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Tmall Double 11 merchants focus on allowing consumers to save money and buy well

Tmall Double 11 merchants focus on allowing consumers to save money and buy well

In the past month, there has been constant good news for Tmall Double 11.

On October 20, the 2023 Tmall Double 11 press conference was held in Shanghai. At the press conference, Taotian Group CEO Dai Shan said, “Facing the future, we will make long-term brand investments with brands and merchants, and continue to communicate with consumers to help brand merchants obtain the largest number of users and let consumers Save money and buy well.”

It was also revealed at the meeting that the number of products, brands, and merchants participating in Tmall’s Double 11 event this year continues to hit new highs. In addition, the Tmall Double 11 organizing committee predicts that 1 billion consumers will participate this year, and more than 80 million hot-selling products will achieve the lowest prices throughout the year.

Price power has become an important source of dividends for Taobao and Tmall merchants operating on the platform. In the past month, the average traffic of low-priced products provided by merchants on the Taobao platform increased by 62.5%.

This year’s Tmall Double 11 will also bring two “firsts” to help price-competitive merchants acquire more new users, larger order volumes, and more transaction volumes.

  1. For the first time, “Double 11 Everyday Low Price” was added during the main event of Tmall Double 11.Low-priced products of the same style across the entire network will receive weighted recommendations throughout the Double 11 cycle (October 24-November 11).

  2. For the second time, the “official instant discount” format is supported during the “cross-store full discount” period, and merchants can choose freely.It is worth noting that the right to recommend products with immediate discounts takes precedence over cross-store full discounts.

Network-wide traffic will be another important source of dividends for merchants during Tmall’s Double 11 period. On the eve of Double 11, Alimama has successively established deeper cooperation with media platforms such as WeChat, Bilibili, Zhihu, and Weibo to help Taobao and Tmall merchants obtain network traffic more conveniently and at a lower cost.

  3. Advertising traffic such as WeChat Moments, mini-programs, and video accounts jumps directly to Taobao app. In addition, Alimama also launched Double 11 joint incentives with Bilibili, Zhihu, Weibo and other platforms.Taobao and Tmall merchants’ marketing promotions will receive official traffic increases ranging from 10% to 20%.

4. Invest 1 billion in commission incentives for Taobao customer groups to help merchants reduce traffic costs.

In addition, this year’s Tmall Double 11 will have more rich and diverse ways to play, which will not only bring consumers a good-looking and shopping experience, but will also continue to invest in “good products, new product development and innovation” , so that brands, merchants and products with different business types and characteristics can have more certain business opportunities and greater business space.

  5. Provide business incentives totaling 2 billion to Tmall brand merchantseligible Tmall brands will receive commissions if they meet operating standards throughout the Double 11 period, and new brands that enter before Double 11 will be provided with exclusive high operating incentives.

  6. Taobao Live teamed up with 18 anchors and more than 100 Tmall brands to distribute over 1 billion cash red envelopes.Help lock in deals in advance.

  7. Organize two major IP activities such as “Taobao Good Price Festival and Live Broadcast Flash Sale Festival”.Provide exclusive marketing support for small and medium-sized businesses and live broadcast experts.

  8,Taobao and Tmall will continue to upgrade all merchant tools and front-end fields to enable merchants to better operate customer assets. This year’s Double 11, the platform will provide a variety of free private domain merchant tools and full-cycle private domain business methods, as well as faster and more real-time user insights, to help merchants attract off-site traffic and increase store fans, and help merchants that have accumulated reputation among regular customers. Get more repeat purchases.

As the largest consumer platform, Taobao and Tmall will be the largest AI application testing and breeding ground. During this year’s Tmall Double 11, Taobao and Tmall will launch 10 free AI tools to merchants to help merchants achieve digital operations. At present, Alimama’s “Wanxiang Laboratory” has used more than 100,000 merchants, increasing production efficiency by five times, and has helped Tmall brands such as Kiehl’s and Peacebird gain significant business growth.

Merchants are already gearing up and waiting for the arrival of Tmall Double 11. Alimama statistics show that merchants are more active in investing in Tmall Double 11 this year. As of October 14, the number of brands and merchants that have confirmed Tmall Double 11 launch plans has exceeded 1 million, which is earlier and larger than in previous years.

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