To be the No. 1 e-commerce company in Africa, Kilimall"black five"Interpretation of automated marketing practices for big promotions

To be the No. 1 e-commerce company in Africa, Kilimall"black five"Interpretation of automated marketing practices for big promotions

In the past three years, China’s cross-border e-commerce industry has experienced ups and downs. It has not only experienced rapid growth in sales, but also experienced liquidation caused by closed management.

Committed to becoming the No. 1 shopping mall in Africa, Kilimall’s service system covers the three major areas of electronic transactions, mobile payments and cross-border logistics. It has surpassed many similar websites and brought various cost-effective commodities to nearly ten million African users. The shopping channel that consumers trust and love.

“Digitalization” is one of Kilimall’s long-term advantages. In the process of its efforts, Kilimall chose to cooperate with Sensors Data in depth, and with the help of Sensors Marketing Cloud’s powerful automated marketing capabilities, it efficiently implements marketing strategies through the process canvas. In specific applications, Sensors’ new-generation process canvas fully exerts its orchestration, management and analysis capabilities, empowering Kilimall with a series of complex, large-scale, coherent, and long-term marketing activities, such as the “Black Friday” promotion, etc., data-driven global The goal of platform digital operation has been achieved.

This article will focus on the marketing strategy of Kilimall adopting the first order conversion of new customers, activation of repurchase by old customers, breakpoint marketing and personalized product recommendation during the “Black Friday” promotion period, and further understand the overall conversion of Kilimall during the promotion period. The story behind the rate boost.

1. How to promote new users to quickly complete the conversion of the first order?

The conversion of the first order is an important means to increase the willingness of new users to purchase, and it is a key task in the operation of the e-commerce platform to do a good job in the conversion of the first order of new users. In Kilimall’s operation strategy, it pays special attention to the conversion of the first order of new users within 30 days, and through activities such as issuing coupons during the “Black Friday” period, attracts new users to participate in activities, so as to convert the first order.

Kilimall uses Sensors Data’s new generation process canvas to conduct multi-wavelength and multi-touch marketing for new registered users within 30 days: new customers will be issued coupons after registration, and according to user behavior on the next day, the third day, and the 15th day , On the 30th day, push or SMS reminders will be sent to users who have not used the coupons to increase the conversion rate of new customers.

In the process of implementing the entire marketing strategy, Kilimall can formulate personalized marketing strategies based on user behavior feedback. For example, if the user has not used the coupon after sending coupon reminders to a certain user for many times, then the strategy will be changed and recommended to the user. Related products: By analyzing the conversion effect of SMS, we can select effective users and invalid users of SMS marketing, formulate targeted follow-up marketing plans, and use the marketing budget wisely to achieve a greater degree of cost reduction and efficiency increase.

Then, according to the above logic, it is judged whether the user has completed the first order on the 15th and 30th day after the user’s registration. If not, then the coupon touch and product recommendation will be performed through Sensors’ new generation process canvas.

2. How to remind the user to complete the payment as soon as possible after the bill of lading?

Reminder is an important measure to increase users’ true purchase intention. During the “Black Friday” period, Kilimall carried out automated marketing of reminder payment scenarios for users who submitted orders but did not pay: using SMS, APP push and other channels to release discount promotions, using festive emotions to remind users to increase users’ willingness to purchase, thereby Boost sales.

The specific landing strategy is: for users who submit orders but have not paid, issue coupons of different amounts according to the order amount, and remind the coupons to arrive, and send Push reminders to users who have not used the coupons after a certain period of time. .

3. How to increase the conversion rate of active people?

Active crowd conversion refers to the conversion of active users’ purchase intentions into real purchases. During the “Black Friday” period, in order to improve the user experience, accelerate the conversion of existing active users and increase sales, Kilimall carried out intensive promotional promotions, repeatedly highlighting “free shipping”, “year-round low price” and “second kill” on multiple promotional pages. “” “One Billion Coupon Subsidy” and other preferential information, starting from November, the number of daily active users has increased significantly.

How to seize the opportunity to increase the conversion rate of active people is one of the focuses of Kilimall.

In this regard, Kilimall operation students plan to send coupons to users who have recently interacted with certain category preferences/collections, additional purchases, bills of lading, etc. If the user has not placed an order within an hour, the next day, or the third day, the coupon usage reminder will be automatically executed through the process canvas.

4. How to increase the purchase rate of products in the same category?

In the actual operation process of the e-commerce platform, the recommendation algorithm is usually used to improve the marketing efficiency of related products of a certain type of products, that is, the recommendation of similar products. For example, recommending earphones/electronic watches and other related products to users who have purchased mobile phones, it is easier to improve conversions than recommending basketball to him; Recommended kitchenware, etc. have a higher conversion rate.

So, how did Kilimall do it? How did the strategy work during Black Friday?

Kilimall uses Sensors data to delineate the target group, and recommends related products of the same category for them based on their latest consumption. If within 15 days, if they have browsed the recommended products but have not placed an order to pay, they will issue category coupons to encourage users to place an order. , Automatically complete the implementation of the entire marketing strategy. As shown below:

To sum up, during the “Black Five” promotion period, Kilimall used Sensors Data Process Canvas to realize automated and precise marketing through channels such as Push/SMS, and stimulated users to place orders by promoting year-round low price & free shipping information; through promotion Real object/cash big turntable & brand low-price super flash sale information, attract users to visit and increase user activity on the whole platform; through issuing phone bills/data coupons/commodity coupons, etc., further promote users to place orders and repurchase.

Through the in-depth cooperation of the above four scenarios, Sensors Data helped Kilimall achieve a 40% increase in daily activity and a 62% increase in sales during the “Black Friday” period! In the future, Sensors Data will continue to deepen cooperation with Kilimall in more scenarios And exploration, through high-quality landing practice, provide a reference example for the digital marketing of more cross-border e-commerce platforms!

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