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Tmall Double 11 starts at 8pm tonight. Netizens: It smells so good!

Tmall Double 11 starts at 8pm tonight. Netizens: It smells so good!

At 8 o’clock tonight, the 2023 Tmall Double 11 pre-sale officially begins. Coinciding with the frost of the 24th solar term, this year’s Double 11 also brings the joy of “double discount” to consumers: on the basis of 50% off cross-store purchases over 300, official immediate discount products have been added. Double price reduction to meet the different needs of parties that collect orders and those who place orders with one click.

It is expected that more than 80 million hot-selling products will reach the lowest prices throughout the year. The first domestically produced large-scale cruise ship Aida Magic City has also been launched on Taobao in time for Double 11. It will be unveiled in the Taobao live broadcast room tonight and will also participate in the official direct discount. It is expected to be 20 million yuan after the discount with “free shipping”.

On the basis of merchants’ profit reduction and price reduction, the platform also launched the largest red envelope subsidy in history. 88VIP can grab the first wave of 860 yuan large-amount consumer coupons at 8 o’clock tonight, which is also the largest in history.

How can I buy it tonight? The standard answer is ready:

1. Get large coupons at 88VIP:

At 8 o’clock tonight, 88VIP can grab the first wave of 860 yuan large consumption coupons. This is the highest denomination ever issued, and can be combined with official instant discounts and full cross-store discounts. At that time, users can log in to the 88VIP page and use 188 points to redeem them.

This coupon has always been called a “magic coupon” by veteran shoppers, and it is very cost-effective when used to buy large or large-ticket items. On Double 11 this year, 88VIP users can use Huabei to pay interest-free installments when purchasing goods with a unit price of over 100 yuan. They are indeed users who save money!

2. Stay in the Taobao live broadcast room:

Tonight’s Taobao live broadcast room is definitely worth watching. This year’s Double 11 Taobao Live has prepared 400,000 “flash-off” products. There is a dedicated “flash-off” page in the Taobao Live channel. You don’t need to put together an order to get a full discount, it’s just a low price.

The anchors have also prepared various popular products for a better life. For example, Bojue wedding photography and travel photography, Li Jiaqi’s live broadcast room includes a micro-film, airport pick-up, and a hotel package with 10 dresses and 10 made-to-order dresses. The one-stop travel photography price is only 6,980 yuan! 10 cups of black coffee in Lieerbaby’s live broadcast room cost 1 cent, and the average piece of Rhubarb Prime Eye Steak is only 23 yuan. Make friends in Luo Yonghao’s live broadcast room. Not only does it offer tickets for two people to Shanghai Disney + 2 nights at JM Century Hotel at a nearly 50% discount for only 1,199 yuan, it will also list the first domestic large-scale cruise ship with a “free shipping” price of 20 million yuan. In short, follow the host Just copy the homework.

3. Grab these top products below:

  Official tens of billions of hard goods subsidies:Taobao’s “Ten Billion Subsidy” channel has launched a special Double 11 crazy subsidy session. It’s all hard currency, and you can earn it if you buy it. Take the popular new iPhone 15 as an example. After Taobao’s increased subsidies, the price is as low as 5,198 yuan. The iPhone 14 also has a new low price after subsidies, with a price of only 4,538 yuan. The daily price of La Mer 150ml Essence Water is 1,410 yuan. , the price after subsidy is 488 yuan. If the purchase is expensive, the platform will compensate the price difference with an equal amount of red envelopes, so you can buy with confidence throughout the process.

  New and trendy products:Celebrity brands such as Bai Jingting, Justin Bieber, and Jackson Wang gathered together to release new products on Tmall Double 11. They are all the same celebrity styles that are usually released in seconds. The top co-branded series that have attracted much attention from fans and shoe fans will also be sold in limited quantities during Double 11. The “Global Top Goods Club” will bring the AJ 1 Barb and Kobe Bryant series at one time.

There are also many world-renowned luxury brands launching new products on Tmall on Double 11. For example, MONCLER’s series of down jackets co-branded with RAXXY debuted globally. Dozens of co-branded limited editions were launched on Tmall on Double 11. IWC, Hamilton and other well-known brands have launched Year of the Dragon limited edition watches on the Tmall platform.

  Featured hot-selling products in beauty, apparel, digital life and other industries:Sisley Sisley All-Purpose Emulsion, Guerlain Golden Restore Honey, Shiseido Red Kidney Essence and other major beauty brands, buy the same style and get a formal dress for free. Tmall will also launch beauty surprise coupons during Double 11. Some netizens did the calculation: the surprise coupons are added to 88VIP Large coupons are much more than 50% off!

In addition, Tmall Clothing will launch a “buy twice as much as you pay” price guarantee service. The first batch of more than 100 brands such as Bosideng, Victoria’s Secret, Desu, and Fakeme will join. Taobao Clothing will launch a special sale of 99 yuan down jackets, and the clothes will be sold by the pound. The digital life industry will launch rare high-quality products such as the Ida Moda cruise charter and the 12-day Antarctic Peninsula cruise tour, as well as coupons for Hilton Conrad Hotels and Hyatt Group hotels. Stock up on Double 11 and you can have a chat at any time. Just travel.

In addition to various discounts on the Taobao platform, Alipay has also added code for Double 11 this year. It is understood that two banks have launched a joint credit card “Ant Treasure Credit Card” on the Alipay APP. Users who successfully activate it can get 2 payment coupons offering a discount of 50 yuan for purchases over 50.01 yuan. When combined with the Tmall Double 11 discount, you can achieve full payment. 100 off 300, which is equivalent to a 63% discount.

There are less than 24 hours left, so hurry up and fill up your shopping cart! You can pay the deposit quickly at 8pm and lock in your favorite goods in advance.

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