To build a “big consumer protection” pattern and polish the foundation of “finance for the people”?? AIA Life released the 2023 Consumer Rights Protection Annual Report


  Finance is the blood of the national economy, and protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers is a task that is extremely closely related to the people and is a direct reflection of the political and people-oriented nature of financial work. AIA Life Insurance Co., Ltd. (hereinafter referred to as “AIA”) has always insisted on standardizing and strengthening the company’s consumer rights protection work as its main responsibility, deeply integrating consumer protection work into the company’s entire business process, and conveying the “AIA consumer protection culture” in every detail. Temperature”, protect consumers’ financial rights and interests, and contribute to building a harmonious and orderly financial consumption environment.

Be inclusive and enterprising, go hand in hand with consumer protection, and practice “finance for the people”. Released annual report on consumer rights protection for three consecutive years

Financial consumers are important participants in the financial market – therefore, protecting the rights and interests of financial consumers is an inevitable requirement for deepening the structural reform of the financial supply side and promoting high-quality financial development. It is also an important part of accelerating the construction of a financial power. On the occasion of the 2024 “3·15” financial consumer rights protection education and publicity campaign, AIA has released annual reports on consumer rights protection for three consecutive years. Based on the service concept of “Finance for the People”, under the correct leadership of the State Financial Supervision and Administration Bureau , taking the “big consumer protection” management and control pattern as the development direction, effectively protecting the rights and interests of consumers, establishing an innovative consumer protection brand, rapidly improving the quality and efficiency of the company’s consumer rights protection work, and continuously and effectively meeting the growing needs of financial consumers for a better life. needs, so that financial consumers have a greater sense of gain, a more sustainable sense of happiness, and a more secure sense of security!

Customer-centered, using warm psychological compensation to make financial consumers feel more fulfilled

Based on the consumer protection service concept of “finance for the people”, AIA is committed to providing customers with speedy and “warm” claims services, serving the overall development of the country and building a solid people’s livelihood security network as an economic “shock absorber” and social “Stabilizer” plays an important role. In 2023, AIA Life’s online claims application rate exceeded 98%. At the same time, AIA continues to respond to the country’s call to strengthen financial services for new citizens, adheres to the orientation of inclusiveness, and is close to the “one old, one young, one new” ” to improve the integration of insurance services with key groups. In 2023, AIA Youxiang policyholders will apply for 127,000 claims on their behalf, providing a better claims service experience.

In order to deeply implement the “people-centered” development philosophy and enhance the sense of gain and satisfaction of the majority of financial consumers, AIA actively listens to consumers’ voices, retains traditional financial services, understands consumer demands through multiple channels, and optimizes finance through digital empowerment. Supply, according to statistics from the “Consumer Rights Protection Annual Report 2023”, in 2023 AIA provided a total of about 4.11 million traditional telephone services, about 150,000 online manual consultation services, about 1.33 million Xiaoyou smart services, and counter-warming services. It has served approximately 41,000 times. These data reflect AIA’s determination to provide services to the public, actively fulfill its social responsibilities, and effectively do practical things and solve problems for the people. It hopes to take providing high-quality services as its own responsibility and protect everyone wholeheartedly. customers.

Build a “big publicity” system for consumer protection, smooth service channels, and implement the “last mile” of consumer protection

The protection of consumer rights and interests is a key task of corporate operations. AIA strives to unblock service channels, combat illegal production and chaos, and provide consumers with heart-warming services: play the role of the national unified customer service hotline 400 820 3588/800 820 3588 as the main channel, listen to every The voice of a customer; it has established diversified complaint channels such as “telephone, Internet, letter, visit”, etc., and publishes information such as the insurance consumer complaint rights protection telephone number, complaint process, etc. through the company’s official website, mobile client, and business premises. Continue to unblock complaint channels and establish a sound dispute resolution mechanism; at the same time, we provide convenient manual connection services and set up a new one-click priority manual service function for elderly customer groups to maintain efficient and timely response for each group; in order to combat “black products” In order to better maintain the order of the insurance market and protect the legitimate rights and interests of parties involved in insurance activities.

At the same time, in order to better implement the “last mile” of consumer protection, AIA has carried out 3,130 online and offline education and publicity activities, and the management of the head office and branch offices participated in a total of 230 education and publicity activities. “Boss Research Report”; taking advantage of the popularity and appeal of the national treasure giant panda to carry out a series of special activities “National Treasure Giant Panda, Spokesperson for Consumer Protection”; focusing on “tailor-made” and focusing on key groups such as “old, young, new and rural” – —Innovate anti-fraud aerobics for the elderly to truly make financial education publicity deeply rooted in the hearts of the people; upgrade AIA’s youth financial and business education system “Friends + Future Stars” to help young people understand and pay attention to financial consumer rights and interests; deepen the advantages of halls and branches With 100% coverage of event outlets, the annual event ultimately reached approximately 170 million consumers, and the original educational promotional copy received approximately 120 million clicks.

Adhering to the ultimate service, the customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) ranks first in the market for seven consecutive years.

AIA focuses on the competitive market, fully identifies its own strengths, weaknesses and areas of strength, digs deep into customer journey interactions, truly restores business pain point scenarios, and collaborates with various business departments to further formulate action plans to continuously improve customer experience and drive long-term stable business development. Since the real-time customer feedback system (RCS) was upgraded and launched, combined with the 12 key business touch points deployed in the customer journey, an efficient experience management closed loop has been formed from customer feedback collection, follow-up processing, analysis and mining, pain point improvement, and continuous experience improvement. The system has been online since mid-November 2023 and has reached 150,000+ customers by the end of the year. Customer feedback has been extensively collected, and the overall customer satisfaction rate has reached 97.5%, a year-on-year increase of 1.8%. At the same time, according to the customer experience survey data conducted by Ipsos Research Company, the company’s Customer Relationship Survey (CRS), Customer Net Promoter Score (NPS) and Customer Interaction Ease (CES) survey have ranked the market leader in related indicators for seven consecutive years. In addition, AIA uses insurance technology to drive user experience. Currently, AIA Youxiang APP has more than 5.4 million registered users, with a score of 4.9 on the Apple App Store. The core policy functions have been used more than 36.36 million times, the number of people participating in online activities has exceeded 8.54 million, and the Youbang Youxiang APP has been viewed more than 300,000 times. .

Deepen the protection of consumer rights and interests and expand the cultural influence of the “Friends + Peers” brand

In order to incorporate consumer education and publicity into regular work, deepen the connotation of consumer rights protection work, and improve public awareness of the popularization of financial knowledge, AIA Life established the consumer rights protection brands “Friends + Peers” and “Inclusive and Progressive, Eliminate The consumer protection slogan of “Guaranteeing the same as our peers” implies that AIA Life employees adhere to the corporate culture of pursuing excellence, honesty and trustworthiness, customer first, people-oriented, and courage to innovate. While the business is developing rapidly, they do not forget to safeguard the rights and interests of consumers and put corporate responsibilities first. , always aligning the responsibility of protecting customers with business development, adhering to the “customer-driven” business philosophy, operating in compliance with regulations in the long term, and continuing to protect the rights and interests of every customer.

Realize the intelligent system of third-party management of consumer protection life cycle

AIA adheres to the consumer protection principle of “prevention first, education first”, implements an “intelligent system for third-party management of the entire life cycle of consumer protection”, makes full use of technology to empower consumer protection management, and achieves full intelligent coverage of consumer protection cooperation institutions , and runs through the key nodes of all third-party consumer protection management – “Establishing systems – Strict access – Reviewing agreements – Emphasis on supervision – Control and exit”, constantly consolidating the effectiveness of the management of third-party consumer protection agencies, and effectively preventing external risks from spreading internally Guidance.

Friendly friends, actively respond to national strategies, and join hands with more people to achieve a healthy, long-term and good life

AIA provides comprehensive and high-quality support for worry-free elderly care + health management, actively responds to the national call, creates a health and elderly care ecosystem, and provides comprehensive products and service solutions for different customer groups. The service rights cover 3.08 million customers. Cooperation The network has wide coverage, with more than 1,300 medical institutions and 400 elderly care institutions.

While actively responding to the call of “having a secure pension for the elderly”, it also feeds back society from different fields through diversified public welfare projects, moves forward for love, and works together to create a friendly future. In 2023, the company will transform from “doing public welfare on its own” to “joining forces to do public welfare.” , join hands with more like-minded partners to participate in public welfare projects, including but not limited to: The Senior Citizen Project aims at financial aging-friendly renovation and elderly assistance services. A total of 240 homes have been completed for aging-friendly renovation, and 2 community environment renovations have benefited the elderly or residents. More than 2,300 households; the Scholarly Dream Building Project has assisted in the construction of 35 loving libraries and donated more than 460,000 books, benefiting more than 18,000 students; the AIA Actuarial Center has benefited a total of 3,320 students; supported the “Spring Bud Project” and benefited a total of 3,320 students in need. 7,630 girls; helped Aiqier families get out of the gloom, supported more than 44,000 families of children with physical and mental disabilities, participated in more than 11,800 AIA volunteers, and provided care services for more than 58,960 hours. AIA Life takes social responsibility and is committed to promoting healthy and sustainable economic and social development, spreading positive financial energy, and creating a better life for financial consumers.

Financial consumer protection is by your side to protect your rights and prevent risks. AIA Life warmly reminds you: Be aware of the eight basic rights of financial consumers, correctly understand financial products and services, and improve your ability to identify and prevent misleading insurance sales, online platform-induced lending, and false and illegal advertising. , enhance the awareness of risk responsibility, stay away from “agent surrender”, and establish the concept of rational consumption and value investment.


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