong Kong and Paris.

In the future, Glory Travel will accelerate the implementation of the strategic plan of “going out”, actively explore overseas markets, promote the improvement of the quality of cross-border business travel, and improve the global business layout. In addition, Glory Travel has launched a business jet customization service, which can provide more high-net-worth business travel users with quality, efficient, convenient, safe and environmentally friendly one-stop cross-border travel services.

*About Mercedes-Benz Quality Mobility|Yao Mobility

Glory Travel is the first strategic project jointly invested by Mercedes-Benz Group Co., Ltd. and Geely Holding Group, two well-known Fortune 500 car companies. Both parties hold 50% of the shares. The headquarters is located in Hangzhou, Zhejiang, China. Officially launched on December 3, it mainly provides Mercedes-Benz high-quality travel services, and covers high-end travel services such as business jet charter flights. Yao Travel owns the largest Mercedes-Benz fleet in China, mainly including luxury models such as Mercedes-Benz S-Class, E-Class, high-end commercial vehicles and V-Class commercial vehicles, and is equipped with experienced professional “Travel butler”. Users can book a car through the “Yao Travel” App, WeChat applet or customer service hotline, and enjoy Mercedes-Benz luxury cars and pure butler-style services, and the wonderful journey starts immediately.

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